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Elemental FAQ for beginners - please ask your questions here
373 Replies
Get Your E:WoM Avatars Here! [image heavy thread]
444 Replies
Player-written unofficial guide / manual / FAQ
17 Replies
Elemental for dummies
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Elemental Wiki
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Elemental IRC - Chat with Developers & Fellow Gamers!
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I want to buy this game !!
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war of magic pc requirements
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Install from CD directs to Gamestop for Patches
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Can't Update Elemental War of Magic because I can't register it.
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Urak Future (Lords of Magic based mod)
9 Replies
game crashes with dx error, and other minor bugs
8 Replies
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1.11 versus 1.40
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Should I get this game?
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Free Copy of Fallen Enchantress
29 Replies
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Video request
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Simple Yes Or No Poll - Multiplayer
188 Replies
Of Spies/Diplomat types, Hero Recruitment and other things
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[eWip] Tech Tree Consolidation Mod, version 1.0 (1.1 compliant) unreleased
11 Replies
Unit design is a toothless timesink
83 Replies
Elemental will not run (0xc0000005) error
21 Replies
18 Replies
Campaign Modding
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