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I managed to get the swampy asag wildlands to happen in one of my games, i run into it very infrequently.


So after I ran into them swamplands and started to stab everything, Asag is noticably very aggressive and will attempt to kill everything that enter its borders. No wonder why my old playthrough long time ago with bacco's army being composed of mostly mercenary had pretty hard time


I learned that Equinox sword is awesome and makes Expert mode ezmode, i already won the game. That sword from what I look at will be working at it's bestest if a defender wields it and is fighting equally tough enemies.


Anyways, the real reason why I made this thread is because when I was reading Morian's flavor text.... it let some things slip.


It gave a subtle hint that the Elemental world used to be rich in mana and was everywhere, like, 2 essence hexs is very commonplace.


All of that attracted the titans to Elemental world and then titans basically had an all you can eat buffet of mana. As mana reserves depleted alot, it screwed over the five elemental lords alot to the point where mortals can even slay them. No word on what the five elemental lords was even doing as titans invaded the elemental world.


As titans ran amok, mana went way down and finally that forced the creation of mana shards that we now see in the world of elemental to power up the spells with.


Then titans screwed around some more and left with occasional dark portals being created by teenager titans on a dare and attempting to conquer the world of elemental mano vs mano style while failing miserably.


So what this likely means, titans haven't returned because there isn't enough mana for them to become fat on so they're invading another worlds for more mana.


Am I right stardock?

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