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Version 0.76 alpha Updated 1/28/2011

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Doctor Who Mod

Current Version:  0.76 alpha [Working with current version 1.19b]

Download Link: http://www.wincustomize.com/explore/elemental_war_of_magic/1/ 


Looking for help: I'm always looking for some help. If you think you can help in any way (you don't have to be a programmer or visual artist to help), post a msg here, or PM me.


General Background

      The world of Elemental is a special place. Even more so than anyone on the planet had ever thought. More so than the Titans. This is because the magic on the planet, is really a unique type of energy not seen anywhere else in the universe. The cataclysm was a galactic event, which sent massive shockwaves throughout space and time. If it were any other planet, there would be nothing left. Thanks to the shards infused into the planet which kept it together. The Cybermen, Daleks, and Sontarans all know about Elemental due to this shockwave. All want to harness this new energy for themselves for nothing but universal domination starting with Elemental. However, this shockwave proves even more powerful than anyone had predicted, and nearly destroyed the three from getting to Elemental. Alas, a few were able to make it, albeit with nothing left.

    This was originally planned to have a campaign, but it's just too much work right now. This will remain as an add-on to Elemental. 



     While the added races make use of most of the resources in Elemental (with the exception of the Cybermen. They don't use food, and all food resources produce materials, and a few produce gold), there are two new resources added into the world. These will be very important to each of the three races, and there will also be reasons for a normal empire or kingdom race to exploit these resources.


You'll find these oil slicks in your travels. Build an oil pump to harvest the resource. All races have access to this improvement without the need for any techs (although this may change). The Cybermen use oil to speed themselves up (they are very slow normally). The Daleks and Sontarans also have their uses for this resource. Normal empire/kingdom races will also have unique armor and weapons which require this resource to craft.




This is a rare resource. Supreme Dalek (the Dalek Sovereign) needs this resource to bring back other Daleks. Again the Cybermen and Sontarans will have their own uses for this resource. Again, there will be unique armor and weapons for kingdom and empire races which use this resource to craft. 


With the addition of these two resources, it adds a bit more to the strategy of each added race, but also adds some more flair to the built in races. Who doesn't want more choices or armor and weapons?




  There is a completely new tech tree, buildings, and units. The cybermen have no need for food, so they don't use the resource. Farms instead generate materials. Some of the food resources provide gold. The cybermen need metal to further their race. It is needed to upgrade a city, and to "train" units. The general idea is that the people of the land are attracted into the city, then get upgraded to cybermen.

Improvements: There are all "new" buildings here. A few here and there are Empire copies, but there are a LOT of original improvements.

Research: Alot of the "research" that the cybermen do is really just downloading schematics from their home planet. Sometimes it is seen as a mixture of the cybermen schematics and research of the planet's energies. There are also a few techs which are linked to techs in other categories. For instance: In order to get shard research (ability to build on shards, and energy lab for spellpoints), you have to first research Planet Scanner, which is in a different category. I admit, not all categories have the same amount of techs, but this will be getting updates over time.

EDIT: If you'd like to see the tech tree breakdown, here is an rtf which should help (it will also be in the zip file version 0.66 and on): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8949112/Mods/CybermenTechBreakdown.rtf 

Magic: The cybermen look at the magic on the planet, and know that it is truly a rare source of energy that the beings of the planet somehow manipulate on their own. The cybermen use it as an energy source. 

Spells so far:

     Electric Shock [Tactical], Tranquilizer Dart [Tactical], Illusion [Strategic], Cyber Megatron Bomb [Strategic], Head Mounted Laser [Tactical], Death Ray [Tactical], Energy Restore [Tactical], Small Bomb [Tactical], March Of Doom [Tactical], Raze Forest [Strategic], Oil Change [Strategic].




These are the rest of the weapons, which show up as an ability (as with fire giants, etc):

Electric Shock - This is inherant in all cybermen. It's only good up close (range of 1), but can inflict a fairly large amount in the early game.

Tranquilizer Darts - Basically, this is just the Daze spell. Takes the enemy unit out for one round. This can be researched, which upgrades how long the enemy unit is "tranqed".

Head Mounted Laser - Right now, the effect isn't too great, and is weird on angles.

Chest Mounted Death Ray - A little better effect than the laser, with higher damage.


Both the head mounted laser, and chest mounted death ray stack. (so if you have a group of 3 trained, it does 3x the damage)



Iron Clad Infusion - Adds a great deal of defense. The skinning of the armor will continue at some point. The torso is done, but the arms, and legs still need to be done.

Elementium Infusion - Same as above, but even more defense.


To be done:

Particle effects for head mounted laser (still not happy with it), rifles (im thinking more the animation rather than the particle effect here).   

Tiles for improvements.

More icons and medallions.

Models. I still need a few done, but have some done now.

Note: If you're going to play as the Cybermen, it's best to use the premade one "Krang" that comes in the Mod. He is way more powerful than any original one, and has a couple of abilities that make it easier to start out such as:

           A. Starts with an iron ore near the starting position. (Like I said above, uber important!)

           B. Starts with one Cyberman. This may not be as necessary, but as it takes metal to train ANY cyberman, it's nice to at least have one defending unit to gaurd your city while you explore.

Another Note: Since the tech tree is vary different, I would advise looking at the breakdown file I included here. It's not necessarily the most up-to-date, but most of the techs with weird requirements (techs from other categories) are explained, and should give you a good feel of how the tech tree is set up.




    The idea with the Daleks is that Supreme Dalek had performed an emergency temporal shift (gee, couldnt be because of The Doctor, could it?). During the shift, the Cataclysm occured, and the resulting shockwave through time and space fried the navigational system of Supreme Dalek. The only coordinate left was that of it's first. Elemental. Some say the Daleks have a strange tie to the Quendar race and Magnar, back to the time when the Titans were around. After almost dying, Supreme Dalek is on a mission to bring back other Daleks to begin to dominate the universe, starting with Elemental.

   Right now, because of their ties to the Quendar (and Supreme Dalek seemingly the only Dalek left), the race uses the Quendars (and most of their tech tree) to gather strength, and rebuild. This is not to say that they won't have their own units/techs/improvements. So, the sov will be a Dalek, all other units are Quendar (at least until you can build up enough to bring more Daleks into Elemental from the Void).

One key piece in bringing any other Dalek back will be Dalekanium. This is a very rare resource that will be needed to bring back any Dalek. No one knows for sure how Dalekanium got here (perhaps their rumored earlier visit?), but the Daleks will be sure to make full use of it. This resource can also be traded for a hefty price. This is a rare resource which accumulates slowly (.25 per turn). Supreme Dalek begins with the Dalekanium Expert ability, which spawns a dalekanium ore deposit near the sovereign's starting location.

There are a total of four Daleks which can be summoned (which subsequently get fused with a shard). They will have a couple of abilities each, and some open up other spells for supreme dalek to cast (strategic). All of the tactical abilities scale with how many shards of the appropriate type you control. The strategic spells are researchable upon researching the spellbook to summon the appropriate Dalek.

The Daleks which are pulled from the void are infused with shards, and are very powerful. Therefore, to "summon" them, the spells are extremely expensive. They cost anywhere from 150-300 mana, with a mana maintenance of 1-2. They also cost 20 Dalekanium (this may rise to a higher number), and a shard controlled. (Earth Dalek is the most powerful right now, and has the 300 mana cost)

Air Dalek

- Speed. ALL units receive 50% bonus to strategic movement. This has a mana maintenance cost of 3/turn.      

- Vicious Hurricane. Blows target units in a large radius to random tiles along with doing damage.

Water Dalek

- Drowning Strike. Same as in game one, with much higher damage.

- Great Blizzard. Same as blizzard, only larger radius, and higher damage.

- Perpetual Winter. This is a spell that can be learned. It creates an arctic environment over a large area, and reduces the enemy city's food production by 2.

Earth Dalek

- Quake. Tactical earthquake spell.

- Earthly Protection. This grants +3 defense to all units in a radius.

- Iron Mastery. This will place an iron ore deposit, and raise metal production slightly. This is a spell to be learned.

Fire Dalek

- Fireball. Modified from original to do higher damage.

- Flame Thrower. Seer a target for massive damage.

 [I may be reworking fire dalek a little bit in the future]


 The Daleks don't have the Superior Equipment (medical pack, ranger pack), and Superior Mining (unlocks smelter) techs. As this is playtested more and more, other techs will probably be dropped out. Oh, also, the Refined Mining tech was dropped down to 5% (it's 10% for all other empires).


 No one likes Daleks. They are nearly evil incarnate. One doesn't have to know a Dalek to know they are evil, ruthless beings bent on extermination of all other species. Simply being in the presence of one gives you that knowledge. As a result, they have -50% prestige.


 While the Dalek model works fine in gameplay (without any animations anyways), it doesn't show up in the character selection screen, or the Faction selection screen. Have no fear, it works, but the model needs to be tweaked a bit, and I don't have the original Blender file. Hopefully I can get this fixed in the future.

A quick screenshot of Supreme Dalek :

The Ood 

Not exactly what I was going for with them, but it's the best I could do. At least they certainly look different from normal humans .

The Ood are a docile race. They are a telepathic species, and are very intelligent. They receive a boost in research production, however, they cannot equip twohanded weapons, as they hold their brains in their hand. I'll probably add another weakness at some point too. Right now, they simply use the Kingdom tech tree. Eventually, they will get some unique techs.



The Draconians are a reptilian race with a very similar culture to humans. They are very efficient at defense, but have less health than most. Above you see their unique weapons, Draconian sword (with leather armor from the armor tech),  the polearm (with medium armor from advanced_armor tech), and Wakizashi (with Master Heavy Plate armor from Expert_Armor tech). The polearm, and wooden sword add defense as well (so when equipping them, they show under armor - weird thing with giving defense to a weapon unfortunately). These weapons also use a couple abilities from Updated Weapons (if you don't have this, the weapons will still work, and be very worth using). The draconians also follow the kingdom tech tree. When researching the Equipment, Weaponry, and Cutting Weapons techs, the research window will only show you the unique weapons which are unlocked by said tech. Not to fear, you will also receive the normal kingdom items for whichever tech was researched.


That's it for now. Please give me an suggestions/feedback here or in PM.

Imp Inc.

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November 17, 2010 4:19:15 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

From a modder's perspective, I think regular weekly updates is worse, because if you're modding the normal game you'll need to go through every change and release an update every week.

If they changed one weapon value or reduced the cost of one building, I'd have to release a new version of the elf mod. I wouldn't, obviously. I'm just saying, depending on the mod, a weekly update schedule could be an absolute nightmare for a modder.

impinc, I hope you can get excited about the game again some time. If you're not having fun, then don't do it. Noone's getting paid here. Certainly the users aren't participating at all. All you got is yourself, and you'll go as far as you want to go. That said, it's always a shame to see a good modder move on.

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November 21, 2010 1:33:55 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Well, I guess 1.1 got me interested in Elemental again. I'm cleaning this mod up to be good with 1.09n, and also adding something new to the Cybermen. I'm adding an oil resource to the world. The cybermen are slow. The core units have a movement of 1. I wanted to add a different twist to these guys. So, you have to keep them oiled to keep their speed at a better level. You harvest the crude oil, then there will be a quest that spawns when you get oil, which you can go to to convert the crude oil to an oil solvent to use on cybermen. This will wear off after 15 moves. This is the only way I can think of to do this. If anyone else thinks of an easier way, let me know. I'll probably have version 0.6 up in the next couple of days.


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November 21, 2010 8:26:57 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

You can use a strategic spell that costs oil resource using SpellResourceCost

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November 21, 2010 10:20:55 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Yeah, that's definitely the more elegant solution. I was thinking an actual item to consume, similar to a potion. If the store accepted other resources other than gold, it would be the best solution (I think). But, until then, I think I will go with your suggestion, something which I should have thought of myself, but I was tired at the time, and focused on trying to do the potion kind of thing with it. Thanks for the idea.


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November 22, 2010 12:55:49 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.6

This is not released yet. This is the changelog for the next version, which I'm aiming to release sometime tomorrow. I do like the new changes in the system, with global mana, and all. I was concerned at first about the 1 food requirement to build a city, but I got the cybermen to work fine. Alot of the transition over to the new beta version has gone very well actually. As you can see below, I was inspired to add some more to the mod. I was having fun playing the Cybermen for a couple hours. It's starting to get good.

- Added availablespecialists tags to improvements to follow the new system. Removed restrictions on a lot of improvements. This list is rather long, let's just say alot got tweaked a little bit due to the new system implementation.

- Changed shard shrines to add mana per turn, like the kingdom and empire versions.

- Changed Energy Cell plant, and fusion cell plant to do the same instead of an essence boost.

- Removed IRS Building. It wasn't ever really meant to be there in the first place. As population generates income now, this improvement is not needed.

- Lowered metal requirement for initial upgrade warehouse to 10.

- Added Oil resource to the world. 

- Added Oil Pump improvement for cybermen, daleks, fallen allegiance, and kingdom allegiance. (Tile is very basic for the moment).

- Added Oil Barren Talent. Has an oil spill spawn near the sovereigns starting position (Krang has this talent).

- Added "Oil Change" spell/spellbook for Cybermen. (Gives a 2.0 strategic movement boost to units for 15 turns. Requires 5 oil.)

- Added Oil Refining tech for cybermen.

- Added Armor/weapons requiring oil for Fallen/Kingdom allegiances.

- Added Dalekanium resource to the world.

- Added Dalekanium Mine improvement for cybermen, daleks, and fallen/kingdom allegiances.

- Added Dalekanium Expert Talent. Has a dalekanium ore deposit spawn near the sovereign's starting position (Supreme Dalek has this talent).

- Rebuild techtree/techs, and improvement list for Daleks as they use almost all of the fallen improvements. This will get tweaked heavily.

- Added Air, Earth, Water, and Fire Dalek Spells/spellbooks. These spells open a rift in time and space to summon a Dalek from the void, infused with an air shard. The spell requires 20 Dalekanium, and a shard (corresponding shard with corrsponding dalek). The Daleks to be summoned are going to be very powerful, so I am also pondering chewing up some citizens as well.

- Added the above spells as techs seperately. Replaced a few of the default Domination techs, meaning while being able to summon powerful Daleks, you won't be able to hire very powerful NPCs (you cant get to the higher level ones). There are plans to further handicap the Dalek race, because like I said earlier, the Daleks you will be able to summon will be very powerful. Also in consideration is a new victory condition for the Dalek race. It would be just like the Spell of Mastery (where once cast, it ends the game), only the idea is you gain the power to open the rift in time and space for a prolonged period of time to bring back a massive horde of Daleks, ending the game.

- Added Armor/Weapons requiring Dalekanium for Fallen/Kingdom allegiances.


To be done in the near future, think version 0.65:


- Some of the tiles really need some good work on them. The oil pump was something I threw together in a few seconds just to HAVE something there. Dalekanium looks pretty cool, but the improvement is simply the regular mine, with the dalekanium resource thrown in there instead. [John Hughes, up for doing a couple? ]. There will eventually be different ones for Kingdom/Empire for both oil and dalekanium, but for now they are the placeholder ones.

- Make more uses for oil and dalekanium. While dalekanium is obviously important to the Daleks, oil is useful to the cybermen, but not necessarily like you NEED oil (like metal). While I want these two races to need these resources more than the empire/kingdom allegiances, I want them to add to their play as well. That's the idea with the unique armor/weapons, but I'd like to add more variance in there. If anyone has any suggestions, shoot away.

- Check out the spells. I haven't really gone over any of the changes to the spells yet. They work, however, I think I need to beef them up a bit more. Which leads me to the next point.

- Balance testing. Right now, the cybermen are pretty fun to play. More playtesting is required though to make sure you're never really kicking too much ass, or getting your ass kicked too badly. It's a fine line. Not saying I do it the best, or even well depending on your view, but I at least put a lot of time into it.

- Tweak the Dalek race out to make it more unique. Right now, it's essentially the Quendar race with a Dalek sovereign. Granted, the ability to summon the other daleks are in, but I haven't tweaked them out yet. So, the other Daleks will be the same as the sovereign dalek, only different colors (to match the shard infused with).

- Create abilities for the four shard daleks to kick much ass.


To be done in the near future (version 0.7 approx):

- Further tweaking of the cybermen race to get them close to the "complete" stage. (Techs/Stats/Improvments)

- Deeper tweaking and twisting of the Dalek tech tree. (Have some unique improvements as well)

- Add in Sontarans. Mr Morgan said that the model for these guys is close to completion.

- Create tech tree, improvement list, units, weapons, etc for Sontarans. Not really sure where I'm going with these guys. I honestly may take the lazy way out and copy the Dalek idea. Cybermen make sense because they "convert" the people who are drawn into the town. Both the Daleks made it to Elemental with nothing left. However, while Supreme Dalek was the only Dalek to make it to Elemental. Not sure if I'm going to have a few Sontarans just start out, and thats all you get, or do it similar to the Daleks. How can their race exist on the planet? So, that means the sontarans will use some other race in Elemental for it's "grunt" units. Not sure which one they will use yet. Sorry for the randomness, I'm also using this changelog for myself. 

- Develop a better fit for the Sontarans.


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November 22, 2010 11:40:20 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Lore wise - aren't the cybermen disabled by gold?

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November 22, 2010 12:36:43 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Quoting RFHolloway,
Lore wise - aren't the cybermen disabled by gold?


Well, in the older series, yes. But as gold is the main currency, it would be quite an undertaking not using it. I guess you can explain it as this: When the Cybermen need gold to be handled, they have a new citizen deal with it, then the citizen is upgraded. I'm having fun with this mod again, and honestly, figuring out what to do with gold will be a pain in the ass. Then again, in the newer series, there is no mention of this weakness (no glitter gun or anything). And yes, I'm taking some liberties here and there (such as the cybermats), but I'm not trying to be super accurate with this here. It's meant for fun (for me to mod as much as to play), so while there are references to some stuff, not everything will be spot on.


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November 22, 2010 1:45:33 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Version 0.6 released.

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November 23, 2010 11:47:23 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Added a small update. Added some equipment to the store for the Cybermen (so you can equip recruited NPCs). Also, unlocked certain improvements (like basic transmitter, and energy lab) to be unlimited (before this update, you could only build as many as the level your city was, eg if you had a level 2 city you could only build 2).


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November 27, 2010 1:46:53 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.62

As I play this more and more, I keep finding little things to fix/balance, hence the need for multiple updates recently. I've also added quite a bit to it this time.


- Added new city hub upgrades up to level 4 for Cybermen (thats the highest level they can achieve). The center is a tower which keeps growing as each level grows.

- Electric Shock damage values increased.

- Mana cost added to Oil Change spell. (10)

- Copied over shadow files for tiles.

- Adjusted the armor values for cybermen (now they start with 3 defense)

- Made the dalekanium ore deposit resource more rare.

- Changed all <ManaCost> tags over to the newer <SpellResourceCost> for mana requirements.

- Tweaked many of the Cybermen's mana cost for their spells.

- Fixed problem with crystal foundry not being able to be built (for the Cybermen).

- Added new city walls for Cybermen (Iron Defense).

- Added John Hughes' tiles for the Oil Pump (Kingdom and Empire versions), and Dalekanium Mine (Kingdom only right now, however this looks fantastic!)

- Added the following spells for the Daleks. Each dalek comes with at least two abilities, and some come with an extra strategic spell to research.

   Air Dalek - Comes with the organized trait. Also has the Vicious Hurricane ability to move targets in a radius to random tiles, and do damage.

  Water Dalek - Abilities are drowning strike (modified to do much more damage), and Great Blizzard (larger area, more damage). Also opens

                       up the path to research Perpetual Winter (reduces enemy city food prod. by 2).

  Earth Dalek - Abilities are Quake (again, larger area, more dmg), and Earthly Protection (grants +3 def to units in a radius), also unlocks the

                     spell Iron Mastery (places an iron mine, and slightly boosts metal production) to be researched.

  Fire Dalek - Has the Fireball (yup, higher dmg), and Flame Thrower abilities.

  ALL of the above tactical abilities get more powerful with each shard controlled of the appropriate type.

- Added a weakness to the Dalek race. "Hated" results in -50% Prestige.

- Found a bunch of tiles which were done, only not copied into the package I upload. This includes the original city walls, and some other improvements as well.


 I'm sure there's more I did that I didn't document. More to come, as I am starting to dig into getting the Daleks more unique. As always, I'll be tuning the Cybermen as well. Once I get the model for the Sontarans, work will begin on that race.



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December 1, 2010 11:37:33 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.63


- [Dalek] War Council now properly requires the Armies tech (was prereq'd with tools of war - i think this is a mistake from the original code, as I copied over the tech list for this beta).

- [Dalek] Removed the tech Superior Equipment

- [Dalek] Changed the cooldown to 2 for the Dalek Blaster

- [Cybermen] Fixed pricing on armor for heros (it's higher now, it WAS 2)

- [Dalek] Lowered the radius on Quake ability for the Earth Dalek

- [Dalek] You now need to research Harvesting to unlock the Dalekanium Mine.

- [Dalek] Fixed problem with Shanty and Slum not showing up after researching proper tech.

- [Dalek] Added tech for the crystal mine, you can now mine crystals (I think this is another flub from the beta as I've seen others who play as Empires who can't build crystal mines).

- [General] Clean up of the code. There were a few files which had unclosed tags, and unused things.


Note: I kept forgetting to mention this. With the new system of needing 1 food to found a new city, I've found a way around it for the time being. Luckily, this is getting removed (according to the 1.09o changelog thread). However, when you found your second city (I am referring to the cybermen here), it will say that it will cost some stupid amount of food (like in the millions). Just hit yes, and you can found the city. It doesn't show negative food, and everything works fine.

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December 4, 2010 3:11:46 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

With the release of 1.09p, I'll be releasing an updated version of this mod hopefully sometime today (Saturday). I've gone through some of the changes for Cybermen (most I think), and need to check out the Daleks.


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December 4, 2010 12:50:40 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.65

- [Dalek] Lowered the initial mana cost for summoning the Fire Dalek. Mana cost adjustments made for all summonable Daleks.

- [Dalek] Removed Naturalist talent. As the Daleks have Dalekanium deposits upon start up, it was too much to also have an iron mine.

- [Dalek] Added mana maintenance to all summoned Daleks.

- [Dalek] Changed oil pump improvement to the much more awesome looking John Hughes tile design.

- [Dalek] Lowered all Dalek CON to 25 from 30.

- [Dalek] Removed the superior mining tech (Dalek's can only build a smelter for Dalekanium, not metal).

- [Dalek] Added trader unit

- [Cybermen] Changed city level cap at level 1 to 15. Also Upgrade warehouse now houses 50 cybermen while taking 1 specialist (instead of 100, no specialist). The upgrade factory, and upgrade hangar have much higher specialist counts, although they provide 200 pop per.

- [Dalek] New speed spell available when unlocking the tech for the Air Dalek. This increases all troop movement by 50% (strategic movement) with maintenance.

- [Cybermen] Moved some of the weapons/armor for the recruited champs into the tech tree so you don't get awesome weapons right off the bat.

- [Cybermen/Dalek] Removed Master archivist from these two races. Will possibly add something similar to them later.

- [Cybermen/Dalek] Removed monument from Cybermen, added it for the Daleks.

- [Cybermen] Changed tile for Tower of civilization to include the cobblestone decal underneath.

- [Cybermen] Increased metalfist to higher attack value, so the auto-gen units don't end up using a staff.

- [Cybermen] Increased iron clad armor defense bonus to 10 from 7. Also increased Elementium armor to 30 from 20, and will be adding a new armor which requires Dalekanium to produce, and will be in the 20 range.

- [Cybermen/Dalek] Reduced prestige from all buildings, and also changed City Hubs to produce no prestige.

- [Cybermen] Gold Processing Plant is not limited to the city level. (So, a level 3 city can have 3 of them). This was unlimited before, and could have been abused.

- [Dalek] Farm production cost lowered from 5 materials to 2, keeping in line with newest beta patch.

- [Dalek] Swapped Garrisons with Armies (again, like the new patch).

- [Cybermen/Dalek] - Updated air/earth/water/fire shrines to produce 2 mana per turn.

- [Cybermen] Added John Hughes' tile for the Fusion Cell Plant. Again, another great looking tile!

- [Cybermen] Added a new tech to upgrade shrines to greater shrines.

- [Cybermen] Added in greater shrine improvements.




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December 8, 2010 2:32:22 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.66

- [Dalek] Added tower of civilization.

- [Cybermen] Added maintenance to more buildings (such as basic transmitter).

- [Cybermen] Adjusted rifle damage values

- [Cybermen] Added a slight boost to HP

- [Cybermen] Fixed wild game improvement (changed to 2 gold/turn rather than 4 food).

- [Cybermen] Lowered rifle store cost to 100, Raised Iron Clad Infusion, and Elementium Armor store costs.

- [Cybermen] Removed shoulder plates from Elementium armor to look like iron clad.

- [Cybermen] Added material maintenance to the gold processing plant.

- [Dalek] Lowered prestige on improvements to match new patch settings.

- [Cybermen] Added Logistics Capital Improvement (and tech) which lowers training time in the city by 30%.

- [Dalek] Changed speed spell to give +2 strategic movement to an army rather than ALL units.

- [Cybermen] Added minor and major repair spells (One is tactical, the other strategic) to heal.

- [Cybermen] Added Shard Research as a prerequisite for Joint Acceleration.

- [Cybermen] Added Cloner improvement. This is needed to produce groups of Cybermen.

- [Cybermen] Added gold mine and ventri mine into improvement list. Gold mine requires 10 specialists to operate.

- [Cybermen] Created Mass Oil Change spell to affect an army, rather than a single unit. Consumes more mana, and oil. Higher level spell.

- [Cybermen] Increased mana cost, cooldown, and radius of Area Scan spell.

- [Cybermen] Increased the dmg per round of poisonshot of the cybermats to 2 (for 5 turns).

- [Cybermen] Lots of adjustments to mana costs of spells (increased), and to spell levels. Some were still at level 8, 9.

- [Cybermen] Added maintenance to Energy Cell Plant, Fusion Cell Plant, and Crystal Research Tower.

- [Cybermen] Added Rifle Upgrade tech, and weapon. Its the same rifle, but because of the upgrade, doubles the attack value. They require 10 oil to produce for troops, and add more time to train.

- [Cybermen/Daleks] Fixed problem with caravans not showing up. This was a big 'doh moment for me. Thanks Heavenfall!

- [Cybermen] Updated Cithyhub ZOC to be similar to the changes (it's slightly different seeing as cybermen can only get to a level 4 city).

- [Cybermen] Linked all extra equipment (meant for when you recruit heros) to get unlocked from military uplink.


   This was a pretty heavy run through of the Cyberman race. I'll be going through the Daleks in the next couple of days and do a similar thing to them, as well as trying to make them a bit more unique. Right now its fun summoning one of the other Daleks because they kick so much ass. Anyways, as always, more to come in the near future. It's nice also that with the team being in lockdown, I don't have to worry about major gameplay changes (no more crashes from an old bit of code that isnt used anymore).


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December 12, 2010 1:30:49 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.7

- [Cybermen] Slightly raised the damage done by the Electric Shock Ability

- [Cybermen] Lowered the percentage boost of the gold processing plant, and now only 1 per city

- [Cybermen] Added Advanced Transmitters tech, and improvement. (Faster research)

- [Cybermen] Shooting range added. This improvement is needed to train troops with rifles.

- [Cybermen] Adjusted most improvements to require more specialists.

- [Cybermen] Adjusted some of the limit of some improvements (how many in each city/faction)

- [Cybermen] Slightly lowered the percentage boost of the Processing Plant (materials)

- [Cybermen] Added Advanced Logistics tech and improvement for even more reduced training time.

- [Cybermen] Fixed durations for tactical spells to last the length they're supposed to.

- [Cybermen] Due to AdjustArmyStat not functioning properly with CurHealth, Major Repairs has been changed to a tactical spell instead.

- [Daleks] Matched new specialist requirements from newest patch (1.09s)

- [Daleks] Added the spell "Dalek Recall". This is the spell you learn to win the game. Once all Daleks are summoned, the game is over (just like the spell of making).

- [Cybermen] Reduced metal requirement for rifles

- [Cybermen] Added the prereq to advanced transmitters.

- [Cybermen/Daleks] Adjusted cityhubs to better match 1.09u. Slight adjustments to adjust to the current patch.


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December 15, 2010 1:53:57 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha Changelog v0.71 (Not released yet)

- [Cybermen] Prereq'd crystal production to the crystal mining tech. Didnt make sense you could increase your production, when you cant build the mine to extract said crystal.

- [Dalek] Updated techs, and improvements to match 1.09w.

- [Cybermen] Lowered gold requirement on some starting buildings, and the basic unit is slightly cheaper as well (beginning game was dragging because of lack of gold).

- [Dalek] Removed duplicate Imperial Throne.

- [Dalek] Prereq'd Refined Mining to Dalekanium Harvesting.

- [Cybermen] Added Dalekanium armor plating. Dalekanium is a reddish metal on this planet, and so the unit will reflect this. (This will look better once I get the entire armor suit skinned).

- [Cybermen] Added tech for Dalekanium armor. Elementium armor now requires this tech.

- [Dalek] Made vicious hurricane, and a couple other of the Dalek spells a smaller radius. Granted, it's fun killing a huge area of people at once, but it's too OP. So, it's still OP, but not as bad. And considering how the Daleks suffer a 50% prestige penalty, they need SOMEthing as an advantage. And the 4 extra Daleks is the advantage.

- [Cybermen] Added the Efficiency Center. Adds influence, prestige, and lowers maintenance cost in a city by 50%. (City level 4 required)

- [Dalek] Lowered a couple of the dalek spells level

- [Cybermen] Added the Electric Shock to the pioneer, as all cybermen have this trait.

- [Cybermen] Added the cobblestone decal to the shooting range.

- [Cybermen] Limited basic transmitter to 3 per city, and they don't auto upgrade to advanced transmitters anymore (seeing as they take much more pop, when it upgraded, you could go over your pop cap if you had a lot of basic transmitters).

- [Cybermen] Raised the maintenance cost of the Network Booster to 3.5 gold.

- [Cybermen] Changed minor repairs to a level 1 spell. Also changed both minor and major repair spells to scale with INT.

- [Cybermen] Changed the default pose and background image for each base unit, so they dont all look the same in the train wnd.

- [Cybermen] Added a starting ability to being the game with 5 metal. The Cybermen start with this ability.

- [Cybermen] Lowered the material cost of the oasis to 30 materials instead of 50.

- [Cybermen/Daleks] Updated files in accordance to 1.1.



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December 15, 2010 5:02:05 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Uploaded v0.72


Fixed problem with metal giving ability. This ended up causing weird issues. It's resolved now.

Fixed heal spells (again).


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December 16, 2010 10:03:49 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Alpha changelog v0.73


- Added championIDs to krang and supreme dalek. Not sure if it's needed, but the original sovs have this tag, so I added it as well.

- [Cybermen] Removed a couple of weapons which are available from the shop (they'll show up when the correct tech is researched).

- [Cybermen] Not only does the upgrade hangar cost 75 metal to build, but it now drains .5 metal per turn.

- [Cybermen] Changed the head laser to an accessory.

- [Cybermen] Increased build time of the Network Booster.

- [Cybermen] Fixed prereq for Joint Acceleration (misspelling).

- [Daleks] Made the AOE dalek spells resistable.

- [Cybermen] Speed Boost upgrade now includes a boost of 1 combat speed as well as moves.

- Added more random treasure to the tardis goodiehuts (and some not so good stuff).

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December 17, 2010 3:03:37 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I'd just like to comment on the prospect of a Doctor Who mod for Elemental (and please, it's "Doctor Who" not "Dr. Who"

As an obsessed fan of the series and someone who's seen every episode from 1963 to today I have to say that I'd love to see you eventually complete this mod.  I'm not sure that elemental is the best game to do a Doctor Who mod for, but I think it could work.  Consider fashioning a better lore-friendly back story.  Here's an idea I've been tossing around:

There's precedent in the series for the kind of thing that this mod is trying to do... that is putting different races on a planet and have them fight it out.  In the 1969 episode "War Games", the premise involved an alien race abducting humans from various time periods in history and having them fight it out in a virtual battlefield.  The best fighters would be used by that race in their wars of galactic conquest.  Also in a 1983 episode, "The Five Doctors", The Time Lords abducted members of various races (including Daleks and Cybermen) and brought them to a section of Gallifrey (The Death Zone) where they were essentially forced to fight it out. Using these episodes as a base, I'm sure you can come up with some kind of lore-friendly story that would involve various races being forced to fight for supremacy on a strange planet.

Also as far as races go, you're going to need some "good guys" I'd think.  The Time Lords would not be a good choice (and they aren't really good guys either).  Consider a human faction, possibly the "Federation" as depicted in a couple Jon Pertwee episodes.  The Draconians would be great as well... they are essentially Doctor Who's version of Klingons, except Saurian and much more honorable.  Another choice for a "good guy" race would be the Silurians... also a Saurian race except they live underground on Earth. 

Good luck with everything, and if you need any help with Doctor Who lore related stuff, feel free to ask me!

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December 20, 2010 12:52:03 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

This'll be interesting, great science-fantasy in regular Tolkienesque fantasy.  I am downloading this post-haste.


Why?  I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (almost as much as Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis).  Need I say more?


The Master would work as a Sovereign very well - if he could get himself out of the Time War again...


EDIT: Downloaded the mod, played it, great mod!  I like your take on the Cybermen especially, as well as the Daleks too - this Supreme Dalek is probably thinking, "This is worse than what I heard about Dalek Caan being in Manhattan - that is before he went insane..."  Hate to nitpick, but Supreme Daleks - at least ones minted before the Time War - are usually in black shells, note Dalek Sec of the Cult of Skaro before he became a hybrid and as a result getting exterminated by his lieutenants.  The Quendar in the Dalek faction might think that the Daleks are powerful saviours, but I'd reckon the Daleks think, "They're even uglier than the Pig Slaves!"  Good job!  


EDIT #2: Oh, I forgot - that Dalek and his fellows are New Paradigm Daleks, not Time War Daleks - hence the Supreme Dalek having a white shell.  Haven't seen Victory of the Daleks yet, I imagine that Supreme Dalek bailed to Elemental wihen the universe nearly got destroyed by the exploding TARDIS (The Pandorica Opens, Big Bang).  Not sure how the Cybermen are getting their downloads seeing they look more like John Lumic's creations rather than Mondas types, as I'd think that Pete's World Earth is not in Elemental's universe - transmissions accessible from the Supreme Dalek smashing in a hole in reality with the Void Sphere the Cult of Skaro left around, I guess.  Still, I'd better use what they on TV Tropes call the MST3K Mantra.

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December 21, 2010 1:49:07 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Bug report: When I was playing the mod just now, I research the Infantry Rifle as the Cybermen, but the graphics for it is still an archery bow as per the standard Kingdom/Empire sides, and most obviously not a bow.  Quite jarring, is there a way to fix that?


Also, I'm wondering how does one go about making the Cyberman upgrades placed on my recruited Champions, if that can be done in the mod now.  It's basically for role-playing purposes while playing the mod; Krang probably recruited the Champions on Elemental with a promise of immortality, while not reading the fine print saying "As a Cyberman" - I want to inflict that fate on my better Champions as a "reward" for their services; and in-game have been giving the Champions those lenser chips and/or the Imbue Champion spell; treating that as a gradual upgrade process for turning Champions into specialist Cyber-Leaders - generals for Krang, if you will - rather than the rank-and-file Cybermen.

I suppose this is also a general question about the game, but does your Sovereign die of old age if you go far enough into the game, or is he immortal in the sense of being immune to age (but can still be killed)?  I don't know how a Dalek would go about making a dynasty, and I probably don't want to know.

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December 21, 2010 11:07:34 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Quoting Crion87,
Bug report: When I was playing the mod just now, I research the Infantry Rifle as the Cybermen, but the graphics for it is still an archery bow as per the standard Kingdom/Empire sides, and most obviously not a bow.  Quite jarring, is there a way to fix that?


Also, I'm wondering how does one go about making the Cyberman upgrades placed on my recruited Champions, if that can be done in the mod now.  It's basically for role-playing purposes while playing the mod; Krang probably recruited the Champions on Elemental with a promise of immortality, while not reading the fine print saying "As a Cyberman" - I want to inflict that fate on my better Champions as a "reward" for their services; and in-game have been giving the Champions those lenser chips and/or the Imbue Champion spell; treating that as a gradual upgrade process for turning Champions into specialist Cyber-Leaders - generals for Krang, if you will - rather than the rank-and-file Cybermen.

I suppose this is also a general question about the game, but does your Sovereign die of old age if you go far enough into the game, or is he immortal in the sense of being immune to age (but can still be killed)?  I don't know how a Dalek would go about making a dynasty, and I probably don't want to know.


Yeah, the rifles are bows right now. Seeing as I'm not a modeller, it may be a while before that changes. The people who were helping me out with the models I haven't had contact with in over a month. Last I knew, the rifle was almost complete, but I never got the model. 3dGrunge, where are you?

I hadn't really thought about "upgrading" champions. It'd be pretty easy to do I suppose as it's just armor pieces. I'll have to add them in again, seeing as they are only for units of the cyberman type, but I'll probably add them into a tech. Maybe this is a reason to add another tech into Diplomacy, heh.

And your Sovereign is immortal, only he can be killed. So you had it right.

As far as the dynasty, that's an unfortunate side effect heh. If you have kids with the Cybermen, half of them will show up with no heads. I haven't seen it with Daleks, that should be interesting. These are a couple of things I'm not sure I can do anything about.

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December 21, 2010 6:20:59 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I wish I had half your dedication man

+1 for the labour of love

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December 22, 2010 4:29:02 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

The Time Lords would not be a good choice (and they aren't really good guys either).

True - far too powerful as a civilisation as well.  But an individual Time Lord in control of their own group as a Sovereign might be a good idea.  A renegade, not like the Doctor, but more like the Master or the Rani, in control of a regular civ of some kind.

I'm not sure if The Master would be a fit as he got sent to the Time War, but how about, as an example, The Rani as the leader of a Time Lord Empire civilisation on a similar but more primitive version of the Master's world-empire, who found out how to summon the Toclafane to Elemental as well (among perhaps other summons, like anyone who collaborated with The Master - Autons, Axons, Toclafane etc. the main examples I can name)?  Champions being able to summon such as well as their regular spells?  Well, I guess you could think of any hired Champions as, in a sense, Time Lord companions, with the imbued ones being the more trusted ones?

As a suggestion to such an end (or letting players invent their own Time Lord sovereigns - the best explanation I can come op with is that maybe while Gallifrey tried to escape the Time War in the episode "The End Of Time", just before they were sent back to their doom as a civilisation, who's to say maybe a renegade Time Lord or two escaped Rassilon's clutches and bailed in whatever TARDIS they had, but got sent to Elemental as some weird space-time corruption like what happened to that Supreme Dalek in your Dalek faction?  Whether a Kingdom or Empire, though, I'd suggest a Time Lord's base civ be one of the human races as opposed to one of the Fallen though (perhaps even like how I sometimes make my custom factions an Empire of the Tarthan race I guess, but I digress), but that's just my idea, you might come up differently.  A Time Lord spellbook at the least could be a good way for you to include lesser-known creatures that could feasibly be part of a renegade Time Lord's kingdom or empire.  I for one would enjoy playing as a Time Lord sovereign (if done right), and whether Kingdom or Empire, playing as a renegade Time Lord and his or her own faction has a certain appeal to me.  Perhaps the Master and/or the Rani as an example Sovereign; that might explain why the Doctor himself isn't sniffing out the Cybermen and Daleks stranded on Elemental.  Also, I'd think the Time Lords, as some side-effect of being on Elemental, might have their regeneration ability suspended as a side-effect of all the magical stuff being present, or be sometimes of such a mindset where they would refuse to regenerate if killed conventionally anyhow (explaining a faction defeat if killed)...

EDIT: Watching Doctor Who right now - my folks gave me the Complete Fourth Series of Doctor Who as a Christmas present.  Watching that Sontaran episode - looking forward to playing those cloned techno-dwarves.  Good idea for tech for them - something like ATMOS was for cars, except applied to ogres, Drota colonies etc.  Three Doctor Who-based empires, fighting to take over Elemental and adapting their tech.  Can't wait to conjure a scenario - Daleks, Sontarans and Cybermen vs me as the Kingdom of the Elves, the best fantasy vs sci-fi thing I can think!  

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January 14, 2011 12:42:49 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Just a small update here. The mod works fine with version 1.11 first of all. Second, I'm working on a model for the Ood. It's probably going to turn out terrible, but it'll certainly be different. If that goes well enough, I may do a model for Draconians. We'll see.

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