[1.2] Boots and gloves upgrade path ignores "upgradeable" flag

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I designed a unit that traded one point of defense for one point of initiative by wearing soldiers' boots. I selected the "best upgradeable" option for all armour pieces except the boots. When subsequently upgrading the armour of this unit, I had no option to keep the boots - they got upgraded to a full set of chain. Even just upgrading the shield replaces soldiers' boots with leather.

I realise that the "best upgradeable" option currently only has an effect on the unit design when new technology is researched, not when manually upgrading the unit, however in this case I would've liked to continue sacrificing 2-3 defense for +1 initiative for this particular unit to maximize the usefulness of its finesse ability. It would be nice if manual upgrades respected this design selection.

I only assume the same would apply to soldiers' gloves.

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July 6, 2013 4:05:55 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Being able to selctively upgrade armor has been brought up several times before. Hopefully something Stardock will address at some point.



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July 6, 2013 6:49:38 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

This CAN be changed on the back end (outside of a game/scenario) by modding, or if you know 'where to look' r.e. a unit you designed in a previous game, but not on the front end by players.

Reason:  When the game checks for upgradeable equipment, it uses one variable.  For almost all units, this is Defense_Pierce.  This makes sense in most cases, but with the Soldier's Gloves and Soldier's Boots, these provide a different bonus (accuracy/initiative).  As such, they provide Defense_Pierce of 0, so the game looks to upgrade this to a higher Defense_Pierce value.

You can manually edit the unit design file to have the game look for Accuracy, Moves, Initiative, etc., but not during unit design.  If you are happy with your unit design, and want it to stick around for a while/multiple games, you can go into the mydocuments/mygames/LegendaryHeroes/Units folder and change a specific 'custom' unit design, if you are feeling brave...

Open up your Unit file in notepad (or some .xml editor) and look for these entries:

 For Gloves/Bracers:


Change: <ComparisonAttribute>UnitStat_Defense_Pierce</ComparisonAttribute>
to:          <ComparisonAttribute>UnitStat_Accuracy</ComparisonAttribute>

For Boots:


Change:   UnitStat_Defense_Pierce
to either:  UnitStat_Moves
or:           UnitStat_CombatSpeed

BTW, My using of colors here is for emphasis only!!! you don't need colored text, and probably should use the same color of text (black) when you make the change.  Some .xml editors assign their own colors to various classes of entries of course.  Also, it might not hurt to copy the file first and save it in a safe place NOT in this folder, in case you inadvertently mess up the file (delete a > or something)

Remember to save your file as 'unitname'.xml, with the .xml extension.  Saving it as .txt will create a new text file, and the game looks for .xml files.

Said changes will NOT take effect until you start a new game, so this won't help at all with a current savegame.

If for some reason someone were introduce a new set of boots to Unit Design that gives, say, +2 to Combat Speed, with the Comparison attribute set to Combat Speed, said upgrade path would upgrade the boots to the 'faster' boots.  Food for thought...

Again, this is not an ideal solution, but if you have a favorite unit design, which you are willing to change these upgrade paths for future games, this is how you do it. Of course, if you edit the unit ingame using the Design function, said variables may 'default' back to Defense_Pierce, so keep this in mind...


Another thing you can try is to NOT set Forearms or Boots to automatically upgrade while you are designing the unit, but looking at my unit files, it appears that said values were included in the UpgradeDefs anyways... However, if this works for you, it'll save the need to edit on the back end later!  I'll test this the next time I design a unit and if it works, I'll post up here again.  If anyone else has had success with this (blocking the upgrade path in Unit Design), kindly share.

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July 6, 2013 11:27:13 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Quoting tjashen,

This CAN be changed on the back end by modders, or if you know 'where to look' r.e. a unit you designed in a previous game, but not on the front end by players.

By front end you mean we can't edit the upgrade definitions at all? For instance I lose the +10 dodge cloak all the time as well when upgrading. If I wanted cloaks to look at shopvalue instead of defence when deciding to upgrade for all designs, that would be impossible? 

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July 6, 2013 11:44:45 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


I didn't look at the cloaks situation when I was posting this, but yes the same would apply to cloaks as well.  UnitStat_Dodge, or any other UnitStat for that matter, could be assigned to the upgrade def instead.

As for the 'front end' comments, I essentially meant that you would need to manually edit the files for your unit to change the upgrade comparison.  Anyone can do this.  I should have said 'modding' not 'modders', so I will fix the other post now.  This also means that for your current game, you won't be able to make the change, but if it is a 'favorite' design, you could change this, or remove the upgrade definition entirely for that 'slot', to 'fix' this for you in future games.

As for using Cost as a comparison stat, I honestly don't know.  Not sure cost is a UnitStat per se...

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July 7, 2013 12:12:07 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Yeah I make new designs and factions all the time, going back and fixing stuff isn't really an option, but it would be nice if the AI could use my "special" units more after. If the decision for upgrade was somehow tied to shopcost or something instead, we could easily manipulate between different stats for custom items as well later. Especially regarding the 10 dodge cloak has bugged me a bit, it always seems silly to me that the fire resist cloak is "better". 10 dodge can be huge with the right design and race

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July 7, 2013 2:49:26 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Hmmm.  One idea...

If there is a base core race template you regularly use (say, Amarian), and a specific unit design (say a Spearman with the dodge cloak), you could add this unit as a 'base unit' for said given core race.

I just tried this ingame, and after some detective work, I managed to get this to work, for both my custom Amarian Sov/Race and Procipinee.  I actually had an extra step here, involving making a short .xml file, but it turns out it was unnecessary, so...


Find your unit file name in the LegendaryHeroes/Units folder.  Example:

I have this custom unit I made ingame, which Elemental assigned the .xml filename:  Conscript_-2069705697-4737.xml.  The display name that I assigned in the Unit Designer for this particular unit is Conscript, btw...

Open the filename for the unit in question, and delete the following entry:


Said unit should now automatically appear anytime you play Amarians or Amarian-type races.  This also means the AI Amarian types also get the same unit, but fair is fair, right?

I'm guessing that if you really like this particular unit, you'll change the filename & internalname for the unit to something more descriptive/meaninful than say Conscript_-2069705697-4737, of course!

This should work for any race, or custom faction unit based on a core race, and will make said unit available to all races using the same race template.



Anyways, back to the discussion at hand.

Yes, I fully agree that we should have a dropdown when we are selecting certain items (cloaks, boots, gloves/bracers) that allows us to select which unitstat to check for upgrades!  This should be something we are able to do on the front end, ingame, instead of the back end, which let's face it, is scarier for most people.

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