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I'd like to start this with a "This is not a mod" (but involves modding so I thought this would be the correct subforum for it... that or off-topic). I didn't start this with the intention of finishing it but to mess with stuff as I didn't finish learning modding in WoM. So this is just me sharing with the universe (aka you can just look at the pics and ignore the text).

The main idea has been to try to add Drows as faction/race to the game. They would be physically a bit smaller then the rest (0.9), have lighter equipment, some special racial abilities (including being annoying to casters), more magical equipment for the regular troops, spider mounts... The file structure is quite familiar but I wish they had used separated files for some of the stuff, like the different units. That units file alone is a pain.

As in WoM, I haven't still managed to get the new mounts to work. Go me!

As I wanted to add equipment specific for the drow (from different name to values), I needed to see how. I checked about some Race/Drow prerequisite but I wasn't able to make it work and in any case, it would just have added additional stuff, meaning that the drow would get the normal stuff and the specific one. And doesn't look nice either:

Tried a pure custom tree didn't seem to work (probably something on my part) so I ended with many base techs, some customs and some clones that I was forced to create.

It was fun messing with it but if I had some plan of actually finishing it, it would be very similar to the original, no optional paths (one feature that would be sweet) and some different stuff (only mounts being spiders that are equivalent of Wargs, arcane weapons and armour for troops...). But still I like the possibilities. (and more if I managed to guess how to use Race as prerequisite without a RaceTech and stuff like that )

Some stuff is better ignored right now like the "Flaming" effect on some types of longswords and in shortswords, due to beta stage and stuff:

One thing that I want in my game is dual wielding. I suspected some problems for custom units so I added some to test and... yeah, totally:

I suppose that Defense/Shield is not enough for the offhand weapons to appear in the Armor tab. And must have tagged some wepaons differently because they appear with the one-handed cutting weapons. (Oh, the second pic happens after doing the first one and trying to pick and offhand weapon on the same block)

I also have some doubts about custom items (like armours) and loot/drops. That's one of the things that I haven't touched.

All in all, it was really sweet to have stuff like this running around:

Now back to square 0 and start anew with something else.
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January 31, 2012 3:41:54 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

To make off-hand items appear in the armor section, give them 1 defense in something, like blunt. You can try giving them even less like 0.0.1. You can also try giving them +1 then -1 defense and maybe it still appears in armor, i don't know.

For spider mounts, check out: Gatherer Spider (horse) Hoarder Spider (horse) Albino Rock Spider (horse) Orange Rock Spider (horse) Red Rock Spider (horse) Rock Spider (horse) Grey Widow (horse) Black Widow (horse) Air Shrill (horse) Earth Shrill (horse) Air Shrill (horse) Fire Shrill (horse) Shrill Lord (horse)



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January 31, 2012 5:08:21 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Hey, thanks!

For testing dual wielding I was just changing the Defense/Shield part (and the hand_left). I added a block increasing Unit_Defense (while keeping the Attack for testing purposes) and it appears in the Shield slot of the Armor tab.

The spider mount, I thought it would need no work as there is a Fallen Champion (Nosmina) that uses one as mount and looks fine. But I'll take a look to your mod.

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January 31, 2012 5:10:45 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Their version is shittier.

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