Muh Iron Golems!

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See them Iron Golems with Spears surrounding the undeads on all sides? Yeah They my iron golems and I love playing them!

Though this is strange, isn't the undead supposed to be the one doing the surrounding in this case


Meanwhile it was the strongest army that the dead managed to field. My Iron golems didn't dare to attack it. >.> ^.^

Still, it is an HUGE significant improvement over armies of banshee scouts it used to make. And all it took was one patch by frogboy I think.

I even seen them attempt to expand to five cities before losing two to the monsters and other factions. See, being able to build the consulates help the dead somewhat

Although the Dead in this game was sabotaged by the fact that unrest reduction is low priority cuz if it built an town hall then that death shard would've been finally in range and he would've started to cast morrigan's call on all his cities.


And very recently I found out how to rotate the camera in battlefield.

The funny upside to being able to rotate the camera is that your soldiers will look like they're attending a neon light show of mostly blue and red.


Sure Juggernaught is powerful and uber unit but it have nothing on the awesomesauce that is Iron Golems! As well as the humiliation of the enemies as they lose their best troops to the Iron Golem Horde.


And this isn't all, if you place a iron golem in final slot of your army's current slot limitation then your causalities will go way down as you auto resolve Barring exceptions like all powerful shrills in autoresolves B/c When you unlock Iron Golem and give it a sword/board then it is pretty somewhat fast unit with ALOT of defense early game.


I've had alot of weak armies winning fights just because they had at least one iron golem with them.


Only downside is the lack of trait choices for iron golem so you're limited to paint jobs and weapon choices plus background for customization.

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August 27, 2014 8:54:31 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

See them Iron Golems with Spears surrounding the undeads on all sides? Yeah

That's a lot of golems.  Cool I like it.  

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