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Reporting Crashes
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"Missing ear" injury doesn't say what it does
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So um.. are there any cheats?
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[0992] The AI is still building cities and outposts around lairs.
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Are neutral monsters aggressive to AI empire?
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Deleted Units in New Empire
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Delete old profiles
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Fog of war
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List of keyboard shortcuts?
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[0.50] More tactical maps
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Informal Poll: On what level(s) of difficulty are you playing Elemental:Fallen Enchantress ?
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[Idea]More Interesting Magic Victory
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World Tile Trigger Question
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[0.915] Champion Traits Assessment: The Assassin
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Image Posting Test
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[Bug] If I lower terrain to flat, my units still won't walk over them
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[Discussion] Hero Level Ups
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[BUG] AI accepted my peace offer, agreed to a NA pact and trade treaties with me, then immediately declared war on me the next turn
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[0.981.2] [Tweak] Purpose of Influence
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[9.12] Assassin demons on turn 35? Really?
40 Replies
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