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Regularly Updated List of all currently available Elemental: Legendary Heroes Mods in the LH Mods Forum
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[eMOD] [LH 2.2] XtraDeconstruct: Legacy of Magic (14 December 2017)
2,212 Replies
Exporting 3D Models (mesh, skeleton, animations) into Havok
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Mods that still work?
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Very slow after clicking end turn
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Copy creature spell
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[eMod] Lusher Scenery Mod: Forests, Mountains and Sea
11 Replies
Get units to revive after killed in battle?
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Modding Question -- Removing AbilityBonus in CoreAbilities
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Missing Proficiency Traits when designing units for a Custom Race and Faction
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UnitStat_IsBow for skills based on units stats - how does it work?
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Modded a spell's radius, now it costs double mana. Also AI unit's extra traits.
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Unit equipment screen
11 Replies
Using Custom Heroes/Champions
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[eMOD] Black Market Bazaar - Version 2.1 compatible with LH 2.0
101 Replies
mods question from a newb
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[eMOD] - Between Life And Death v.93
19 Replies
Dragon Channeler
0 Replies
A bit of modding advice
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Modding questions/help thread
844 Replies
'An Old Friend' / 'Plains Of Sirius' Quests
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