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[eTUT]Frozen models ripped from the game
6 Replies
[eMOD/coreMOD] After the War 1.10 for E:wom 1.4
247 Replies
[eMOD] Adventure Content Pack v1.41 [for 1.2]
263 Replies
[eMOD] ExpandedFactions 8.13 for After the War 1.10
457 Replies
[eMOD] Murteas' Grimoire v0.40 - Updated with more spells [for 1.2]
305 Replies
[eMOD] ExpandedMounts 1.14 for 1.3
76 Replies
Sovereign Modding Pack has Arrived!
20 Replies
[eMOD] Updated Weapons 1.51 for 1.19
127 Replies
Elementerra - Random Map Generator
241 Replies
[Tutorial - Beginner/Intermediate] Elemental Races - Unique spells, Tech trees, Buildings, Units and more
17 Replies
List of Elemental Mods
155 Replies
[eINFO] What I did to export my Blender 2.49 model into Havok format. (Long, enabled ingame!!)
37 Replies
Guidelines for In-Game Mod/Map Uploads
4 Replies
Modding Guides, Tutorials, References, Tips, Hints, and Tools
20 Replies
I-Mod (Interactive Modding)
7 Replies
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Urak Future (Lords of Magic based mod)
9 Replies
[eWip] Tech Tree Consolidation Mod, version 1.0 (1.1 compliant) unreleased
11 Replies
Campaign Modding
1 Replies
Huge Map - Gargantic
4 Replies
Master of Magic Mod
60 Replies
[eMOD] Artifact 5.8 for After the War 1.10
79 Replies
After the War problem
3 Replies
[eMOD] German Translation
1 Replies
[eMOD/coremod] NamegenDF 1.0 for 1.3
6 Replies
[REL] Royal Stables and Royal Kennels
11 Replies
Where do I adjust unit stack limits in cities?
0 Replies
How to create an evoked exclusive units.
10 Replies
Single Unit Graphics
15 Replies
Direct Map Downloads
0 Replies
Champion/Hero Modding Guide
33 Replies
Randomize factions
3 Replies
Help installing mods
3 Replies
Elementerra 2 experimental map file.
24 Replies
6 Replies
New User/Proposal in Modding - Linking tech research to a claimed map structure?
5 Replies
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