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Comprehensible Suggestion List (Pls Read Before Posting)
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In What Age of Wonders is Superior to EWOM
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Avoiding Late Game Tedium (LGT)
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The Key Element required in all games
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[FE - Book of Nature]
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Suggestion: differentiate heroes
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Ritual Magic
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WoM rerelease
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[Suggestion; Forum]Additional board for fandom, creative writing and roleplay.
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The benefit of associating Champions with researched Tech/Spell
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Confirmation about Inventory Control / shop?
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Female armor is important
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[Suggestion] Cease Fire vrs Peace Treaty: Reducing Tedium
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E:FE, Have Derek specifically maps out 5 different paths of play?
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[Suggestion] Add a way to see what a city is specialized in after getting level up
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[UI] FE - Main User Interface
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[FE, Gameplay] A way to save the old research model?
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[WOM - Varied AI Strategies]
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Multiple Maps in a Single Session
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[WOM 1.5 Focus]
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Tactical Battles -- How to make them the bestest!
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