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Series Dead?
2 Replies
does not start game Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes
0 Replies
War of Magic, should it be brought back?
199 Replies
Ars Technica and Brad Wardell share the "War Story" of Elemental: War of Magic
6 Replies
A Question To Stardock In Regards To Fantasy
0 Replies
Any news?
0 Replies
What's the Last Book You Read?
63 Replies
Destiny's Embers: Part 1
6 Replies
Why does Stardock always abandon their Elemental games early on?
0 Replies
High Definition Modern Monitor Support is Now Available for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes
2 Replies
@ Devs Fallen Enchantress:LH, please make older versions available as betas here or on Steam
2 Replies
Elemental: Rivals of the Sorcerer King–a walkthrough
0 Replies
Windows 10?
2 Replies
Elemental Status: March 2014
201 Replies
Adventure Awaits in Fallen Enchantress: Ultimate Edition - Available Now!
0 Replies
Stardock Releases Ultimate Edition of its Popular Fallen Enchantress and Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Games
0 Replies
Elemental: Destiny's Embers discussion
12 Replies
Stardock Releases Sorcerer King Its New Strategy Fantasy Game
0 Replies
Question: What do I play?
3 Replies
So much to do for next week
95 Replies
Sorcerer King player spell suggestion list
13 Replies
Sorcerer King Pre-Beta 4 screenshots
6 Replies
Sorcerer King: Pacing test
11 Replies
A brief history of the Elemental games
35 Replies
Legendary Heroes Free this Weekend on Steam!
0 Replies
Fallen Enchantress–Modding Guide
56 Replies
Conquer New Frontiers in Legendary Heroes 'Battlegrounds' DLC, 1.8 Patch
4 Replies
Sneak peek at next FE:LH DLC!
20 Replies
The backstory for Sorcerer King
5 Replies
Elemental: Fallen Enchantress–Legendary Heroes v1.4 has been released!
9 Replies
Iterating further on Elemental
123 Replies
More on destroying the world to save it
14 Replies
The Sorcerer King is misunderstood
25 Replies
I live!
9 Replies
Indifference example
7 Replies
I'm not sure im digging this whole "your Sovereign isnt a unit" thing :(
1 Replies
What do you like LEAST about Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes?
156 Replies
Sorcerer King FAQ
37 Replies
Announcing Sorcerer King!
0 Replies
Sorcerer King: Early Access!
0 Replies
Can We Talk Officially about E2015 Yet?
3 Replies
How Can I Get the Latest Update?
0 Replies
The problem with fantasy games
86 Replies
The financial model of LH updates
50 Replies
Is 2.0 Still Coming?
2 Replies
On vacation: Don't burn the place down!
29 Replies
"Adversaries" Update Now Available For Stardock's Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes
0 Replies
FE: Legendary Heroes v1.7 this month
10 Replies
Thank You, Cory Doctorow
7 Replies
Stardock 2014 Customer Report
3 Replies
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