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[eMOD] Triglav National Park (terrain+trees textures)
59 Replies
[eUTIL] Mod manager 1.0.4
232 Replies
[eWIP][eMOD] F.E. Immersion Mod Version 1.4 -- Lots of Dramatic Changes - 2-5-2013
267 Replies
[eMOD] Snaking...v1.3
48 Replies
What would you like stickied?
18 Replies
[eMOD] LargeUI mod 0.7 for FE 1.32
121 Replies
[eMOD] Improved Faction Colors v. 5 for FE 1.20
57 Replies
[eMOD] Stormworld 1.5x for FE 1.32
1,118 Replies
[eMOD] Additional Faction Traits and Races
72 Replies
Ecomental - Map Mod
73 Replies
[eUTIL] Race Editor 0.45
68 Replies
[>>Stardock FE Modding Library now up<<]
38 Replies
[eMod/WIP] Armor / Weapon / Training Redux (0.92)
73 Replies
[eMOD] Master's Affliction 1.02
856 Replies
[eMOD] Urxen Witch [1.3 for 1.32] [Stormworld Compatible]
25 Replies
[eMOD] Rise of the Magi v .952 for FE 1.20
169 Replies
[eUTIL] Quest Wizard 1.1 Released
292 Replies
[eMod] Larger Random Maps_v1_1
21 Replies
[eMOD] Brad's private Custom FE BUILDS
48 Replies
[eINFO] Searching the mod forum and thread tags
8 Replies
Lighting Fix / Blur Removal 1.01
24 Replies
[eINFO] Information, Guides and Tutorials for Modding FE
0 Replies
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Changing a DefaultValue under A_Additive_ProductionPerMaterials not working
0 Replies
List of weapons/amorur in game
0 Replies
0 Replies
Is there a breakdown for creating items
2 Replies
Abilities appended with _Level
3 Replies
FE:EH mod feedback
5 Replies
does this look okay?
4 Replies
New race not able to use shields
2 Replies
Noob questions on faction editor
4 Replies
Need to know if something like this is possible to code (experienced modders please take a look)
43 Replies
[Modding] Removing a class from a character
3 Replies
scavenger hunt
0 Replies
Map Underlayer/Import ?
2 Replies
Restrict Shard-Modifying Spell to Certain Shard Types Only?
6 Replies
Newbie Question: Granting Strategic Spells via Equipped Weapon?
7 Replies
Preset Faction City Names, How?
3 Replies
[eINFO] Folder and filename priority
8 Replies
Dual Wielding
5 Replies
How to select mods
1 Replies
Modding Question: Cast/Evaluate Each Turn
0 Replies
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