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I use the random name-gen for city names, and therefore I don't have a very strong connection between the name and what the city does/is specialized in.  Upon city Levelup, I'd like the screen to be more to the side, so that we can see which city it is referring to inform our choice on the levelup screen - similar to the CIV IV quick popup build menu that shows up when a city finishes a build.  

Even though you can see the city's stats in the main UI window, it may be useful to also move that information into the popup so that the player knows it's there. I find I end up focusing on the popup, and so miss the city information in the main UI.

(Inave is under the popup)


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January 27, 2011 8:23:28 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Having the popup appear to the side so you can get context on which city has levelled up is a great idea


I'd like to also see the per-level upgrade choices in the city details screen.  For that matter, it bears repeating that the total cost of the city improvements should be displayed (upkeep, income, and net should all be displayed).  Aside from giving me a general strategy-player stats-woody, I'd be able to plan when to build upkeep-reducing improvements.

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