Stardock Summer Vacation
Jul 6, 2020 8:00

Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Monday, June 29th and we will be returning on Monday, July 6th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time, but expect delays in responses during this time.

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Integrated physics
76 Replies
Elemental: Modding & Single Player
73 Replies
Fun with level of detail
56 Replies
Elemental: Thoughts on multiplayer
26 Replies
Elemental Alpha Plans
131 Replies
Elemental – polishing for Alpha 0
185 Replies
Making your own worlds
47 Replies
Unlimited expansion by us and the players
83 Replies
Countdown to Beta Zero - Spells, Spells, and more Spells!
81 Replies
A strategy game that is also a world
64 Replies
Tentative Elemental Development Schedule
81 Replies
Re-thinking 4X economics
148 Replies
Elemental Physics part 2
43 Replies
Why does Elemental need a cool looking world?
73 Replies
Elemental: War of Magic – GDC Video Walkthrough
47 Replies
The World of Elemental
19 Replies
Concept: Understanding unit production
106 Replies
Building a fantasy world
69 Replies
Concerning Map Generation
48 Replies
Elemental: Text Assets
39 Replies
Primitive alphas and betas
86 Replies
The Fallen
60 Replies
Elemental Artwork styles
49 Replies
Elemental Civilizations: 12 of them
62 Replies
New Elemental Medallions!
23 Replies
Design elements of Elemental discussed
45 Replies
Elemental's persistent world
25 Replies
Elemental Answers
17 Replies
Elemental: War of Magic Announced!
15 Replies
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