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[Work in progress] A newbie guide to Fallen Enchantress.
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Links to Fallen Enchantress Resources/Information
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Fallen Enchantress Forum Rules
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Fallen Enchantress Spellbook
29 Replies
Fallen Enchantress Manual
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Fallen Enchantress Guide Collection
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Beast Dens + Empires
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Welcome to Fallen Enchantress
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Idea for developer's Post
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Here is one of the things I would like to see in the game.
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Does the website for Fallen Enchantress exist?
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[Idea - Night Attacks]
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Small features that you would like to see changed from WoM for FE, or added
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Revisiting Mana for FE
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Luxury Resources in Elemental
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Lore question: Will we have the same kingdoms in FE as in WoM?
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Requirement Differences From WoM
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Would it be possible to mod FE beta
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E:FE, Different ways to play?
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Is there some secret FE forum that I am missing?
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