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Regularly Updated List of all currently available Elemental: Legendary Heroes Mods in the LH Mods Forum
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[eMOD] - Path Of The Sorcerer v1.0
14 Replies
[eMod] Patchwork mod - AI boost
381 Replies
[eMOD] - Terraforming mod 1.0
12 Replies
[eMOD] [LH 1.8] Necromancy Revamped v4.6 (Updated: 2015-02-05)
175 Replies
[eMod][LH] AI Plus
81 Replies
6 Replies
[MOD IDEA] Creating Adaptation from an Original Story
7 Replies
How to link obsession with tech tree?
1 Replies
How to swap Relias out with my own Sovereign?
7 Replies
Custom Path for each Sovereign
7 Replies
[LH][eMod] Professions Plus Mod 0.01i (Updated)
19 Replies
Is there a HUD mod for overland map
7 Replies
Could use some help with NoXPSplit mod!
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[eMOD] - Catapults Can Siege
0 Replies
[eMOD] Level 6 and 7 cities mod v1.0
56 Replies
Does the AI surrender to AI players?
4 Replies
Trying my hand at modding, have a few questions
7 Replies
[eMod][LH] Blood & Mana
39 Replies
Modding the Shop Prices
3 Replies
[eMOD] Children of Storm v1.8c for LH 1.8
544 Replies
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