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Starting options in gal civ2 have settings for event frequency and major event. Sins has quickstart, settings for different rates of income/culture spread/research speed etc.

So, how about elemental has some of those, whichever are thought best and some new ones? such as:

"starting major event" enables a random event in the first turn or on turn 5 or 10. Playing with a major "production disabled for 100 turns" event would be very different or "a Necromancer has risen" type event. My reasoning is that they can be very frustrating when they're completely unexpected but could lead to fun and interesting games if you have either the option to not play with them or have them disrupt only a few turns play. Even just for testing the scripting of them and looking for bugs it'd be useful. +"major events" on/off and "event frequency" just like galciv2.

"underdog" a series of toggles that provide large but capturable bonuses to the AI, such as: additional artifacts, resources, spells and techs. For when the next difficulty level crushes you but you can otherwise handle the one before. E.g. sins, I used to have trouble with the levels above hard. I would have liked hard with the enemy starting with an artifact homeworld or 2 extra crystal and metal extractors or a few levels of health max/regeneration techs... something that would have made those early 1vs1 battles quite tough. Without having to switch to insane and have them produce 3x your ships and require completely different strategies (it's hard to fight well on 3 fronts).

I suppose the only ones that are important are ones that would be used. What would you use and what would you like?

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GW Swicord
January 27, 2010 6:08:51 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I really like the major event option. As long as the event effects all players similarly. For example when the mighty necromancer rises it shouldn't just pop up next to one fledgling kingdom and devour it straight off the bat. Its minions should attack all the players equally so that the game doesn't become completely unbalanced. I really do like this idea though.

One option I personally would like to see is some sort of slider to adjust the distribution of resources. At one end resources would be evenly spread across the map and all players would have roughly equal access to every resource. At the other end almost all the resources would be grouped together. For example one player might find a valley full of iron but not have any horses or fertile ground causing his/her kingdom to develop very differently than his/her neighbors.

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January 27, 2010 6:45:16 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

"starting major event" enables a random event in the first turn or on turn 5 or 10.

This seems like a fine idea for a hybrid of campaign/scenario games and sandbox games. All the UI would need is a drop-down instead of a check box, and maybe another drop-down or small set of radio buttons for what turn to trigger the event. I think I might even enjoy a game where I started with a deliberate choice of mega-event and still left 'normal' mega-events enabled. (I had a sort of 'conversion experience' when I finally made myself play through the GalCiv2 Speed Limit mega-event on gigantic map.)

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