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FE_Units_WatermarkNext week we expect to release an update to Fallen Enchantress. That update will be available to existing users of Fallen Enchantress and it will also be the first version available for sale on Steam (Beta 4-A).

The plan is to put out Beta 4A and then collect as much feedback as we can. Seriously, NOW is the time to ask for stuff (within reason) because when Beta 5 comes out (next month) we’ll be in feature lock-down. No new features until after release.

Now, we have a few questions for you guys:

(1) How do you think we should refer to this game? Elemental: Fallen Enchantress or just Fallen Enchantress?

(2) You can already go to btw to go right to the page.

(3) What sorts of additional magical spells would you like to see us add before release that aren’t already in the game?

(4) What sorts of additional quests would you like to see?

(5) Random events – yes, we have them but we don’t have a lot. Now is the time to suggest them.  Ideally, ones that don’t require crazy amounts of work.

(6) I will be needing your help on strategy for the AI.  When you play Fallen Enchantress on Challenging (anything below challenging has the AI gimped to various degrees) you’re basically playing me. As some of you know, Fallen Enchantress (like GalCiv but unlike WOM) will make use of your multi-core processor. Every AI player gets their own thread. Long story short, I can do some terrible, evil things with the AI.  But I know there are players who are just far better at this game than I am.  Please feel free to make posts discussing your strategies. I am not ashamed to steal from you.

(7) If you have not already voted, please please vote in the journal poll: We use this data.

(8) Modding time is almost here. We have tried to make it hard to mod so far but the time to turn off the network data stuff is nearing.  Here is what I’m thinking:  

(9) Before anyone asks, no, you can’t transfer your FE serial to Steam. I can’t go into the details on why this is so don’t ask. Just assume it has something to do with gold plated rocket cars or something.

(10) The Fallen Enchantress budget is 2.2X the budget of War of Magic.  We hope people like what we’ve been doing here. I know it’s been a long journey but it was important to us that our most loyal customers, you guys, knew that we were dedicated to making sure our fantasy strategy game was nothing short of awesome.  Beta 4A has a lot of nice things but I think you guys will be surprised how much we were holding back for Beta 5 (for testing purposes mind you).

(11) I can’t tell you who the Fallen Enchantress is. But you can probably guess.

(12) The campaign, which isn’t in the beta (for spoiler reasons) was designed by Jon Shafer and written by fantasy author Dave Stern. It plays quite a bit differently from the sand box game. The idea was to give players an idea of what could be done via mods as well as give players a fun campaign experience that wasn’t just a bunch of sandbox scenarios.  I do want to emphasize that the campaign is made with the same tools players will be given and they will be able to make their own and share them.

(13) While Fallen Enchantress will be available on Steam, it won’t require it.

(14) If you don’t have War of Magic, skip it.  We’re going to discontinue it (we’ll still support it for existing customers for the long haul and may put out another update later this year). Fallen Enchantress is a lot closer to what we had in mind.

(15) If you have Windows XP 32-bit, you can get better performance if you enable large address awareness.

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August 23, 2012 8:43:35 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Awesome, first post!

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August 23, 2012 9:11:41 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

As for random events.  Im all into those.  Great post by the way.

All of this would need a visual cue and a map scroll to the location.

A volcano erupts from some mountain top and wipes out someones stuff.  I dont care if its mine, or the other guys, its an instant change to any game plan (that goes for all theses ideas).

Tidal wave, same idea.

You could really have some fun and make something "Fall From Heaven" and start reeking havoc on anything it sees.  That would make some people laugh.  Thats the GalCiv3 I think where those orange ships came out of nowhere and just started to beat the crap out of everything in sight.  Even the AI was like "WTF Mate!".

Earthquakes that changed the land and in turn destroyed what was there.  Its a nasty world you know.  "You thought that little path was getting you to your next town?  Nope!  Try the long way".


Earth, fire, wind and air basically.  Life and death I dont have any ideas for yet.  I only hope for game changers that are not just based on the AI's feelings towards me.  I like to have the feeling that the game may change any instant and I should at least have a little bit of preparation.  Not only do I (should I) worry about the AI, but I sure as heck better worry about what mother nature is going to send my way.

 ...oh, and I would vote for the full name.  Your going to have to make more games under the name if this pans out.  The word elemental gives it a ring that you would lose if you just did the fallen enchantress.  Fallen Enchantress 2 sounds a little silly personally.

Thanks for asking frog.



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August 23, 2012 9:17:12 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Elemental was not great, so just calling it Fallen Enchantress will avoid a negative relation.

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August 23, 2012 9:19:54 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

looking beautiful Elemental Team! Thanks for all the hardwork, it will show when this goes gold. I for one can't wait for the final edition. I'll have to think about any spells or something else to suggest. I hope you can make full use of my computer's capabilities. also, i like Elemental Fallen Enchantress. Keep its heritage.

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August 23, 2012 9:31:34 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I for one really hope we see snow terrain and lairs at the poles in Beta5. The world of Elemental is just not as fun to explore as say Civ5 because of the lack of environments and terrain.

Quite a few ideas can be found in the Community Request Thread. For instance:


World Events:

Ice Age: Several locations become snow terrain and arctic monster lairs spawn.

Lost Isle: A ancient island long lost to history rises from the ocean.

Breaking of the World: Several areas of flat  terrain becomes mountains and other mountains become flat terrain. Earth Elementals and Rock Spiders rise from the depth of the earth and random improvements are destroyed in all cities.

Woken Wyrm: A Cumbercoil dragon spawns and wanders the world.

Treasures of Heaven: A comet crashes to the earth. Be the first to the crater in order to secure it for yourself. 

Age of Fangs: A powerful Beast Lord spawns. Tougher and tougher beasts spawn everywhere until he is destroyed.

Father of Storms: A powerful hurricane ravages the world. All units take 50% damage and are randomly teleported within 15 squares. Air elementals spawn around the world.

Deadly Drought: Food production is reduced by 25% for 50 turns. Random areas turn to desert.

Stinking Flood: Production is reduced by 25% for 50 turns. Random areas turn to swamp.

Crystal Shift: All shard resources are destroyed. An equal number of new shards spawn around the map randomly.

Shards of Avarice: Each Sovereign is granted a Shard of Avarice. If a sovereign is defeated in combat the winner gets the shard. The first person to get over half the shards gains the Eye of Avarice, which also is dropped if the sovereign is defeated. The holder gains +5 faction prestige and mana and if they hold it for 50 turns they win.

Gold/Crystal/Metal Rush: Several mines spawn across the map. +25% to X resource production.

Tidal Surge: All units within 4 tiles of water take dmg. Water elementals spawn along shores.



Shades: Summons a troop of shades(empty armor) to the tactical field. This spell takes 2 turns to cast but can be cast infinite times. Unlcoked with   Summoner trait.

Drown: Target unit takes 3+1 per water shard of cold dmg for the next 3 turns. Requires level 2 water.

Grim Harvest: Sacrifice a champion to fully heal and remove all injuries from another champion. The recipient also gains a random trait from the deceased. 

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August 23, 2012 9:44:14 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Most folks who are Steam only types, will not have heard much of Elemental beyond maybe what they've heard from sites like GAF- which savage you pretty heavily, so Fallen Enchantress may be for the best.  I just hope folks give the game a fair shake.


As for Random events- what I really want, is random events in the vein of FFH2/ Civ 4.  I really felt that was an awesome mechanic that made a great game a classic.  I don't have any specific examples, but that is what I want as a general example.


One question/request for the Steam version.  Will it be able to run without Steamworks running?   Mostly a curiousity on my part, but it would relieve much of my concerns about your future direction going to mandatory Steamworks.

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August 23, 2012 10:02:04 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

We need better tactical battles! Please tell me this is the focus for Beta5

More specifically:

1.) The ability to choose my army starting locations before a battle starts. It's obnoxious having things like pioneers, archers, and spellcasters starting in the front lines and forcing my armored units to run around them because their initiative is lower due to heavier armor.

2.) Terrain bonuses, etc.


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August 23, 2012 10:12:50 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Awesome sauce.

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August 23, 2012 10:23:54 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Good to hear that a wider audience will see the game, here's to plenty of sales, as I think the game deserves it.

1) Kneejerk was just Fallen Enchantress, especially as you're discontinuing WOM . . .but I really think it needs a primary title (Elemental or otherwise).  If I said to someone "Hey, heard of Fallen Enchantress?" it doesn't sound like a 4x.  It sounds like a game mostly about a Fallen Enchantress.  Or more specifically like a JRPG title. I'd think of a game like Racettetear if I just heard Fallen Enchantress without any context.

3) I'd like to see summons expanded a bit.  Lower level (1/2) summons, single battle summons.  Even direct damage spells based on summon level instead of shard level (like a locust plague, or raven attack).  Also anything like the fortify ability in spell form - ie things that change the way a tile (or set of tiles) work in a tactical battle,making it better or worse to stand on or pass through them.

4) I enjoy getting unique spells, so anything that gives those as a reward would be neat.  It may be more of  fringe request, but something like romance quest lines - a variety for either gender.  Might be a nod to the dynasty mechanic, but seems like it would have a much bigger personal RPG element than some of the current quests.

5) I've never seen a random event in all my games, so any.  A big nasty coming out to poke people is always popular.  A tower with a sarumon like figure that required tribute or nasty spells / troops attack might be a bit too elaborate.  Environmental change events could be interesting.  New shards with monsters, or more /less farmlands, ore, whatnot.  A wandering merchant, offering special wares to those that will meet his price (perhaps sacrifice 100 pop for unique item?).  An renaissance that causes a new tech to become available.  Lots of options.   Good events as well as bad, some you could ignore if you wished.

6) Will do somewhere, I think that if the AI judged battle odds better it will be a lot better.

Interesting on the rest as well!

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August 23, 2012 10:27:24 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Hey Frog,


At first, beta 4 is going a great way. Still some tunning to do but the concepts are nice. To answer your questions:


1) I would go for Fallen Enchantress and not for E: FE. For me, it doesn't change nothing but I think it could help the game's success on a marketing term. Elemental got tons of bad reviews and it might draw away potential new players that will read the first game reviews and just say, oh this is the sequel to that 4 on 10 game.... Not only that, game reviewers will judge E: FE with elemental in mind and that might hinder their judgement, sinking a way better game from the start. So calling it simply FE will give a new begining to the franchise. This is my opinion and the choice remains yours (of course).

3) More summon spells and more powerfull summons (like summon angels or demons or dragons of many kinds for a huge amount of mana and upkeep). Each school of magic should also get direct dmg spells of some type at low levels (like curse bolt, fist or faith etc...) and imbues. Water is now underpowered, like in most games (maybe put healing spells in that book etc.).

4) Quests that pop out during the game. These could be linked to random events and even to world event (like all factions get the same quest then you and it becomes a race to get it first). These quests could make some mobs pop out near one of your city, could imply to raze an enemy city, to kill a dragon or even to forge an alliance. There could be objective quests types too like: when the map is ridden of trolls (or dragons, or even mites) you get X item. New quests and random events could be linked that way and contribute to the world's life: when all your land is clear, there could be a new surge of monsters. 

6) AI is often too divided. They never send a doomstack but only groups of scouts or archers or whatever that are food to my main group. AI should focus on at least one doomstack led by a hero . Often, I have way more problems beating the wild then the AI factions because they never come with some huge army full of surprises. I would love to get crushed by a AI stack of doom one day but it really never happens. I often decline because a dragon or slag rampage my way, not another faction's army.

New features: well, I would like to see more faction based unique units (like golem, spiders).

For the rest, the game is already good as it is. It's now a question of tweaking the already solid concepts and adding a bit of content (like new spells, quests, events, maybe creatures). The pioneer spam remains my main concern and frankly it's very easy to solve. Think Civ for these. In Civ 5, it takes around 10 turns to build one settler (and like 5 turns for a library-unit etc...) and it blocks the growth of the city. Losing one early hinders you a great way, because you not only lose the city growth, but it also get you a bit back in military or civic growth and this, with an extra 10 turns for rebuilding one. You can't lose that settler because 20 turns without growth is terrible. In FE, I can spam them really easy if I start at a 3 ressources spot. If I lose a pioneer, it doesn't really matter. Maybe they should cost like double (take you around 15 turns and more population to build them). Reducing your city population by a lot, while costing 15 turns on a 3 ressources spot should be enough to convince me to start guarding them and place them at the best possible city places! Also, it would lower the AI focus on these and make them build better stuff. Faction AI is still not on par with me, even at the highest level .


Well the best of luck for the next weeks, can't wait for the next patches! Guess the beta 5 in september-october means a release for around the holiday time. I am sure FE will be a good way to start 2013, if the world doesn't crumble the 21st of december, of course





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August 23, 2012 10:41:44 PM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Sins of a Solar Empire Forums

While Fallen Enchantress will be available on Steam, it won’t require it.

The best way to handle it IMHO.

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August 23, 2012 10:43:11 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I'm with the majority here and believe that dropping Elemental is a good idea. It can be the Elemental universe, but giving the game an Elemental title, I'm afraid, will give the game a negative association right out the gate. Best start over with FE. 

Also, Steam is such a freaking good idea, I can't even begin to describe my excitement. AWESOME JOB. Check out the Beta 4 impressions thread for the best ideas, in my opinion. 

So next Thursday is exciting now. 

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August 23, 2012 10:47:12 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Also, I like Steam so much - AND I want to support you guys as much as possible - I will be buying this game again on Steam. 

I have some disposable income and I genuinely love what you've done here. Plus, I like to keep my games in one basket, so to speak. I know you said "don't ask", but I'm still curious...

Also, will beta updates occur on the same day on Steam as they do to the rest of us?

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August 23, 2012 10:49:33 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Quoting GoaFan77,

While Fallen Enchantress will be available on Steam, it won’t require it.

The best way to handle it IMHO.

As long as updates come at the same time for both groups...

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August 23, 2012 11:00:39 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I say refer to the game as Fallen Enchantress, but keep the full title Elemental: Fallen Enchantress. Chances are the negativity from elemental will exist from informed viewers anyway as they will know the origins of Fallen Enchantress.

Great job and great game. Steam is a good option for games today.

I would like to see a different terrain introduced to the tatical battles like underwater or clouds for a specific quest of some kind.

For a random event I haven't seen any but a meteor crashing to the world adding ore, crystal, elemental shards. Deforms the land at impact maybe.

Q:Will you distribute a 64-bit version of the game (no extras)?

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August 23, 2012 11:30:45 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Quoting ,
(12) The campaign, which isn’t in the beta (for spoiler reasons) ...

I really think you should make the campaign playable before launch. I'm not saying it needs to go in immediately, but there could be problems to address that you just won't see until it gets to the community.

On another topic, one area that could use more love is the tutorial. I already made a post about the issues I found, and I trust that you'll at least address the bugs, but I want to emphasize that there are certain things that a beginning player needs to be taught that the tutorial doesn't cover. This includes the stacking and army size mechanics, which I mentioned in that thread, but there are other things as well. For instance, designing new units and, on a note related to stacking/group size, training groups of units at a time.

Oh, and if we're going to suggest new or changed features here, I'll just mention something that bugs me and I'd like changed. Roads between cities. I'd much rather have the ability to decide which paths the roads take instead of it being determined automatically. Sometimes, a path is chosen that, while perhaps "optimal" according to the game, just isn't the way I'd want it to go. Maybe I want the road to swing to the right around that chasm instead of going left, for instance.

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August 23, 2012 11:43:27 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Great news!

New features and balance changes:

- add a low level warding spell that can be used only for cities and would take 1 essence; this would protect the enchanted cities against roaming monsters - catch is, it cannot be dispelled and that 1 essence is used for good;

- add a garrison upgrade to outposts - no. of troops available is automatically given based on the attached city garrison - should be 1/2 of the city garrison for example, rounded to the next integer; if 2 or more outposts are built that are attached to the same city, available troops are split accordingly : 1/2 of the city garrison for one outpost becomes 1/4 for each of the 2 attached outposts etc.;

- quests, monsters and maybe even some additional heroes need to keep spawning continuously otherways it's a little bit boring mid to end game when the only possible battles are with the AI and the XP obtained from them is almost insignificant (ex. destroyed the toughest AI army the faction power leader AI had, only to get below 100 XP at level 14 when I need almost 3000k to progress to level 15 - and this is with a sov with tutelage, potential I and knowledge!!!) ; I think a good portion of the players enjoy the RPG-esque side of things, namely developing our heroes as much as possible and having mid to late game quests and monsters will help with that; also newly aquired heroes are hard to develop if all monsters and quests are already gone;

- quests should not dissapear if not taken immediately; this is important since sometimes the AI will trigger them by mistake and eliminate them this way. An uncompleted multi-stage quest should revert to its original state if not completed (hero loses battle etc.).

- make the AI not declare war based on available influence only - it will lose badly every time - for example, in my current game, I have a sov and a main hero, both powerhouses over level 12 which can solo anything the world can throw at them but I'm quite behind on the Faction Power list mostly due to the AI having 300+ more influence points and more garbage troops while I'm having more settlements and more population than said AI ... long story short AI declares war after warning me a couple of times that I'm pitiful and immediately proceeds to lose battles and hand over his cities to me due to lack of actual power of his troops and heroes; while this happens on the actual battlefield, in the foreign relations tab, game still says that I need to give the AI over 10k of gildar to make peace with him ; there is actually another issue related to this, all the other AIs think the faction leader is the one to hate and be wary of, instead of realising that the human player way behind in the faction power list but who is population, settlements, gildar, gildar per turn and maybe even research leader and who's heroes have completed 90% of all available deadly&epic quests on the map is the actual danger to look out for.

- change the city bonuses given for an empty building queue. Please. Pretty please even. It makes the player even stonger than it already is and the AI stuck with undeveloped cities. You've also promised in another post that you intend to not let us lack more buildings to add or to upgrade, sadly this is not the case. Provided player is smart with his city placement, buildings and enchancements, around 100 production per each city can be achieved and queue is easily eptied;

- governor path hero should get maybe 1XP for each stationed season and multiple XP for each building built in the city he is resident of - if for example building a new one or upgrading an existing building that took 40 seasons to complete, AI hero should get 40xp multiplied by the number of materials in that city or something similar; to prevent abuse, governor is eligible to gain XP for a new building/upgrade if it was present in the city at least 75% of the time when it was built; catch should be governor hero can never get XP from battles ever again - he should be restricted to its governor path forever.

- Master quest victory is too easy - if you have the quest zone inside your borders, the subsequent mini-quests are given around it - you just go a little distance to get to them or cloudwalk there and inside 10-15 turns quest is done and victory is achieved - no chance for the AI to stop you. It's better if the mini-quests for the master quest victory send you to the 4 corners of the map so to speak so that you actually need to get through AI territory to get there; also AIs should be notified of your Master Quest progress and why you might need access through their land.

- Similar to the above, Diplomatic victory and Spell of Making victory are easy roads to take compared to domination; it should be more complicated that it currently is to win the game using these.

- Current hero "deaths" and spawns in the closest city are not well implemented. You "kill" an AI hero in front of a settlement and "kill" it again when he has 2-3HP when taking the settlement - heroes should go to the capital city to have a chance of healing properly before re-engaging into battle. Otherways they just accumulate bad traits with no gain.

- Hero should lose an equipped random item (not from inventory to prevent abuse, actual equipped item) when battle is lost - item is lost for good if battle is not against enemy sov or AI and gained by victor if sov or enemy AI is still alive at the end of the battle (otherways item is again lost for good); if both heroes die, party who wins the battle has the advantage that their hero who died did not lose any equipped item.

- Allow roads to be manually built for a cost between cities and outposts (provided required tech is researched) as currently there are multiple annoying cases where you need a detour just because the roads between 3 points is not closing the triangle etc. ; also when 2 AIs you're not at war with decide to make a trade agreement, if your territory and road network is needed they actually use it for their caravans and afterwards if you place a new city or outpost near their borders, it will tend to connect the roads with their settlements and outpost rather than the closest one you have and this should not happen.

- AI should not be allowed to build cities and outposts right next (and I really mean next square to a tough monster lair) and get away with it - have current game save to prove that AI city is next to an umberdroth lair - if I want to attack the AI city and spend my last move just outside the city, the nice umberdroth will attack me, if I attack the city the nice umberdroth will attack MY newly taken city; really stupid thing is that the AI not only is not affected but it can actually occupy same tile as monsters while not having any traits that would allow them to not be targeted by raiding monsters - have different save to prove AI troops (kingdom of gilden built troops, not even tarth) are occupying the same tile as a dragon - that is simply not fair on any difficulty level.


I play on Expert (all available AIs as Expert AIs) but there's currently no difference from Challenging - all the AI heroes are underdeveloped, don't take quests and don't even go after unguarded treasure within their territory. AI should focus on sov and main hero development and stop sending heroes to their doom against impossible odds; AI should stop sending small armies in waves against well protected cities if it sees 3-4-5 consecutive waves of them are crushed - joining troops in stacks of more powerful units should be also a priority. AI should sue for peace if it sees that it loses settlements at an alarming rate. AI should try to attack multiple settlements at the same time rather than send all armies agains the closest one - it may try to do that already but it's really poor at it meaning out of 10 armies 8-9 go for the closest settlement and maybe just 1-2 for the others.


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August 24, 2012 12:01:49 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Awesome. I'm very excited to see what is coming up.


Quoting ,

(1) How do you think we should refer to this game? Elemental: Fallen Enchantress or just Fallen Enchantress?


1: Fallen Enchantress. You can keep "Elemental" in the logo art to provide connectivity between this and the next, and also to help connect it conceptually with the next works you do, but in terms of actual reference to... "Fallen Enchantress" is fine.


Others deserve their own threads.

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August 24, 2012 12:03:17 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Yes Frogboy, make some other threads for the other points.

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August 24, 2012 12:49:09 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

How do you think we should refer to this game? Elemental: Fallen Enchantress or just Fallen Enchantress?

Drop elemental completely imo.  FE ftw. 

re: the campaign - I really, really, really do not just want a demo showing what modders can do.  I'd love a campaign that takes 20-40 hours to complete. If this is even remotely like elemental's campaing (eg tutorial), then I'm not all that happy.  So please, no short little 2 hour adventure to learn game mechanics.  Pretty please.  Then I'd love to see expansions in the future (ala SC2) that continue the story, etc.  I can still play the original starcraft just for the story today.. and that looks like rot.  Good story with engrossing gameplay will bring me back long past sandbox mode. 

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August 24, 2012 12:50:54 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

AI? What about just I? Multiplayer!! (with tactical battles!)

The first thing I heard about War of Magic was that it was a multiplayer game. Remember those ancient previews? I mean, its turn based! Netcode for a turn based game is the EASIEST netcode to do. You guys are NOOBS! The game would be a million times more exciting with real enemies and real allies.

If a tree falls in to woods and no one is there to hear it... does it still make a sound?

If an enemy sovereign falls in their fortress and no one is there to hear of it... Do you even give a shit?




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August 24, 2012 1:01:37 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

(1) How do you think we should refer to this game? Elemental: Fallen Enchantress or just Fallen Enchantress?

I personally like the Elemental title. It depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to distance yourself from the first game, I would drop it. But just keep in mind that reviewers will likely point out the connection either way.


(3) What sorts of additional magical spells would you like to see us add before release that aren’t already in the game?

- Expanded summoning. For instance, at some point you should be able to summon groups of creatures or armies (for sufficient cost).

- More global (tactical) type combat spells. World enchantments?

- Tactical spells that can be used to wall off areas. Either multiple tile or paintable.


(8) Modding time is almost here. We have tried to make it hard to mod so far but the time to turn off the network data stuff is nearing.  Here is what I’m thinking:  For those of you not aware of our engine, Fallen Enchantress is placed on top of a fairly generic turn-based game engine. It reads a bunch of XML that determines the rules and the game.  I’d like to say that that is because we’re just super mod friendly but the real reason is that Derek Paxton (Fall from Heaven) and Jon Shafer (Civilization V and Civ IV mods) come from the modding scene and so we ended up approaching development from the perspective of modding a “generic” engine.  So people should be able to go pretty nuts with the game. 

If the game does well enough (which means there’s $$$ to pay for it) I’d like to make most of the code open source with only the Kumquat engine as a DLL. That way, people could make their own strategy games.

This is the type of thing I've been waiting for since Elemental:WOM!!!!!!!

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August 24, 2012 1:16:15 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums



1) just Fallen Enchantress

More distinct from WoM and you can always keep the subtitle in the logo etc. But Elemental: Fallen Enchantress also is just too long.



a)some sort of income-manipulation (e.g. World spells reducing mana income of opponents)

b)More Spells counting empire-wide (e.g. a spell like Enchanted Road, granting a (small) movement boost on Roads in the whole empire // or some spell functioning like the Outposts "Warden" improvement -- mostly thinking of stuff that isnt affecting grain/gildar/unrest etc to differentiate from buildings)

c)More differentiated battle spells.

e.g. Flame dart as 1x big dmg (say, 1x 10 Attack) , something like "stone rain"  (3x 5 attack) . Basically one would be better vs armored opponents, the other vs unarmored. 

Alternatively some spells doing the stuff Overpower does (more attack/dmg vs stacks/groups) - I think Fireball had that description last beta, not sure if it still works that way.

Some stuff influencing (opposing) Unit stats directly. There is a spell reducing defence by 25% and growth/shrink/blindness, more like that would be neat. Or at least more differentiated versions. Like blindness at spell level 1/2 reducing accuracy by 30% or being easy to resist.. and Geater blindness at spell level 3/4 reducing accuracy by 50% / or being harder to resist.

For modding purposes a function not only calling the # of Fire shards , but also counting spell mastery levels would be nice for such stuff. (e.g. Accuracy -30% + #of Death shards*5 + Death mastery level *5)


4) Storywise: up to you guys

 Effects-wise: Rewards granting mana, Rewards spawning Improvements (rescue this farm and actually _get_ a farm improvement and such stuff), Effects improving some core stuff of your nearest city (ppl getting happier, thus reducing unrest - or some quests making your famous, thus increasing reputation/growth like Altar's special trait) 


5) idea what qualifies as "not much work"...but as KAel is on your team, I guess you can borrow some ideas from FfH2 and especially th3 3 big modmods  ? Some of that stuff should be portable and most is great.


6) Sadly, not a native speaker..and it would bomb this post anyways - suggestion: Start a seperate Thread  for this point ? There is a ton to write about this topic I think....


7) done


8) Awesome !

This should also keep the game alive fpr ages (like some Civ3 / civ4 mods did)

One question for all of those non.modding.gods out there who want to tweak just a few variables... it looks like you guys use some genereal editor to generate those XML-files.  Could you release that editor to the public when the game is finished ? 

Kinda like Kael used an Excel-file to set several variables in FfH2 and that was public for everyone and made it possible for "normal" guys to say..raise the starting gold for all players..oder mod 1 certain monster to have  a higher strangth.  

*makes puppy eyes* 

 (I know it would need a warning attached that tells ppl they should mess with those stats at their own risk) 


10) Any way to help you guys out earning that investment back ? 

For my part, I'm eligible for the "free"  version due to owning WoM, but still... prolonged development even after release (b/C you guys have the budget) >>> everything. 

So are you guys planning to do some sort of DLC (like those modding tools mentioned in #8) ? )


13) even more awesome !

Thanks alot for this, seriously. 




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Quoting FallingStar0280,
1) Kneejerk was just Fallen Enchantress, especially as you're discontinuing WOM . . .but I really think it needs a primary title (Elemental or otherwise).  If I said to someone "Hey, heard of Fallen Enchantress?" it doesn't sound like a 4x.  It sounds like a game mostly about a Fallen Enchantress.  Or more specifically like a JRPG title. I'd think of a game like Racettetear if I just heard Fallen Enchantress without any context.

Like most I was gonna suggest dropping the "Elemental" name but this guy has a point imo. Besides, it's well known (in the press namely) that FE is supposed to be Elemental's redemption, no point in hiding it or pretending Elemental never existed. As for those who've never heard of the game, well they won't care, will they? 


Random event suggestions:

Apian Dawn: Twilight bees become sunrise bees (or dawn bees), docile and productive, honey is extra tasty and radiant. Bonus food/gildar from apiaries. Limited duration ofc. 

Shard Instability: The shard's magical energy has experienced "turbulence" and spawned hostile elementals of the shard's type. 

The 5th Element: All Shards provide growth (in addition to mana). If a city levels up during the event, a love child called Leeloo is born. She is weak in combat (has a healing spell though) and has an experience gain penalty but significantly reduces unrest in the city she's placed in. One child per faction.

Lunar Eclipse: The tides of magic have become disrupted. Spells cost more mana, shards provide less mana, etc.

Rise of the Ursine Messiah: Armies of bears emerge from the woods all over with hostile intent.

Meteor Strike: Rock falls from the heavens. Leaves a crater and provides ample crystals/iron to those who reach it first. Possibly attracts hostile creatures/bandits.

Bee frenzy: A strange disease aggravates the twilight bees making them hostile and murderous. Apiaries provide negative growth for a while (or maybe increased unrest) or spawn killer (twilight) bees.

That's my horse!: An exceptionally powerful ogre/troll appears searching for his horse. He heads for the nearest horse resource, smashes the stables (if present) and sits there until removed. 

Alchemical inversion: Temporarily, all gold/gildar costs can only be paid with mana and vice versa. 

Metalocalypse: Iron Golems rise from iron resources/mines to give humanity a lesson in pain. Iron production halts for the duration. Should be totally brutal.

Festival of the Goddess: A constellation of stars known simply as the "Goddess" appears in the sky. A sense of happiness and goodwill washes over all peoples completely eliminating unrest for the duration. Diplomatic negotiations become easier (could be represented with increased influence income). Could even stop any ongoing wars. 





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