[0.912 - 0.913] Observations of the early gamephase

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I played this beta for about a week now. In this time i started about 6 games. For different reasons, i didn't played any of those for too long, before starting a new one. So i can't really evaluate the late game phases yet. The early one i think i can, tho.

I want to write down a couple of things i noticed. I'm guessing some of that stuff is already written here somewhere, in one way or the other, so i will try to keep it short.




In 0.913 the wages where cut down quite a bit, the productioncosts did rise. A good step in the right direction, i think.

It is still very expensive to keep troops in the early phases of the game, tho. So expensive, that it isn't really an option to keep some for just defensive purposes, or even send out more than one fighting stack. The few affordable are needed in the one stack of the sovereign. (Which also partly leads to future stacks of doom.)

Result of that is, for example, that till the midgamephase hired heros can't have own troops acompany them, and because of the split ep (a good mechanic otherweise, i think), are better left sitting in some town, doing nothing. Just hiring them later in the game instead, would mean to risk loosing them to other fractions.

It also results in a rather slow pacing at the beginning, because there just isn't much one can do with so few troops.

And last but not least, it results in either unguarded extracitys or none, for quite some time. (And often the second option isn't one.)



I do like those citymilitias. I do not like to have nothing else defending my citys, tho. Like mentioned above, at least in the beginning till midphase, building/keeping defensive troops isn't in the budget. It would cripple research and production to much.

But just taking it slow with the citybuilding isn't much of an option either. The AI's won't. They will build them fast. And they should! It works, even if every of those citys is a gamble. Maybe it will survive long enough unprotected until it can defend itself, or maybe it gets conquered/razed by a roaming monster or player before... Doesn't matter much, there will be enough lucky ones to make that strategy worthwhile.

And if i don't use this stragtegy too, soon i don't have a place left to build  a well guarded city of my own. Conquering those little AI-Citys is easy, but would leave me with just the shadow of a potential good city, because of the permanent unrest. (And again, the unrest itself is a good mechanic otherwise, i think.) Razing them to make space won't work either, because the land is renderd useless afterwards.



Possible solutions

- Unitwages are depending on the recruitmentcosts. If the availability of troops shifts later in the game, it could work to lower the basecosts of troops and/or the costs of early equipment, to make sure just the wages of early/weak units are lower, without their buildingtimes getting out of hand. Elitetroops would stay expensive, as they should, thanks to better gear and traits.

- Raising the costs of pioneers dramaticly could help too, at least in the early phases of the game. It would enforce tough dessicions on players. How the AI might handle that is another question, tho.

- If the spam with unguarded citys remains the only way to go, negative consequences for raising/capturing citys are good, i think, but they should be smaller and not permanent.



All in all

Maybe the things i mentioned, the few troops and the city-spam, might not bother other people as much as myself. I can't tell. Maybe it's just because i'm a rather defensive player, in those kind of games, and here, that just doens't work. So, i would appreciate other opinions on the matter.


Also, initially i wanted to write something about magic too... Buuut, this turned out to be more text than i hoped, and thanks to my (at best) medicore englishcapabilities, it also took far longer than expected. Maybe i torture you another time with that.

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May 4, 2012 4:19:00 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Actually your English is quite good, better than some here for whom it's supposedly their primary language!   

Map size and difficulty setting have huge impacts on how the game plays.  I find large maps @ challenging is the setting that allows me to check out how the Beta plays well into middle/end game.

Also I like to utilize the Magical aspects of the game more than the mundane.  I custom design my Sov to be a powerful Wizard, and then go gather up a couple of Champions.  Next I grab all the nearby goodies and do some easy quests.  Research channeling & capture as many shards as you can so that your global mana pool builds and replenishes quickly.  As a magic user you can overcome any mundane army and most monsters with ease.  And if you level up 1 or 2 champions as fighters with magical equipment so much the better.



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May 4, 2012 5:19:46 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I find it the same way - right now magic is the best way to go, especially custom made it sov.

However, i was always dreaming about huge armies, but costs are preventing it, which is kind of sad - in the end i am forced to use stack of doom. Troops are too slow to get and way too expensive.

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May 5, 2012 7:08:57 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Mhm, making your sovereign a mage seems to be the most effective way to go right now, especially in the later phases of the game, i heared. Creating a maptype where i have more time to slowly build my guarded citys in peace, before the AI is spamming the place, can also work to an extend. I didn't played on a big map yet, but in the last two i choose a medium mapsetting with just 3 other factions. It gives you time, but doesn't take the feeling of using an inefficient strategy, wasting a lot of your potential by not spamming citys. Against the AI it still might work, even in the long run, against an equal human player, one would certainty lose this way. Same with putting more than one champion/sovereign in an army, for a longer period of time. To much wasted xp, that could be needed later on.


And yeah.. To restrict the number of troops that much does not only negativly effect certain other gamemechanics, it also wastes one of the best features of the game: The unitcreation. I love that one. And i'm also often find myself spending a lot of time ingame thinking about all kinds of specialised troops wich could be used for different purposes and be combined into cool armies... but then end up only being able to build 1-2 troops, wich doesn't give much room for anything.


Luckily theres still much time until release and apparantly good ways to mod such things.

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May 6, 2012 9:56:49 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Oooook, in spite of my preferences, i tried the city-spam myself this time.

- Medium mapsize

- 3 other factions

- challenging

- few monsters (because i read, they can be frustrating right now)


So, i build almost only pioneers, send them out as scouts and let them do their thing as soon as they found a spot. I'm only at turn 58 now. I have 4 Outposts, 7 citys and many more on the way. I lost 1 outpost to a wandering monster somewhere inbetween: No big deal. The citys dond't grow much yet, but they don't need to either, thanks to city-buffs.


Only real problem... Somehow i'm feeling like a cheater. 



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