Elemental: War of Magic 1.4 Changelog

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Yay! Elemental v1.4!

+ Max army size reduced from 12 to 6 units
+ Tech multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.3 (faster research)
+ Higher level monsters will spawn later in the game no matter what
+ AI smarter about targeting in tactical battles (not always the "toughest" unit)
+ AI more generous about imbuing their champions
+ AI more likely to choose guardians on city upgrades
+ Fixed bug that resulted in the AI not reliably learning higher level spells
+ AI more greedy when demanding tribute
+ Fixed bug from 1.4 beta 1 that caused units not to automove.
+ Fixed bug where if the AI hated everyone they would still say they're handing their kingdom over to (blank)
+ City Hubs store more population
+ City Hubs provide less zone of control by default
+ Increased # of turns on many improvements from 1 turn to 3 turns
+ Embassies are no longer an unlimited improvement
+ Fixed strange noises quest to have an illustration
+ Fixed the train unit window UI where the unit costs were messed up
+ Named the dog unit's default name from "dog" to "Annie" in honor of Paul Boyer's dog (the dog is visually based on Annie)
+ New title logo
+ Vastly reduced the cost of a non-aggression pack
+ Teleport spell cost increased from 40 mana to 250 mana
+ New flavor text added
+ Reduced the value of monuments to the AI
+ City Guardian units buffed. They're much more powerful now, correspond with city level 



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