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Regularly Updated List of all currently available Elemental: Legendary Heroes Mods in the LH Mods Forum
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A bit of modding advice
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Modding questions/help thread
844 Replies
'An Old Friend' / 'Plains Of Sirius' Quests
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[eMOD] Champion Bonanza - Version 1.3 compatible with LH 2.0
69 Replies
[eMOD] Path Of The Paladin v1.0
73 Replies
[eINFO] Modding Changes & Suggestions
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Children of Storm still incompatible with Leader pack DLC?
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[eINFO] NexusMods Lists (2016-03-23)
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How do you edit item and unit stats?
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how do you create a new race / blood abilities?
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How do you either a) make heroes able to be renamed or b) if that's impossible , make new heroes?
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[eMOD] Demons and Wizards (Updated for 1.8)
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[eMODS][Last Updated: 11-12-2013] Parrottmath's mod collection for LH
191 Replies
[LH 2.0] Is there a list of new Mod tags or info?
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Seeking for Two Handed Sword Mod,If no this mod,Give me a tutorial of moding
2 Replies
Testing for mod presence
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Hero choice
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[eMOD] - Republic Gov't and "Carian Republic" Faction v1.5
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[eLIB] [LH 2.0] ClothLootFix (2015-09-18)
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Beast mod
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