[1.09n][UI][Suggestion] Civ style hotkeys F1-F12 for various screens

By on November 23, 2010 3:26:31 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


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Elemental is sorely in need of Civ style hotkeys for the various screens.


F1 - Hiergamenon

F2 - Kingdom Report -> City List Screen

F3 - Reseach Technology

F4 - Design Units

F5 - Study Spells

F6 - Foreign Relations

F7 - Kingdom Report

F8 -Dynasty

F9 - Quick Save

F10 - (Possible Demographics screen)

F11 - (Possible Victory screen)

F12 - Quick Load


1) Consistency of User Experience - Every 4x game has this!

2) F1 has always been "Help" from time immemorial

3) F2 City list will be the most used function on large maps

4) F3 - F8 mirror the order these are placed when pressing the "World" button - again consistent

5) F9 / F12 Quick save and load need to be available and separated so they aren't accidently pressed

6) F10 / F11 Add in some functionality later on

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