I completed a game of FE:LH!

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And it only happened after I played it for 91 hours lolz.


I did manage to understand what those blue symbols is. They're essences. Aura of Might art graphic is cool looking, i approve. It screams MIGHT. The game I completed took 17 hours  to finish and that's only because I rushed. Challenging difficulty and on huge map. Huge map for FE:LH is smaller than Huge map for civ 5, I am sadden.

Although with monsters set to dense the world did feel a tiny bit bigger than it really is.


As it turns out, the monsters do really attack AI, just less frequently than they attack me. Heck, a Troll lair that has been there since the beginning of the game went berserk the moment I took over the city with two Storm dragons. Saying something about that the land belongs to them not me and attacked me after I dispatched helpless conclave militia in it. Needless to say that trolls got routed brutally.


AI is bad at clearing out monster lairs cuz they suck at prioritizing when they have multiple things to do at once most of the times Plus I suspect the AI always use autoresolve for clearing out monster lairs instead of battling personally to speed things up for the human players in turn times. This will have added side effect of dragons trying to attack villages manned by four militia units and getting killed by said militia when normally if they got to battle personally the militia would've gotten routed. This leads to unfortunate side effect of monster lairs staying around longer after humans clear theirs out first.


Oh and AI is almost always in wars. I'm at peace for the most of the times, although there might be some channeler complaining about me being a kingling but disregard whiners. So Wars + Monster Lairs = moar stuff to do.


But I did get to see monsters/ruffians smash cities/outposts and improvements. They're just slower at doing it towards AI factions compared to human players. AI could settle next to a red drake and the red drake will never kill the AI for it. While the red drake will attempt to actively murder the humans  for doing the same thing. I got attacked like after 10 turns. I don't know how I got 4 militia up I was lucky


And most of the times it do seem like AI do clear out the monsters in their territory unless they're really weak faction, if you see an AI faction whom monster lairs still haven't been cleared out of his lands yet.. he's easy pickings! DOW HIm and take his land at most he will have militia and maybe some random assortment of soldiers and heroes to oppose you with.



I do basic stuff like make sure I'm currently not trading before I declare war on said faction.

Knowledge trading goes over my head like what 10 points in civlization do? What.

I accept their offers of tribute unless I wanna have their head on my pike.

If I get demanded to pay tribute, I decide on what to do depending on what I feel towards the leader and how much of goody huts he stole from me at beginning of game. If insolent and stole many goody huts, I reject tribute demand.

Events need work, I always get plague, eclipse, meteor rainfall, and undead uprising. Not enough variety it feels.


I think my favorite combination of magic is Air/Life.

Air lets your plodding slow but heavily armored troops move as fast as lightly armored ones. As well as that yummy cloudwalk = you at least one veteran army that can show up to the rescue every turn anywhere in your friendly territory. I've only used this once but that once was perfect.

And for Life, I notice it basically can allow you to snowball slowly over time to the point where other factions must declare war on you and kill your soldiers or lose badly. Because of Crusade, I like it. This spell allows your quiet sectors to stay a threat even when they see no combat in long time.

Don't know about death magic, I need to play a Empire still.


Upgraded scouts is funny, on their own they can tackle up to trolls, and above if they have good general to support them. I've routed ai skirmishing armies with upgraded scouts lolz.


As for CHallenging AI at gauging your weakness on determining on when to attack you. It seems to be reasonably intelligent. But, Capitar screwed up rather big time against me.


Sure Capitar had 500 Faction power and I was at 350.

He had a huge empire, Armies everywhere and that means he is busy dealing with monsters too and waging multifaction wars.

While I had just 5gpt becuase I was busy on massrecruiting out of this fortress which just done upgrading the basic upgrades like up to armourer improvement for fortress city at least and had access to three essence so it have Aura of Might and grace and Fire attack,. Dunno why i put fire attack on there I can't think of anything better else atm.


And my armies was getting recruited because I wanted Curgen's Grave for my own cuz I didn't have anywhere else to expand. And I already took territory from Magnar/Resolyn. So when Capitar dow'd me. He flung seven armies at me. two of them was small, i suspect skirmishing for opportunities. Then sat back and expected a easy victory cuz he devoured gildens and Umber and kraxis easily. As those seven armies was marching towards my fortress with three essence in it. After taking 3 outposts, it came to a halt as it looked at the fortresses defenses and stayed there for 3 turns.


I suspect very much raging was occuring in Capitar at the moment. Their armies lost focus cuz they thought I was easy prey. As my armies was arriving from Magnar to aid the defenders against Capitar. Capitar's armies was okay, not very tough though.. mostly lvl 7ish vs lvl 4-5 defenders which got reinforced by lvl 15+ reinforcement armies.


This is where Capitar learned how much he screw up badly, my territory is small cuz I've been fighting dang it so that led to my low faction power. After popping Capitar armies swiftly I started the march on capitar territory to try get peace again. At this point I only had eight cities I think, with about three taken from empires.


Checked if Capitar wanted peace, he said no. I said okay and took a cruical fortress and with that fortress taken, one of my relatively exposed town finally became safe. Then I started the march on Cyndrum. I got introduced to this wonderful butthurt creator spell named Tornado I was hit by it ten times then I gave up on trying to lay siege on Cyndrum thinking it's not worth it at all. Surprisngly two armies defending Cyndrum did not try to murder two of my armies i sent to cyndrum? My units was scattered all over with one thrown into behind enemy lines. That one even survived and pillaged several improvements.


After being hit with tornado 10 times I got fed up and switched targets hoping that tornado won't slap me again. I headed for another fortress to the west of Cyndrum. Then I got spammed with falling stars. This made me suspect that Capitar is running low on mana so I dashed like mad for the fortress and took it. And ran to Cyndrum. And behold he is spamming falling stars instead of tornado. I take Cyndrum. I was surprised by how profitable that town was, It gave me 55gpt. And with that, the rest is history cuz I now have enough Gpt to fund armies to expand forcibly.


The battle for two fortresses protecting Cyndrum had huge reprecussions for Capitar, his faction power started to shake dramatically from 500+ to 422 while I went from 350 to 430. It was going nuts. UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN. Capitar lost several more armies while protecting Cyndrum. AI does seem to understand which town is very good, that town was profitable enough for me to start expansion and disregard curgen's grave.


Then I was like eh.. and saw Capitar training up a Storm Dragon. I felt fear and went and studied dance with dragons knowledge. I went overboard. I had two dragon caves, something of a side effect of being under siege by three forest drakes and two fire drakes plus dozens of roaming drake packs for first half of my beginning of the game So my territory could give me two storm dragons then I went and siezed one by force from Resolyn at curgen's grave border, and then I got my fourth by stealing it from capitar, his dragon nest was on my border right next to curgen's grave.

Then I declared myself a titan lord and turned all of Capitar/Kraxis/Yithril to wastelands and this didn't please procinea/atlar very much they became hostile so I went okay you both dead now cuz i felt like going for conquest victory I even killed one who lies below because I can. 500+ hp melee troops yo supported by my lord yo.


However Procinea did surprisingly well to prepare itself for a dragon assault on it's capital. I sent my first storm dragon to assault it for jollies. Only to be left foaming at mouth as Procinea used the AI only cheat privilege of stacking 5+ units on a single tile. Not kidding, there was lots of archers/mages sitting on one tile so I couldn't aoe them all down in in one turn and I was forced to kill just one unit a turn. My dragon predictably  died because of that cheat. Then I was like well okay one more try.. and Procinea did it again. I've seen alot of AIs in FE:LH use this cheat often. But this is only time I lost a unit because of it. My 2nd storm dragon died again cuz of them stacking a single tile.

At this point i was raging pretty hard and went okay. I'll send two! Two will definitely be enough to fire breath alot of archers/mages in first turn so they can't just outstack me and force me to die cuz i was killing only 1 unit a turn!


Two storm dragons ravaged procinea's capital. Her cheat didn't work. She got denied my Two storm dragon roared their roars of victory.

Two fire breaths, two aoe cleaves and two storms was too much for an besieged AI to handle.


I was willing to wait and send in four storm dragons together if my two died too, and if the four died too, they would've been retrained and thsi time with my lord supporting the storm dragons and bunch of elite spearmen backing them up. And if that even failed I would've just assaulted the last city with all I got while spamming crusade and enchantments as much as possible.

If that failed. I got nothing left except to rebuild, and I got like eight Onyx thrones coming online and they finished constructing when I started the siege of procinea's capital and I have to say I am impressed by Onyx throne, it shows that Stardock understands that there is people like me that loves to play on huge maps, I thank them for it unlike Civ 5.


It took 17 hours, 123 years and reached 18k population.


Overall I say FE:LH is pretty good. I think the fun level of FE:LH is somewhere in 7-9 range. If i had to pick a number I would say 8 not 9 because I doubt the AI is smart enough to train it's troops up to the point of having 500+ hp. I see several 180+hp units from capitar though


It looks like FE:LH is a good game.

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September 16, 2013 4:55:31 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Sounds like you were having quite a time there.


To bad they can,T just but multiplayer there. One on one would be quite interesting.

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September 16, 2013 5:43:52 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

The thing with multiplayer in this game would be its unbalancedness.

Noone would want ot play 1on1 because if one got near a wildland that is easy (Deorcnysse, Pits of Namtur) to exploit in the early game it would be too much of a bonus.


Anyways, nice story OP, although your spelling is ... lacking.


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September 17, 2013 9:35:36 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Nice story. Makes my day at work more pleasant.

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September 17, 2013 9:39:39 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Welcome to the club!

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