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Having watched this game for nearly a year and being involved since beta 3 here is how I see things..

 I understand some folks frustrations from reading some of their issues many of them have legitimate complaints.. (and frankly every one is entitled to their own opinion so in essence all of them have legitimate complaints), I also appreciate the efforts Stardock is going to through to try to make things right..  and standing by the Gamers Bill of Rights is further proof of who / what Stardock is all about.

I am having very few (out side the ones that were mostly fixed by day 0 and the subsequent patch to fix the action point issue). For me these are not a major issue when dealing with a ground breaking game / system that was built from the ground up by a small indie staff (you sdtardock guys/gals are nuts by the way ).. some folks forget or perhaps were not clearly informed that Elemental is not just a turn based strategy game and the magnitude of its scope. They missed the point or did not see, that this is as much a tool set for modifying and creating  content (user and developer) to a game system that can keep providing us with new and varied experiences for years to come.(think of your favorite table top game and how many different adventures/resources that were available use and explore..

 This is no mean feat... any time something new with this many variables comes along it is always going to have bugs and issues. Any one remember the launch of Everquest (or for that matter many MMO).. What this launch has in common is that there are so many things that needed to work for so many different people and machines around the world that the mind boggles.

I am excited about being par t of this process and where it may lead us.. For those who are not.. I fully understand and respect how you feel and I encourage you to work with Stardock to either find the fix for your issues or get a refund and come check things out here on the boards in a few months and see how things are progressing..

Carry on Stardock we have other adventures to uncover.. Keep smiling it is worth the effort!

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