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So the world had gone kaboom and I was bored. So I was like: "I need stuff." and decided that it was about time someone did something about it.

First things first, I found my Kingdom of Tarth (named after daddy because I'm such a wonderful daughter). I called the captial Nure after dealing with the locals and their bad habit of suggesting the weirdest of names.

So a dude named Janusk appears and offers his services (a fan? yay!). He also provides Gildar each season which is cool because I like to buy stuff. So I welcome him aboard and send him alone to pick up some trash that lies near my city. I do the same because of being egalitarian and stuff. But I go into another direction because I don't want random dudes taking the shiny stuff before I do. As my people has a past of being gladiators, I command some "Peasants" to defend the city of roaming fanboys, bandits and anything that is not friendly.

After allowing Janusk to have a piece of the action, I send him home and marry him because, you know, a woman has needs. Like someone to wash the dishes, clean the house and all that stuff. Once I have all the hubby deal solved, I go on exploring. To boldly go where no woman has gone before. More precisely in seek of adventure, fast food and more shiny stuff.

While exploring I have time to see how barren the world is, not finding anything of remark beyond some buildings of arcane appearance and some dude named Relias that has also started his own Kingdom. Kinda cute but we are already married and stuff so we just start some research and trade treaties that I have researched on my own due to the boredom of the landscape. While I am dealing with Relias, I have a bunch of fangirls scorting a Pioneer in search of new lands for another settlement. As there are still some lands without exploring near the capital, I have sent them there first. No signs of bandits or monsters yet despite all the rumours about them being more active.

With some more exploring I find an Air Shard which is quite cool because I already have an Earth one in my collection of shiny stuff (I haven't built around it yet because the dudes in charge of recovering boring stuff, the self declared researchers, are still trying to guess how). The fangirls discover a roaming champion and recruit him so the army can grow. In strength. He has nice tattoos too. Then they continue exploring and find that there is nothing of interest in those lands. Boooooring!

At least I find a bandit!

After that I have to keep exploring while waiting for my magical researchers in the capital to research the Return spell so I can come back home easily. The fangirls scort the Pioneer and the champion near the Air Shard to stablish themselves there before Relias can take away the shiny from me. By the time they have done as I ordered, I have meet an old fart named Markinn, started some treaties with him, learned the Return spell and back home to take some fangirls with me. Our mission? Shiny stuff! Also to destroy some darklings that many many seasons ago I was told about in an Inn and that were terrorizing a village. Oh, and to recruit a female champion that was near that village! Having Janusk at home taking care of the house and changing diapers, and the tattoo guy keeping an eye on my second city, I need someone I can trust to imbue her with my essence (some weird ritual involving spitting in your palm and then shaking hands).

So the village are still being terrorized by Darklings after all these seasons and I go all "This is Taaaaaarth!" and kick asses and take names. Kinda cool. The shinies the villagers give me for finally saving them are cool too. So after a happy ending I decide to invite the fangirls and Inbasu (the new channeler under my command) to some drinks in the nearest Inn. But we have barely entered the Inn when we hear that the villagers we have just saved, and that have relocated to a tile to the south of their original village, are being terrorized again by Darklings. What the fuck?

Some "This is Taaaaaarth!" later, I have to pay attention to some issues that are affecting negatively my kingdom. Relias and his altarians have been always stronger than us (according to the populatiry charts) but as he doesn't seem too smart I thought that eventually we would ovetake him. Woops! No luck there! While I had ordered my people to research all kind of stuff, appearently that Relias dude has rushed Warfare and is arming his guys with spears and leather armours! Plus he has spammed some cities, has more population than me and more access to food!!! I have been pushing some adventure research trying to get fanboys to discover something useful in those wastelands but no luck in the first try. So I keep pushing in that branch while I start considering possible war plans against Relias and his closest city, which has access to some fertile land. He is stronger than me and I have barely started generating fangirl parties armed with spears and some bracers. But as I'm getting ready for battle, finally my fanboys find new sources of food!

So I order a couple of Pioneers to settle in those locations asap before any idiot dares to steal MY food. And stop my war plans to focus on the new cities. With more food I should be able to have my capital to grow more and improve conditions in others. After some visites to the Mall, I'm not precisely swimming in shinies so I need to keep an eye on the kingdom's expenses (Booooooooooooring! I want to kick some ass!!!), try to refocus on some civics to reach some economic power (hoping to be able to fund a better military later once I have that advantage) and start some trading because I want fancy stuff for my bedroom. Need to keep an eye on those traders we use though. They are kinda creepy if you ask me.

By then my first born has come of age which is good because he will have to pay his own bills now. Despite his nudist tendencies, he has gone to the same school as his daddy and now he can help to bring shinies home.

And he is ready just in time because all my alarms explode when I check my frontier with Relias...

Not only Altar can field guys with axes bigger than their users. Nope. He also has managed to cheat and provide a weapon of mass destruction to his daughter! If he can do that to his daughter, how long before he does the same for his already formidable troops? Things are getting worse and worse as I keep taking the non-best decisions about how to develop my kingdom (I blame the period. Need to check with Procipinee to see if she has developed a spell for it) and Altar keeps rushing warfare and managing to develop his cities. My magic suck. My armies sucks. My cities suck. Oh boy, I'm in trouble. My only advantage is that the dumb of Relias seems happy with our trade and treaties. Fortunes favor the bold so first I need to take care of Relias' daughter and then plan a kamikaze war, hoping for the best. Did I mention my first born had come of age? And that he happened to be a he?

Soon I have my son married to Relias' daughter and with her, a powerful champion. Time to check her secret powers.

She, like my son, is a bit not too smart so although she is a channeler (like my son too), she can cast Return and nothing else. Need to solve that (for my son too). That sword is a hell of a sword. That cannot be legal!!! I rename it "Sword of Cheto" due to its abusive nature. And plan to give it good use in a war against Altar.

While I prepare myself for war, some timids bandits and bears start appearing in the wildlands but they are no threat for my fangirls.

My capital is the only city of some real worth and finally finishes training my first party of fangirls. While they train a second one I make some more shopping in the Mall (Soori, Relias' daughter, needs some protection due to the penalty of the "Sword of Cheto") and teleport my best units and all my champions, except my hubby, to the frontier with Altar. Ready to rumble!

Relias takes on my traders in his lands. I approach his nearest city while watching closely his armies nearby. My assembled army is better that what he has organized but if he starts combining armies... But soon I discover that I worry too much. My fangirls, even in party, have trouble damaging the armored enemies and recieve something more than scratches. Fortunately, Inbasu and Inuelen can help with Heal. If I just could level up them enough so they could cast something ELSE. (who the hell put those Int minimums on the spells? I know that I'm special and therefore unnafected but still sucks) Meanwhile I keep cleaning the battlefields with Arcane Arrow. Oh boy, how could I forget about this one? After spending my intial level ups increasing strength (following daddy's steps), I have lately focused on Intelligence (not that I was an idiot before but a girl cannot be just pretty and strong) and my Arcane Arrow decimates the enemy ranks. I also can see the wonders of the "Sword of Cheto". I mean, of Soori.

From that point on, I'll have to use each level up from Soori to increase her Constitution. She has become my best weapon after the Arcane Arrow and she needs to survive. In any case, I have conquered my first city and after destroying some minor Altarian armies, I'm first in the populatiry charts. (thank you, fans!!! xoxoxo) Time to check the situation carefully:

Not bad, but I also had to stop producing stuff in my cities to keep the balance positive. :/

Doesn't look so bad, I suppose. And the other factions (including some dudes I have never meet but of which I seem to have lots of info including their taxes) are weaker than me so no worries. After all, this may be piece of...

Oh, come on! Cheeeeto!! How many of those has Relias hidden under the fog of war? *sigh* Good thing he is a wussie and that Altarian armies insist on not combining. Considering Arcane Arrow, Heal and Soori, I'd still win based on the previous battles, but at least they should be able to cause some damage to my troops which are quite inferior. Ok, time to kill that guy before he accidentally kills someone I like or conquers one of my cities by one of my mistakes. So I take my bests and attack him. Once he is killed, the armies nearby become prey. Usually of my Arcane Arrow (using mana I should save but they save my troops)...

But I also allow Soori to have fun against the each time weaker enemies that face us:

And while I get ready to assault another of his cities (that has access to food! ), altarians' spirit are still high.

Fools... Or was I the fool? I conquer their city and BOOM! I can be such an idiot! That city has such negatives in economy that it breaks my already weak economy!

My shinies... T_T

I wait for some seasons (more seasons without producig stuff!!!) until my economy recovers enough and then continue my assault on altarian lands. At this point Altar is broken but I won't be happy until I own all their cities. In one of the battles, something interesting happens: Soori faces his brother in battle!!!

I finally assault the city where Relias and his wife are. To no ones surprise, they are using "Swords of Cheto". Lucky me that I have the Decimator Spell (Arcane Arrrow seemed so inappropiate as name!).

I kill the wife with the spell and wound Relias but... oh boy, I couldn't resist seeing Relias facing his own daughter. So much like in the Shard Wars theatre play!

That sneaky Relias survives and scapes to his last city but my army follows and finally ends with his life and domain. Altar is no more. Oh, and FINALLY my son and Inbasu can cast Decimator Spell too! The Tarthan economy starts flourishing and I know that only a miracle can stop me know. I check the magic book wheer I can check the data of other Sovereigns included those I have never met. Gilden just once city. Kraxis only one too. Magnar has 5 but is weak. They cannot stop me, no way. I just wish I could have easy access to Curgen's Inferno. That's the kind of spell that allows to mop up easily in these kind of situations. I may as well send a m-mail to the other Sovereigns and declare myself virtual winner. Lunch time cames upon me so I decide to leave it as is.

The known world.
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December 8, 2010 3:39:21 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

You win 10 internets. Outstanding!

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December 8, 2010 4:02:40 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

lol  Love it, thanks WS

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December 8, 2010 4:08:35 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


WS----perchance a George RR Martin reference?


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December 8, 2010 4:38:19 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Looks like it was fun!

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December 8, 2010 5:30:58 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

awesome post

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December 8, 2010 6:22:47 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

When they FINALLY add the random events we were promised so long ago I am sure it will solve the whole "no one left to conquer" issue we seem to be having. A few Titans and resurected demon gods will keep things challenging. Also, the Empire should be able to raise an undead sov to rekindle their empire.

Great post!



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December 8, 2010 7:59:53 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Quoting BoogieBac,
lol  Love it, thanks WS
Thank you all for creating the game.

By the way, keep those Sword of Cheto in line, please. See my newest daughter-in-law in my latest game. Anything familiar?

As there will be an update today, I won't be able to finish the game (I was to obliterate them with Decimator Spells anyway ) but she certainly seems more promising than sweet Soori.

Quoting Phylast57,

WS----perchance a George RR Martin reference?

I have not read George RR Martin so any possible reference should be coincidence. Do you mind to share?

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December 9, 2010 5:41:09 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

A fun read. Thank you Wintersong.

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December 9, 2010 5:59:17 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Well if anything you showed how some things are just too overpowered. That sword needs some serious nerfing. Spells too as they shouldn't inflict such damage until the character is at near max levels. On the other hand the AI's should get these bonuses and gear as the difficulty level is raised. Playing hard they should have them and good hit points and powerful spells earlier than the human player. On extreme difficulty even worse. There should be FEAR if you play higher difficulty levels and you shouldn't so easily win any battles without severe loses or even losing the game.

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December 9, 2010 8:54:07 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I have not read George RR Martin so any possible reference should be coincidence. Do you mind to share?

I wasn't sure if it was either--it has been awhile since I've read him. The series is called A Song of Fire & Ice. The first book is called  A Game of Thrones.
If you have read Tolkein or Jordan, you'll enjoy this as well.

The series has a definite Elemental feel to it and something I would definitely recommend you read. There is a tag line in the book: : "Winter is Coming."

So maybe that's the coincidence that sparked a memory. Great post!

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December 9, 2010 3:39:43 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Ah, I have read Tolkien but not Jordan. From Tolkien I jumped to Hambly, Moorcock, Williams, Cherryh and little more. I haven't been able to read lately (pending The Dark Tower books by Stephen King) but once I get my job done with them, I'll look for Martin's. Thanks!

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