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Sending a fond farewell.
Mar 24, 2015
5 PC Gaming
Really enjoying Lords of Xulima!
Feb 27, 2015
3 PC Gaming
Sometimes when you take unit(s) out of a very full town garrison, they exist in two places at once. (Saves attached.)
Feb 20, 2015
3 Sorcerer King Support
There isn't currently an achievement for winning as Tinkerer.
Feb 21, 2015
2 Sorcerer King Support
May I suggest a "Sorcerer King Support" forum (perhaps under this one)?
Feb 17, 2015
4 Sorcerer King
Feb 14, 2015
7 Sorcerer King Support
Why has my thread titled "Bugs" not in "My Posts"? It's in Subscriptions but not in "My Posts".
Feb 17, 2015
0 Sorcerer King Discussion
Some attacks and spells (at least scrolls) can apply their effect even if they don't hit.
Feb 17, 2015
0 Sorcerer King
Imperium Quest Possible Bug (SPOILERS)
Feb 9, 2015
1 Sorcerer King Support
Serious Bug - When An Ogre with Crushing Blow is next to one of your units, it is allowed to attack any unit you've got.
Jan 6, 2015
4 LH Support
Fighting against the world - Suggested New No Opponents Mode
Dec 12, 2014
10 Legendary Heroes
Is it intended that all units in a stack need a movement penalty remover to get 1 movement point cost for heavy terrain?
Oct 31, 2014
1 Sorcerer King Discussion
Bug: Game Didn't Finish After Killing SK
Oct 11, 2014
5 Sorcerer King Support
Bug: Amulet of Sorcery (I think that's what it is) gives -130% Mana Usage, basically free Hypnotise, Blizzard, Fireball etc. =)
Oct 8, 2014
2 Sorcerer King
Do people agree with any of these points regarding intangibles and randomness?
Oct 8, 2014
14 Sorcerer King
Bug: With a unit selected, units received from minor factions can be received anywhere on the map.
Oct 7, 2014
0 Sorcerer King
Two suggestions for the moment. =)
Oct 7, 2014
0 Sorcerer King
Is it intended that when a monster is on a shard, that you can't attack it?
Oct 5, 2014
5 Sorcerer King Discussion
UnitStat_TacticalSpellManaCost_Multiplier Question.
Sep 9, 2014
8 LH Modding
Big Bug - If You Have Resources Unfinished and a New City is assigned to them, they end up in limbo, in no City's queue.
Aug 25, 2014
0 LH Support
For those new to LH mods, either download individual mods as in Reply #1, or a mod collection. Mod collection instructions here.
Aug 6, 2014
6 Legendary Heroes
Well that's it. Loss By Conquest on same turn (must have been Spell of Making cast by a hidden player).
Aug 20, 2014
3 Legendary Heroes
Two games in a row - Spell of Making Disabled but AI still casts it.
Aug 16, 2014
3 Legendary Heroes
Can you cancel Spell of Making Timer as soon as the AI Sov is killed?
Aug 12, 2014
2 Legendary Heroes
[eMODs] I Need To Move (Compatible with all LH versions) and No XP Split for Quest and Event Heroes (Compatible with LH 1.7) - NOTE: NO LONGER UPDATED
Aug 12, 2013
75 LH Modding
Getting back the menu bar in Task Manager, Windows 7 Pro.
Aug 1, 2014
6 Personal Computing
HOMM2 open source mod project - new features, later features, more to come!
Jan 20, 2011
40 PC Gaming
Two RPG Gamersgate Keys To Give Away.
Jan 19, 2014
7 PC Gaming
What do people think about a mod to core files that has one +10% tech (once only) and then a repeatable +1% or 1.5% tech (infinite)?
Nov 7, 2013
7 Legendary Heroes
[Feature Request] Requirements for Using (Strategic and/or Tactical) One-Use Items, including Allegiance, Tech, Global Resource Value, Player Skill, Unit Skill, Unit Unitstat.
Nov 6, 2013
12 LH Support
Two 20% Accuracy Boosts Only: Is there a way to overwrite core techs, or do you need to modify core files?
Nov 6, 2013
2 LH Modding
[Suggestion] Message when an AI player kills special powerful event monsters.
Nov 6, 2013
2 LH Support
[1.40 Bug] Killed Vetrar in his territory, and maybe a save/load in between, and no unlock.
Nov 3, 2013
0 LH Support
DLC_03 Loot Pack Bug - Enzo's Knife doesn't appear to subtract 1 Armor per hit
Oct 28, 2013
4 LH Support
[Undead DLC Bug] Units file for undead faction downloaded from Steam with an "a" as first letter, possibly preventing the faction from setting up properly.
Oct 31, 2013
3 LH Support
A few bugs/issues with Dead World DLC - please fix or address.
Nov 2, 2013
2 LH Support
[Related to Dead World DLC] Where are the garrison troops defined?
Nov 1, 2013
2 LH Support
Attn: Frogboy/Derek - Is there any way to add a AbilityBonusOption (ie. trait) via a Spell or Improvement?
Oct 27, 2013
9 LH Support
Attn: Elemental Devs (If Not Already Done) Simple Feature, Fantastic Functionality - Spells/Items/Improvements that give Player Traits.
Oct 27, 2013
0 LH Support
[Suggestion] _REDEFINE
Oct 5, 2013
0 LH Support
What is the default starting food per grain?
Sep 29, 2013
6 Legendary Heroes
Changeable Thread.
Sep 21, 2013
12 LH Modding
I suggest Stardock add 19+ items to the loot pack, including some unit design items, and rework Blood God armor.
Sep 8, 2013
42 Legendary Heroes
Loot Pack DLC Disable Bunny Slippers and Giant Lollipop - latest version 1.0c available at Nexus
Sep 6, 2013
8 Legendary Heroes
Just where do you click to scroll down for a Path that doesn't have a custom Window?
Sep 4, 2013
1 Legendary Heroes
Which is the mod that reduces City Training Enchantments to a fixed value?
Aug 21, 2013
0 LH Modding
I have been using an old custom Sov file with 75 Accuracy, now Sovs (and champs) start with 80 accuracy. ;-)
Aug 20, 2013
0 Legendary Heroes
[Suggestion] Ability To Check For Item or Resource Without Taking It Away
Aug 14, 2013
0 Legendary Heroes
[Suggestion] Conditional Ability To Give Certain Traits/Stats As A Result Of Quests.
Aug 14, 2013
0 Legendary Heroes
[Suggestion] Ability to Check For any Race/Allegiance/Traits/Stats/Class of Sov/Civ/Army Leader Champ or Any Champ In Army.
Aug 14, 2013
0 Legendary Heroes
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