What magic do you collect?

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1. What magic do you choose for your sovereign?

2. What heroes do you always hire because of magic they know?

3. What magic do you want to get earlier or later?

4. What magic I don't need to know at its 5 level?

My answers:

1. I choose Earth and Life magic but feel that its hard to master both of them, since I also plan to take warrior's traits. Next time I plan to start with and focus on Earth magic, leaving Life magic for a next may be 5-level hero.

2. I always hire Ralle Stormborn for Air magic and his Lightning strike and then Arcturus for Fire and Water magic. As for Water magic, though it can boost research, there are far more places with no essense tiles. After building a scrying pool I perefr to cast enchanted hammers than Inspiration.

3. I think Earth and Life magic are very good at start, but perhaps Life may also be the last magic to take.

4. Water? Or Earth? If I plan to make a fighter sovereign its enough to have 2 levels in Earth... What do you think? Do you always collect heroes of all magic types or can live completely without any type of magic?

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September 17, 2013 7:39:34 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

1. My mage Sov gets:

Air - for early Tutelage (+25% Xp) and later 1-round casted Titan's Breath and Cloudwalk.

Life for immediate Sovereign's call (+2 growth) on cities, heals and end-game Wellspring (heal all units).

2. Favourite first champion is from the mod Champion Bonanza http://fallenenchantress.nexusmods.com/mods/1082

Edna Edrak with Earth 1 and Water 1. She complements my Sov's magic excellently and she's made into warrior due to mana shortage. She then only levels her magic (no warrior talents) to get Mantle of Oceans (-40% spellcost for Sov) and to use herself Spell Leech (disrupt and mana-gain), and later Earth 3 for Set in stone on new cities.

If not Edna, then somebody with Water or Earth.

3. Early city buffs from Life 1, Earth 1 and Water 1 (+2 growth, +1 hammer and +1 research) and Tutelage (from Air 2).

Late magic priorities Air 4: Cloudwalk and Titan's breath against everything that can be knocked prone.

4. Not sure, I have too little end-game battle-vs-AI experience. I have turned off the Quest-objective to focus on a Conquest victory on current game. 

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September 17, 2013 9:09:11 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Fire and Life. I play this custom faction [SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY MOD] http://forums.elementalgame.com/447732/page/1/

Fire: Heart of Fire might be the best spell in the game. But flame dart is always useful. Focus and fireball can be awesome in the right situation.

Life: Heal is something you'll miss if you need it and don't have it. Sovereign's call is incredibly good. But Crusade and Death Ward, in the right situation, are game winners. Also, Call to Arms and wellspring can be very useful. 

Getting my hands on a champion with air magic is key (air magic rocks - haste!). Also, I want to be able to cast enchanted hammers, and Mantle of Oceans ASAP, so look for opportunities to get champions with these schools.

Level 5 spheres: In my opinion, you don't need level 5 in any sphere. Life probably has the best level 5 spells. All the spheres have great level 5 spells, but none are necessary to win. I'd rather have a hero with level 3 in all schools before he got 3 level 5 schools.

Efficient level for each sphere:

Fire: level 2 is sufficient. I love going to level 3, but it's skippable. Going past level 3 is for fun only.

Life: you can get by fine with level 2, or even just level 1  (the best spell is sovereign's call at lvl 1, regeneration can heal troops). 

Water: You want slow at lvl1. You want freeze at level 2. Mantle of oceans is a must-have at level 3. You might want to skip blizzard at lvl 4 - it's so amazing the game gets too easy. Also, a conclave can get you blizzard scrolls.

Air: This sphere will pay for itself with just haste, level 1. But getting to lvl 2 gets you Tutelege, which your heroes can greatly benefit from.

Death: level 1 death has such great spells, you could get by never getting past lvl 1. 

Earth: I love raise/lower land, but if you are willing to give these up, you can stick with just lvl1. Stoneskin is ok, don't lament not having it. Enchanted hammers and nature's cloak are amazing spells, you want them ASAP.


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September 17, 2013 9:21:09 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

1.  Hard question cuz I like them all!  Life or Death depending on which side you take, then I would probably take Water next.

2.  Whatever I take for my sovereign, I try to take other magic I don't have when recruiting champions.

3.  Early:  Water for Inspiration and Freeze, Life for Sovereign's Call, Air for Tutelage and Haste

Mid:  Earth for Enchanted Hammers and Tremor

Late:  Fire for Fireballs, Death for Kill

4.  Level 5?  Death = Yes, Air = Yes, Fire = No, Earth = No, Water = No, Life = No

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September 17, 2013 1:22:27 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I usually pick only Air.   I play empire so Life isn't available and I can live without death. 


If I need more I buy Pariden tomes or find tomes through quests or recruit heroes with other schools.

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