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This thread is to help the Devs see quickly what it is the players would like to see added in the game and to organize our thoughts into one "Master List". Special Thanks to Boogiebac (aka ScottyDon't ) and Yarlen for getting this stickied. This list will be categorized to be stream-lined for easy reference. I know a lot of people have ideas that can't be condensed to explain so here's what this thread will be for. When you post a Suggestion, come here and say what your idea is about then post a link to the more Detailed Post. I will Update and Add links to this post every couple of days so our Ideas don't get lost in the forums History. Now the Devs can come here and get a quick list of what ideas there are then hit the link to take them to the idea to see the big picture.

Please try to Categorize your Ideas into one of the following Categories instead of using [Suggestion] This makes it Much Faster to update the list. Thank you for your help and cooperation. Lets help the Devs make the best game possible. ~ Raven X

Example: [Customization] This is my idea..


Customization: This covers all customization ideas. Whether its for units, the Sovereign himself, UI customization, custom/special Items,you name it.

Gameplay: This covers Ideas that will change or enhance Gameplay. Whether it's Economic, Diplomatic, Tactical Combat, etc etc.

Map: These ideas cover anything that goes on the map as far as Tiles (Non City). New ideas for different kinds of structures or other ideas for Tiles.

New Ideas: This category is for any idea that brings something totally New into the game. These ideas are important to get out as early as possible so they can be discussed internally for implementation.

I'll add more Categories if anyone thinks of any. If not then I'll fit the idea in a Category somewhere. All new ideas will go to the Top of their respective Categories listing. Thank you again for your help.


Note: Please bare with me and Understand this thread is a Work in Progress at all times. Some ideas are out of order as far as newness goes. This will be fixed as new ideas are posted and I add them to this list. This thread will be updated every 24 to 48 hours. If I place your idea in the wrong category please tell me and I'll move it. I'm fine with making new categories but keep in mind every time a new category is made this list must be totally re-shuffled and that's a lot of work.




[Customization/UI] Change Order in which Units are Displayed by Trifler500

[Customization/ UI] City Build Screen needs some work yet by Malsqueek

[Customization/UI] Folders for Designed Units by Trifler500

[Customization/Gameplay]Streamline the city UI and Seahorses by hfbrooklyn

[Customization] Spell Bar on both Strategic and Tactical UI like MMOs by Takao21

(Customization) Sovereign trait: Organized by Terrorball

[Customization] Update changes to mods without restarting the game by Xiwi

(customization) Let us create our own factions from scratch by NorseDude

[Customization] Option under Hiergamenon entry of Sovereign/Champion to Update their "Card" and "Picture" by Alderath

[Customization] Epic Hero and Item creator in Mod Tools by [Bravo]

[Customization] City overview screen needed by Idte35

[Suggestion][Customization] Tactical Magic Quickslots by Hairy_Popper

[Customization] Linking custom Sovereigns and Factions by Acharnor

[Customization] Spellbooks on sov creation by Dr Franknfurter

[Customization/Gameplay] Sovereign creation options by Robert Hentschke

[Customisation][New Idea]Accessible Tile Editor from game by Raadush

[customization] faction banners by VivaGabe

[UI Suggestion] Show turns in movement route by xenobrain

[Suggestion: Spell idea] Illusionary army and illusions in general by Tim4fun

[Customization] Factions by Teucrian

[customizations][UI]Hud Overhaul + misc things by Chehalden

couple of menu items i would like to see get added. by Stmorpheus

More Channeler customization? by Supergulo

Pop up screens blocking your view by Stmorpheus

Full Leather, Plate, etc. by Trifler500

[UI suggestion] move card as to not cover up the area i'm trying to click by Trojasmic

[UI suggestion] cycle through towns from main interface by Trojasmic

[UI] Display the target of enchants on mouseover by Adam_H

[UI][Suggestion] Double-click to use or equip an item by otakucore2

Comment - imbueing by Cynjian

[Suggestion]Effect for killing Soverign by Darkreaver1980

[Customization] sugestion about ugly by Tyrrell

SHORTBOWS!!!!! by Tasunke

[Art] [Weapon] The Krull Glaive by Marks1381

[Suggestion] Add a way to see what a city is specialized in after getting level up by Civfreak

[Customization] Consolidating Equipment items and allowing Cosmetic Variations by MadInventor

[Suggestion][UI] Keeping the Player Informed in Tactical Combat by Sarlen

[Suggestion][GUI] Empire tree and current turn notifications by drakkheim

[Suggestion] Spell Casting UI by WhiteElk

[Suggestion] (Building Type) Mercenary's Pub by Hellfirex25

New, additional Sovereign Only Traits and Abilities by Tasunke

[Suggestions]Less Bland Customization by Nathikal

[Suggestion]to much beard, not enough cleavage by TheBirthdayParty

Magic Interface by Cynjian

[.806[[suggestion][UI] by Spitz

[Suggestion][Dynasty] Add marriable NPCs to the minor factions by TCores

(Suggestion) streamline the shop by Blackoth

[Suggestion] Equipment that alters other items' bonuses by otakucore2

[Suggestion] Races of ... does it have to be MEN? by Kimaya

[Suggestion] Detailed statistics/history for champions by otakucore2

saddles for mounts by DanteMalificar

[Customization] Choice in Character/Unit Equipment by MadInventor

[Suggestion] Unit transformations by otakucore2

[Suggestion] Customized Quests. by StevenAus

[Gameplay] [Customization] [Ect] Unit Creation + Research Tree by Marks1381

[Suggestion][City HUD] by Spitz

More Civ Traits by DamnedChoir

Feedback on UI visuals and functionality by Hound

[Suggestion] Get rid of next item spamming. by GoaGalneGbilski

[More brutally honest feedback, including suggestions] SOVEREIGN CREATION by Hound

[Customization]Spellbook Layout and Design by unacomn

Magic items with flavor by Razgon

[Small suggestion] Choose city entrance location by CapnWinky

[Suggestion] A better looking spellbook. by Spicy Mike

[Suggestion][Sovereign Customization] Of Man and Beast by seanw3

[Suggestion] Kingdom screen needs gold total by ashampine

[Customization] Lists and List UI by Orson1981

Cosmetic spells should be changed. by Stmorpheus

[Suggestion][UI]Research Book ideas by vieuxchat

[Suggestion][UI]Research Book by vieuxchat

[.804][Suggestion/UI] Distinguish between accumulated and state resources by timurlain

[Suggestion] Banners for unit stacks by CyrusNunn

[suggestion] Skill trees for Champions by Nick-Danger

[Suggestion] Armor graphics by WhiteWolf1144

Rename Cities by Othello

Upgrade Details by Othello

Flavour Text Suggestions by Autarkhos

[suggestion] Sovereign and NPC Game Design by TyLarson

[Customization] by Zaij

[Suggestion][UI] City Build Menu by Sareln

New Mount Idea - The Dragon by Sythvipers

[suggestion/ui] information/explanation on various attributes etc. by Nemesis7884

[Suggestion] Auto select next unit. by sjwt

Paintable Units by Othello

[Suggestion][Option] Non scaling units checkbox by Sareln

ideas to make different races be more distinct (much more replay value) by Nemesis7884

Cosmetic Weapons by Nktalloth

[Options] Resolution filter & tool tips by lamaslany

AI Language/Personality by Istari

Turbans? by TS22

City name question/suggestion by TS22

Minor Factions and unique features by CampbellDH

[Suggestions] Persistent Moral and Faction Rivalries by Demiansky

Sovereigns and their stats by Cuddlelump

Sovereign renaming by LDiCesare

The sovereigns children and their lineage by Stmorpheus

monster creation through magic. by Stmorpheus

Defining Children vs Champions by XeronX

Research Idea/Thought by piblow

Heartblades by Tasunke

Population bar change by tour86rocker

Maximum starting stat point increase by Stmorpheus

[Sug] Re-equiping your Sovereign. by Cuddlelump

Move speed of designed units by Bacior

Race Maker Based on Building Editor. by RavenX

Renaming and randomly generated heroes by Akitoscorpio

Unit Levels and Rank by Tasunke

Army Painter by Tasunke

[Suggestion] Rename 'Town' and 'Metropolis' + new names for waterfront settlements. by Sir_Linque

Giant Spiders- Theory and practice. by leeboy26

Unit Design - Abilities by klaxton499

Height, Width, and Weight sliders as well as more skin options. by Akitoscorpio

Equipping the Beast! by Tormy-

Unit audio responses by Arthgen

Draconian Race by Lunartarc

Cosmetic / Non-Cosmetic Equipment for Sovereigns by Wintersong

[Suggestion] Place Race Creation/Choice before sovereign creation/choice or combine them by strager

Spend gold on Sovereign equipment by MagicwillNZ

[Suggestion] Multi-Racial Cities, Empires, and Armies by strager

Creatures I would like to see in Elemental by strager

A Japanese/Asian Faction by SilentStryder

Custom Made Building Que's by XeronX

Densitys Cool but lacking by midn8t

The Passage of Time by RomanGuy

What happen to the female citizen? by Demi_Boss

Font size of the city name... by CapnWinky

As Flexible a Setup as Possible by onomastikon

Give my units Personality (and Mood) by Climber

Poll: Heroes or Champions? by RisingLegend

Extreme (& Integrated) Customization for Professions, Talents & Weaknesses, Fraction Traits by Climber

[Suggestion][UI] Interface Philosophy & Solicitation for Ideas by Sareln

Support Units: a foundation of every good tactical TBS by Greyclouds40

Adjustable Fonts by ls35a

[Suggestion][UI] Tech Popup by Sareln

Equippable Heroes/Sovereigns by DamnedChoir

More poses for non-combat units? by lambdaman

Subterran City/Rase (Option)by tamides

Hero Governors by Demiansky

Multi-racial nations by Valiant_Turtle

Add support for player created Neutral Units that roam the world. by Juvantei

Item Forging by MichaelCook

Make Elemental "Skinnable" (XML system for menus and user interface) [Modding][Interface] by TCores

Please eliminate the Child Genetics Code. by Chipwich

[Functionality] Civilization Coats of Arms by Spartan

Personalized flag in 3d map by Denryu

Variety is the spice of life by Micshoop

Two sets of Sovereign clothing. by xGhost4000x

A new take on Elite Units by Demiansky

What Elemental can learn from FfH2 by astrath

Quest type: World Quest by Robbie.Price

[Suggestion] Include turn number in save/load UI by GW Swicord

Item Colors In Unit Creation by DamnedChoir

[Suggestion] Building Tabs by Hawawaa

[Suggestion] Making sure the interface is friendly to colorblind people by Ephafn

[Suggestion] Info Card/Box by Hawawaa

Customized spell ideas by Solarball

[Suggestion] Make infocards appear even while having unit/city/props selected by Vandenburg

Spell Ideas- Sub Schools by segallion

[Suggestion] Streamlined diplomacy interface by ikros

Hypothetical stats system by Wintersong

Precognition Spell by Climber

Fix for equipment descriptions not fitting into their boxes by red1939

Traits/Abilities on units for more depth into the game and combat system. by Guppie32

Item economy by Rishkith

Bonuses for a variety of resources by MagicwillNZ

What is the opportunity cost of unit design? by Spitz

JF: Unit Design, Production and Maintenance by larienna

Yet another unit-design idea by Lord Cobol

Centering on the screen by Lord Cobol

[Suggestion] Female friendly features by ikros

Decoupled Unit Design by klaxton499

Elemental defence items by Dr Franknfurter

Created items by cleflar

Character Creation, stats and skills by porternielsen

Set items by apollodensin

Caster Units and Mutants by apollodensin

Amulet of Life Saving by lambdaman

Magic Glow by ten9

[Suggestion]More diversified units (Wall of Text) by red1939

Spell / creature ideas for people to create  by dctrjons

Unit Size by Faction by Ynglaur

Unit Size by reapy54

Armor coloring by Tormy-

Sovereign creation process (Wall of Text (TM)) by Wintersong

Passing Essence to creatures by Tyrion2001

[Research] Managment by Mogmoogle

Upgrading units by SquidDNA

Dual-Wielding by CapnWinky

Easily Modded in Things (That should be done right away) by snalltrippin

Change the look of the bottle for "Healing Nectar". by Raven X

Custom soundtrack by Karalis

scouts abilities by RPMF

Breeding a super-leader by bleeba

Upgrading units by SquidDNA

Sovereign & Faction Customization by Tourresh

Civilizational Traits  by Luckmann

Customizable Coat of Arms by VivaGabe

[HEROES] Neutrals, Ghosts, Scoreboards, Hall of Fame, Tournaments, Exporting by Tourresh






[Gameplay] Gazz' magic concept. Mana, mechanics, spells, and how to integrate them. by Gazz_

[Gameplay] Allow Trading across different asset classes (marriage, resources, treaties) by Tim4fun

[Gameplay] Make tactical combat more realistic and "gritty" by CharonXeno

[gameplay] building specialized cities by Martimus

[Gameplay] A change to the way grouped units (Parties/teams) work by nikmesh

[Gameplay] Integrate Auto-Resolve and tactical battles into one system. by Gazz_

[Gameplay] On game scale and movement by tjashen

[Gameplay/New ideas] External Forces and Interests by hfbrooklyn

[gameplay] trade routes instead of caravans. by random_target

[Gameplay] Simple unit combining / upgrading and the effects on new unit training (training cadre) and city militia by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Robert's magic concept. Mana, mechanics, spells, and how to integrate them. by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] City level options by Redwind85

Gameplay: Seafaring by toadfly

[Gameplay] Spells: Teleport balancing by Robert Hentschke and MOIISKA

[Gameplay Overhaul] ZOCs, Sov's, anti-City-Spam & Lore by Sinful01

[Gameplay] Organised. A way to balance an OP trait. by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Tactical movement restrictions, unit zone of control, flanking and position by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Resource finder/filter within Range of Sight, In game map editor by Krauser

[Gameplay] Overworld spells, item creator by Krauser

[Gameplay] More mounts and different mount bonus! by Redwind85

[Gameplay] E:WoM must learn magic and military from its legacy. (Work in Progress) by Emelen

[Gameplay] Bounty hunters, mercenaries and the creature economy by falconne2

[Gameplay] After destroying a few factions the others should team up against me. by Black-Knight

Gameplay by bucho

[Tactical Battles] What bonus should a flanking attack offer? by Edwin99

[Gameplay Overhaul] ZOCs, Sov's, anti-City-Spam & Lore by Sinful01

[Gameplay] Global and Local Food by Othello

[Gameplay] Active Caravan option on the [tab] next unit on/off by Redwind85

Suggestion [tactical + gameplay], unit types by random_target

[Gameplay - tactical customize] - ordering heroes how to act in resolve matches by Redwind85

[Gameplay - new] marry your children to your champions by Redwind85

[Gameplay - new] Pick up items and weapons dropped by Redwind85

[Gameplay - FIX] The scout pack and the scout cloak - switch by Redwind85

[Gameplay - new] - Resource income clarification by Redwind85

[Gameplay] deconstructing combat mechanics by happybjorn

[Gameplay] TITAN-inspired combat mechanics by Haderak

[Gameplay] Tactical Battles (GalCiv2 thoughts + Basic Orders) by Vinadil

[Suggestion] [Gameplay] Magic System by Ishantil

[Gameplay] Random monsters spawning abit more controlled? by nspencer

[GAMEPLAY] Randomize Tactical Combat Turns by genchaos33

[Gameplay] - More Allies in Diplomacy Tech Tree by M. Agrippa

[Gameplay] Spawning quests, goodies & location's by Eternis

[Gameplay] Targeting cursor to highlight the target tile in combat by nspencer

[Gameplay] Can we have city level upgrades to structures please by nspencer

[Gameplay] Can we stop calling the campaign a tutorial? since it is not one! by nspencer

[Gameplay][Suggestion] Alchemist improvement by Dagwood

[Gameplay] Landscape must affect sight area and defense bonuses by Zard0z

[suggestion][gameplay] combat resolution order by Yellowstone_1872

[Gameplay] Mining Outposts (to reduce city spam) by Robert Henschke

[Gamplay Concept] Magic Specialization by IronKaiser

[Gameplay] Weapons Triangle? by berkshiree

[Gameplay] I'm not liking the global resources. by cephalo

[Gameplay] New Sovereign and Champion abilities by Noveburst

[gameplay] Change Design Philosophy, Stardock by Wits

[Gameplay] Spellbooks & Spell Research by Novaburst

[Gameplay] A few thoughts and ideas by Brother_J_Love

[gameplay/tactical] Suggestion to improve tactical combat by you28

[Gameplay] UI: expected spell effects with numbers by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Magic: Physical vs Magic resistance and damage modifiers by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay Idea] Separating Parties & Armies by CToomey

[Gameplay] UI: Cities: Allow sorting and display of one value on the left hand bar by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] UI: Mousewheel to turn pages in "book" screens by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Suggestions for FUN by Tim4fun

[Gameplay] Improvements we need by Tim4fun

[gameplay] Several ideas how to better balance the game and make it more interesting by Ethion21

[Suggestion][Gameplay] School based magic system by wraithstalke

[Gameplay][Suggestion] Idea for shared mana pool mentioned in labor day post. by betzalel

[Gameplay] Knowledge Quest's by Eternis

[Gameplay][Suggestion] by Hybridvitae

[Gameplay] Make Shards Neutral by migonzales

[Gameplay] Damage Variance and Group Units by CelestialBovine

[Gameplay] Cityguards (can't move out, but defend) by sinusgamma

[Gameplay] Some easy to implement ideas to balance better the game by lapin0u

[Gameplay] Regeneration/Clarity should add to non-combat regen by phril

[Gameplay] Suggestion for the combat/magic system. by moi-meme

[Gameplay] Quick navigation to... spots and things. by Robert Henschke

[Gameplay] Auto Resolve: Melee only by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Allow city building on road tiles by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Attack / Defense scaling with unit size by Robert Hentschke

[Gameplay] Thoughts after my first few games : improving the gaming experience by moi-meme

[Suggestion][Gameplay]Monster lairs by TheBirthdayParty

[Game Play] Tactical Battles by Lfseeney

(gameplay, tactical battles) special abilities for units by sinusgamma

[Gameplay][Tactical battle]16 birds with 1 stone by Robbie.Price

<Gameplay> City Growth resource balance vs the rest of the game by ElradV

[Gameplay] Survey before you build a new outpost by Robert Henschke

[Gameplay] Armies leaving cities as armies by Robert Henschke

[Gameplay] Consistent use of the ESC key by Robert Hentschke

[suggestion/(demand?)][Gameplay] A rally against 1DN rolls by Robbie.Price

[Suggestion][Gameplay]Technology impeding & ways to get technologies by Maskwearer

[Gameplay] Simplistic overhaul to tactical RNG rolls by CharonXeno

[Gameplay] Make tactical combat more realistic and "gritty" by CharonXeno

[Gameplay][Suggestion] Training Abilities by ArcElement2002

[New Ideas / Gameplay] High Magic by onefiercepuppy

[gameplay] Dump the Diplomacy Tree. by cephalo

[Gameplay] Unbalanced Units/ Tactical Battle Deployment by Draorn

[Gameplay] Give Heroes Personality by Edwin99

[Gameplay][suggestion] What happens to cities when their Sovereign falls? They magically disappear. by aphonse101elric

[Gameplay] [Suggestion] Captured cities should not keep all the population by OliverFA

[Gameplay] Enhanced Tactical movement and pre-battle setup by Cyanide300

gameplay suggestion: items by Hrothgar

[Discussion] Magic - is it too weak? by Nathikal

[Gameplay] Display text for non-damaging hits. by AgentNihilist

Sovereign balance by Lord_Agamemnon

[suggestion][Troop Roster] Still no info on sight distance by drtechno

[Gameplay-Map] City Specialization, Building Caps, and Guilds (Guild Bonuses & Buildings) by Raven X

[Suggestion] Make flanking, unit direction, and field position play into Tactical Battles. by SpaghettiMon

[Gameplay] Automatic and Passive Culture Spread- Improved Culture by Folcik009

[Gameplay] The Possibilities for Diplomatic Capital by MadInventor

[.92][Suggestion][Gameplay] Remove tech trading or provide an option to remove it by CdrRogdan

[Suggestion] Game Play Settings by mikeofireland

[Gameplay] Apply city production bonuses to stationed champions by Adam_H

[.92][Suggestion][Gameplay] Give some firing range to archers by CdrRogdan

[suggestion][gameplay] tech tree balancing - 5 different styles of play by ArcElement2002

[GAMEPLAY][SUGGESTION] Diplomacy Screen Information by StillSingle

[GAMEPLAY][BALANCE] Goodies received from notable locations by StillSingle

[Gameplay Idea] Linking "features" to provide more interesting choices (eg, Dynasty, Research) Long by Civfreak

[gameplay] [suggestion] City leveling and unlockable buildings/improvements by alh_p

[Gameplay][Idea] Let players wager on the outcome of matches by otakucore2

Flooding by TroubledWaters

[Idea] Suggestions based on observations by mpiersant

[Suggestion] Controlling units by impinc

[Suggestion][Gameplay] Inns should be more like Resources and Special Features by Sareln

Maintenance of Empire (and Kingdom) by Tasunke

[Suggestion]Linking Essence and Crystal Shards Results in an Elemental: War of Magic by LeBlaque

[Suggestion] Cease Fire vrs Peace Treaty: Reducing Tedium by RogueCaptain

Critics of the new economy: magic should not be proportional with empire size by larienna

[Suggestion] [Gameplay] Resource variety with little added complexity. by MagicwillNZ

Mounted Combat Discussion by Tasunke

[Suggestion] Tactical combat setup by TheBirthdayParty

[Suggestion][Gameplay][Tactical Combat]Position Rules on the Field by Xadie

Research of imba troops... in an instant by AdmiralDan

[Gameplay]Make units in tactical combat retaliate against attacks. by jokuvaan

[Gameplay] More elemental-based terrain modification spells by otakucore2

[Gameplay] Make monster spawn depend on terrain type by otakucore2

[.90][Gameplay][Suggestion] Include Spell Defense by CdrRogdan

[Gameplay] Adventure Tech Tree/Questing by aceFlint

(Gameplay) Reduce the 'can't build city' radius by k7avenger

[Gameplay] Tactical spells and abilities by otakucore2

Slow down the expansion of borders into enemy territory by Symondus

Another Essence idea by Stmorpheus

My favorite: Tactical Battles by porternielsen

Movement counter and waypoints by Trojasmic

Simultaneous research (without too much dev work) by tejondour

[Suggestion] Tie sovereign abilities to AI play styles by otakucore2

[Suggestion] Child development multi-path system by otakucore2

(Suggestion) Essence by kailen3

[Suggestion] Training unit window by TheBirthdayParty

[Suggestions] Elemental Gameplay by Vaul_Darkhour

[Suggestion] Food and Intuition by Melamine

[Idea] Sovereigns controls Champion Limit (Army Captains?) by Marks1381

[Suggestion Gameplay] Resources/Guardians. by Marks1381

[Suggestion]I never thought I'd need to explain the birds and the bees, but... TheBrithdayParty

[Suggestion]Troops require too many materials to build by TheBirthdayParty

[Suggestion] Build Fortresses and towers to control your land and remove fog of war. by StGwayne

[Suggestion: Gameplay] Diagonal Moves cost 1.5 Movement Points by StevenAus

[Gameplay] Limit the amount of units on 1 tile (or in 1 battle) by AdmiralDan

[Suggestion] A realistic way to challenge imposing empire (Decadence, rebellion and decline) by matreus

[Suggestion / question] Spell of Mastery? by matreus

[Gameplay] Captured enemies as resources by otakucore2

[Gameplay] Optional Starting Resources by Marks1381

Combined Tile Tactical Battles by Darkodinplus

Beta 3 - Some feedback by Wylaryzel

Boosting Spells with Possession of Multiple Shards by TS22

Unit Pathing by fissure

Shards and Land Restoration are Boring: How we might fix it by =Outlaw=

[Suggestion] Alternate Uses for Champions by Nathikal

Talents by porternielsen

3 minute battles: stack vs unit, use a different threshold by Climber

Multiple paths to EXP gain by Breniir

[Suggestion][Research Tree] Using Research points to buy technologies by Winnihym

[suggestion] Get rid of D&D attributes and a bit on equipment by TyLarson

[Suggestion] living champions by lwarmonger

[discussion] shards by ddd888

[discussion] dispel magic by ddd888

Let's Review/Crunch some of the in Game #'s? by John_Hughes

[.804][Gameplay][Suggestion] Link turns to world spawn rather than adventuring tech by CdrRogdan

[Question to devs] About combat system : in stone or not ? by vieuxchat

[Random Thoughts and Suggestions] Spells by vieuxchat

[.803][Gameplay][Suggestion] Remove the volley command from archers by CdrRogdan

Grouping units by Cynjian

[Suggestion/UI] Spell Research Reminder by delphizealot

annoying screens that pop up WHILE you are about to fight by Stmorpheus

[SUGGESTION] Show forces before battle by Hound

[Suggestion] Port tiles requiring "Cove" resource by Demiansky

Pioneer Build Improvement Time by XeronX

[.804][SUGGESTION][GAMEPLAY] wage costs (unit maintenance) by StillSingle

monsters should attack settlements. by Stmorpheus

Gameplay: City Management & Building Ideas by M. Agrippa

[0.803][Gameplay][Suggestion]Center on quest location from Quest Log by Winnihym

[Suggestions][Unit Design][Balance] by Arksangiel

[Suggestion] Capture Enemy Units by Sythvipers

[Suggestion] Exporting Horses and other Renewable Resources by MadInventor

[.803][Balance/Suggestion] Inneficient and Insane should have a global effect by CdrRogdan

[.803][Gameplay][Discussion] Fighting = Killing ? by AdmiralDan

prices on cloaks reversed. by THARN

On food, population, and housing by Satrhan

[suggestion] Alternative way to handle watchtowers and Resource Buildings by TyLarson

[Suggestion] Allow a Granary in every city by Spicy Mike

more options for troops by Nemesis7884

A serious, thought out, idea for combat that doesn't require a rework by Cyrogenic

Example: Adding strategy to a game design by larienna

[.803][Gameplay][Suggestion] Refugee camps need to provide more people or not use up spaces by CdrRogdan

[.803][Gameplay][Suggestion] Caravans routes shouldn't be allowed more than once by CdrRogdan

[Gameplay] Situational research by KingCarrot

[Gameplay] [Suggestion] Accelerated Construction based on Resources by Elexis

[gameplay] multiplayer game - tactical to strategical combat suggestion by Nedryel

[suggestion] Introduction and Sovereign Death by TyLarson

[Gameplay] List the correct level of NPCs + Don't make all battle provide static XP by CdrRogdan

Heroes and NPCs by Paul Foegle

Tactical Combat Damage and Unit Status Effects by RichSea7

On Controlling the Number of Cities, Economies, Adjacency, and Minimizing Civic Micromanagement; or How to Remake the Entirety of Cities, only Not Really by Winnihym

[Gameplay] [Discussion] City Building: too complicated or not enough so? Two schools of thought. by Beric01

Limit Maximum Size of Group? by Othello

[Gameplay] Towns more MoM-y by Nehanski

[gameplay/food problems] marginal utility for food production to solve beginning food problem? by Nemesis7884

[Gameplay] Food/Housing/Population Rethought by DKasperski

[Gameplay] The Scale of Elemental map and cities by Pedinapal

[Gameplay] Random loot from quests disportionate to difficulty by CdrRogdan

[gameplay] Early game and people by AndyRoo

[Suggestion] Add neutral settlements to replace the countless Humble Inns by Adam_H

[Gameplay] Quests and Inns and more by lswallie

Civilization growth and questing by aLap

[gameplay/beginning] by Nemesis7884

[Gameplay]Why Pioneer's should build fully functioning outposts by Yestin

base speed should be higher then 1 by Nemesis7884

[Suggestion][Technology] Implementing Subcategories by Sareln

[Gameplay][Levelling] Soveriegn/Hero Levelling? by Naithin

Escort quests - take forever. by Genetic_Strife

[Gameplay][Cities] Spreading Out to Avoid the 'Blob' by Naithin

Weather effects in Tactical Battles by Redaxe

[Brainstorm] Technology Subcategories by Sareln

Game aint that strategic. Is it me or stardock? by Grove12345

Demolishing and Disbanding Refunds by RomanGuy

inns/quests by Nemesis7884

[Gameplay] by Recnelis2

Blocking magic by astrath

[Gameplay] Companion Quests by KingCarrot

[Suggestion] Underlying Technology System Tweaks by Sareln

Attack and Defense, Damage and Resistance by Winnihym

Avoiding The Must Build Starts by XeronX

"bigtime" Academies by Tasunke

Tactical Combat: Increasing AI's Role-- you might want to flame... by LeBlaque

A better combat system: WE-GO by Climber

Champions and restricting magic by Stmorpheus

Another idea on tactical battles. by Denryu

Diplomacy enforced by the game by larienna

[Gameplay] On food, houses and city levels. by Lazarous

[Gameplay] Splitting Armies and Units Mid Battle (for TBS type system) by Raven X

Multi-Player: Live Opponent Takes Over AI Tactical Combat by LeBlaque

being king, making decisions and earning experience. Stmorpheus

Sovereign Reincarnation (a Look at death?) by saije

Uses for Essence by lwarmonger

Formations and tactical battles by Stmorpheus

Rethink on essence: delinking the mana cap & making essence central to the game by TCores

Spells that do no damage. by Stmorpheus

Interesting approach to Single/Multi Player by Valiant_Turtle

Essence separate from Levels by Tasunke

Gaining Experience through diffrent means. by Stmorpheus

Elemental: Spreading life by Frogboy

Experience vs Essence by lwarmonger

(Gameplay) Tweaking Level Gain Bonuses by Madocs

Warlike Civilizations and Technology by Demiansky

Sovereign & leveling by Cynjian

Clearcutting Forests and Razing Cities by XeronX

Give Empires Cultural Domination by TCores

[Suggestion] Trainable units can earn XP by PyroMancer2k

Diplomacy as a finite resource by ckessel

Wandering heroes becoming their own faction after attacking a settlement. by Stmorpheus

Defense: Armor and Evasion? DamnedChoir

[Economy] Markets, Plazas, and Districts by Winnihym

Water: the essence of life by Climber

[suggestion] Training units in parallel by Dunhere

Equipment should Cost Starting Gold by NTJedi

[0.302][Suggestion] Remove the Standard Improvement Limit by PyroMancer2k

Quarters by lwarmonger

Playing after victory. by Servius

Adjustable Game Timers Needed by NTJedi

[1z1][suggestion]: regal vs. distrusted by cyril gunderlacken

[1Z1][Suggestion] Food, Housing, and Prestige Overhaul by PyroMancer2k

Sovereign Stats + Combat by DamnedChoir

[Suggestion]Research Impression by Tainarius

game bugs and general ideas by ABOMB11

[Suggestion] Multiplayer - Multiple players within the one Kingdom. by Dalamor

Peasant Militia's by XeronX

Unit inventory is out of control by tour86rocker

[Suggestion] Have recruiting trigger on attack instead of a map command + other recruiting ideas by Sir_Linque

Experience Points from Combat by Tasunke

LOS engine: Height and % Cover by Climber

Building housing is so 2000... by klaxton499

Shards and Key Resources by klaxton499

Buying Veteran Levels and Unit Creation by SilentStryder

Avoiding Late Game Tedium (LGT) by onomastikon

Ending Your Turn Intelligently by sweatyboatman

All volunteer army (technology) by ashampine

Archers Should Have Secondary Weapons by RomanGuy

Necessity as the mother of invention by kingtiger_522

Battle Formation Anyone? by Demi_Boss

[Suggestion][UI] Valid Settlement Location Overlay and Multi-turn "Found City" Commands by Sareln

Streamlining multiplayer and turn interaction by srw46

Multiplay idea by timothydelisle

Idea Improving Research System by sabrestrikealpha

[Suggestion] Make sovereign marriages a decision, not an event (0.291) by GW Swicord

Diplomacy Screen/Player Interaction by Magicke

[Suggestion] Refresh Essence by NullAshton

Real Time Turn Based Strategy Upgrade by Juvantei

Tactical Auto/Instant-Resolve Battles by Istari

Behind enemy lines by kingtiger_522

Delicious peasants, unicorn burgers, and other oddities by Cerevox

Essence as a rate, rather than a total amount by Winnihym

District Control by Glavius

City spamming - its easy to avoid by joasoze

Crafting by Istari

[Suggestion/gameplay] seasons/weather and their effects on armies in the field. by dragoaskani

Diplomacy by foxfire1234

Global spells and construction of magic items. by Seraph_DK

Diplomacy Trends by Istari

[Suggestion/Gameplay] What makes the world feel true: Morale by Katerchen

Game mechanism for teaming up on the big guys by the Gorgon

Might & Magic (Resolving the bigger empire is always better issue) by Climber

A New Take on Early Population Growth. by Demiansky

Neutral or just Faking It by Cerevox

WMD Spells by Cerevox

A world seeking balance by MichaelCook

AI that helps the player: Task Delegation by larienna

Detection of units by MichaelCook

Essence and Longevity/Immortality of Heroes/Descendants by tenchifew

Esbionage system and victory condition..... by Scoutdog

Unit order of attacking by Solam

Starting options and difficulty by Dr Franknfurter

Three different city development paths and victory conditions by Ellestar

Diplomacy - Loaned troops, supply lines, etc by Lionsfate

Archievements ??? by RalfFliehmann

Abilities are fun, numbers are not by Krouv

About quests by Nedryle

Making research cost more for bigger empires by Ephafn

Research Trading -- Breakin the Law, Breakin the Law! by Aeon221

Mana points by Tasunke

Stockpiling Sucks by Aeon221

Sovereign sucession by the Gorgon

Adaptions to Research by Sparhawk4242

Intelligence by vieuxchat

The ascend of a Unit to Sovereign & Leadership Value by Climber

Strategic & tactical AI "talking" to each other? by Martok

Dynamic quests. by lifekatana

Weapon Enchantment Limitations by Touresh

Sovereign dynasties - genetics, reputation and eugenics by ferang

Battles - Joint attack from multiple tiles by Tormy-

Dowries by Ynglaur

[Suggestion] Horses by Feet

Random Elemental journal: December 2009: 2 Damage Types by Climber

Unlockable Tech based on Conditions by MagicwillNZ

"Generals" or "Leaders" by Maxhuw

On Breakthroughs and Diminishing Returns by onomastikon

Mercenaries by joasoze

Research idea by Silcor

CivRev: Optional Buildings by larienna

Multiplayer Ideas by Snalltrippin

About essence and creating cities by joasoze

Dynamic Game Starts by Demiansky

Elemental Armies From 10 to 10,000 (Wall-o-text) by Robbie.Price

Epic Combat battles near end game Idea by Demiboss

Elemental Combat regarding Mobility #1 by DemiBoss

Forced March by igoraki

Give Jobs TO heroes by larienna

Feedback Suggestions for 1b Economy by Rishkith

Allow elemental to use proxy settings by Dr Frankenfurter

Tactical Combat once again by stevelamperti

Caravans - why transport gold by Rishkith

Unit Strength Depletion and Recovery by Kuloth

variety and level of fantasy for the human factions by the Gorgon

Game Play: JF: Special Ressources Effect by larienna

Lineage Charts as save/load/new game by Climber

Hard Game Mode by Climber

Reviving the resource discussion by Denryu

Dynamic Unit Experience by klaxton499

Option for turn based battles. by Alex01234

On Victory Conditions: Old and New by onomastikon

Pre-beta wishes, if devs can read it in one go... by Climber

Sovereign Recombobulation process by Demiansky

Limit unit's walking, flying, swimming range and simulating Supply Line by Climber

Economy - Resource Suggestions by reapy54

Guarded caravans by Spitz

Resources and 'fall further' ideas by Dr Franknfurter

Tactical uncertainty and the fog of war by Spitz

[Suggestion] Movement Calculation by TatertotEatalot

More than one Day battle. by McFungos

[SUGGESTION] Technology ideas by ashampine

Counter magic - and dispelling, a proposed method. by Robbie.Price

"Blind" Research / Alternate Research Model by gbcrush

Monster behaviors... by Scoutdog

(Suggestion) Sovereign should only die if... by Raven X

Total War Type Battles by Raven X

Make maximum number of playable factions at least equal to number of factions by Vox Imperatoris

Allies / Vassals / Tribute by Lord Cobol

Deplete Money before a building is complete. by porternielsen

Unit cost variety by Lord Cobol

Not all heroes s/be created equal by Lord Cobol

Winning Conditions and Risk by porternielsen

Personalities of AI Opponents by NTJedi

Behaviors of Independents by NTJedi






Map by dabrownsrphat

Map/Gameplay Boats are useless because the AI cannot use them by Black-Knight

[Map] Helping player's start a dynasty by Hozy

[Map] River Forks by Count_Hasimir_Fenring

[Suggestion][Map]Razed city titles by Maskwearer

[Map] Beach graphic for the cloth map by Cynjian

[Map] Fix For Wasted Improvements by Adante

[Suggestion][Gameplay/Map]Concerning resource tiles by Maskwearer

Terrain by onomastikon

[Suggestion/UI] Unable to determine where to find quests - a missing compass by mrakomo

[suggestion] Tone down the quantity of wandering monsters / random spawns by sage2

Exporting a Custom Map for Re-Use by NeoWolf73

Sovereign should have base of operations by FulktheRude

[Suggestion] Phasing out lower level spawns by sjwt

[Suggestion] City Titles & Other Improvements by Nathikal

[Suggestion] Random Variable Used to Create Varied Cities by seanw3

[Suggestion][UI] Use Full Infocards for Unimproved Resources and Notable Locations by Sarlen

Eliminate fog of war once area has been explored by Trojasmic

[Suggestion][Radar and Area - Keeping Track of Quests and Destinations] by StevenAus

[Suggestion] Adding life to the Map by Forkedman

[suggestion] naming of geographical areas by lswallie

[Sugestion] Green/Black revived land. by sjwt

Building cities on certain terrain should give you bonuses by Stmorpheus

[Suggestion] Faction ability: can build inside forests (or other tiles) by otakucore2

Fog of war too annoying? by Grove12345

[Suggestion] Random City Traits by Cauldyth

[Interface] Highlight interactibles on map by AndyRoo

[Gameplay] Idea to slow start of game wrt # of cities and bring focus to capitals by NuclearEngine

Map labels by astrath

[map] Loot as a finite resource by Dr Franknfurter

Question/Suggestion about rivers... by RomanGuy

Make goodie huts more obvious by Murteas

Please make the arrow keys scroll the map. by Eisenhund

Iron (Ore) Mines by shadowknightx

Suggestion: Ejecting Soldiers by XeronX

City Buffs: Need a Listing by XeronX

[Suggestion] Forts would be nice by bilskis

[discussion/suggestion] rare resources and cities by ddd888

Roads? by Autarkhos

Number of Cities by AdmiralDan

Cities - More than just Resources? by Nathikal

[New Idea] Realm efficiency bonus/penalty Spicy Mike

simple ways to make cities look more appealing by Stmorpheus

Joining Farms by Othello

[Map] Enjoying the world by Krouv

Adjacent city improvement tile pack #1 by Stmorpheus

Battlefield Terrain by Nero_Zero

Improving City appearance by tesb

[Map] Ports should be buildable on river mouths by Pedinapal

Treasure Maps by LeBlaque

[Server Software Suggestion] Allow Multiple Maps Without Forcing All Players to Transition by Naithin

[Suggestion] Multiple Map Option in Map Editor by strager

Old Map by Cikomyr

[Map] Multiple stages of buildings by Dr Franknfurter

Parallax Mapping by TheProgress

[Suggestion] Remembered tactical map by mrakomo

Two ways to build on resources by Lord Cobol

Mines, Mine Shafts, Mining Camps, and Foundries by Tasunke

Special Resources Taking Up To Much Space by XeronX

Crazy concept; don't tread on me! by TheProgress

[Suggestion] City Building change from 2x2 to 3x3 by PyroMancer2k

[Suggestion] Randomized quest locations by Darkemperor

Cross border regions by RogueCaptain

City idea by Cynjian

Building limitations by Dr Franknfurter

Fog of War by Lord Reliant

[Suggestion] Cities by the shore by strager

[Suggestion] Racial Terrain by strager

Global Resource Automation by shadowtongue

[Suggestion] Hazard Range by Demiansky

Rural to urban land ratio by WaywardG

make land status easier to see by taltamir

[Suggestion][UI] Which Resources a City Can and Cannot Access by Sareln

The Great Forest and other features by sur17

Hexes by AM_Shark

Idea for Explorable, Close-Up Areas by Expack

City Structure pipe dream... by Demiansky

Cloth Map Improvements by Itsfishtime

Cities or provinces? by Sarudak

An idea for unique cities by Sarudak

Regions/areas and victory conditions by Dr Franknfurter

Landmarks by MHJeffries

Multiple Maps in a Single Session by Aeon221

[Suggestion] Add the concept of Line of Sight to the world map by Vanderburg

Expensive Roads by Demiansky

Roads: A possibly interesting idea for them by Ynglaur

A "dynamic" worldmap by Teucrian

City Building by andrewArvizu

Suggestion: City production templates by mrakomo

Unique Buildings and Essence by Dr Frankfurter

Fog of War for Map by Rishkith

Some Civs start with larger Cities?? by Demiansky

Expanding Resources - Metals by Yaguerion

Roads, Fortress and the Great wall on the Strategic Map by Climber

Goodies/Resources on Difficult Terrain by DamnedChior

[Suggestion] Zone of control on the cloth map by red1939

Harvesting Resources WITHOUT a City. by Raven X

Roads and the magic marker by NTJedi

[SUGGESTION] Overland military buildings/constructions by Tormy-

Question: What Options in the Random Map Generator? by Black-Knight

No Teleporters Please !!! Elemental BTOOIC !!! by Black-Knight

The Mage Tower not in a City by Raven X

Build New City, Pick where to move. by porternielsen

Creative Kool Terrain Types by NTJedi

A post-apocalyptic world by Krouv

[SUGGESTION] Double click to zoom on map by Wazatiste

Territory managment by krejci

How much of his kingdom does a channeler control? by Demiansky

Beneficial City Tiles by Demiansky

Border Management by Denryu



Post Release Suggestions:



[UI suggestion] - Please highlight the selected city/army in the city/army pane on the left side of the screen by Trojasmic

[IDEA] Simple way to differentiiate factions. by Alstein

{UI - Inventory management} by Redwind85

Multiplied bonus instead of added bonus by larienna

Map Generator: various land shapes. When is it going to be activated by larienna

Large list of game changes for 1.09 by Kaadu0

[1.09n][UI][Suggestion] City list screen needs revamping by MattSan

[1.09n][UI][Suggestion] Civ style hotkeys F1-F12 for various screens by MattSan

Economy, resources, and caravans: A modest proposal by Winnihym

[PACING/SUGGESTION] Resource Levels by Alstein

Ideas Needed: Sovereign Special Abilities by Derek Paxton

Magic Idea/Element by Bearussr

[NEW FEATURE] Unique features by Alstein

Quests: Wish for a complete revamp by Sir_Linque

Skills: solution to mundane or similar factions, races, characters, and monsters? by redcap21

1.0.9n BETA - AI is still sending lots of settlers into my territory during war by Trojasmic

1.0.9n BETA - Still no differentiation between cliff line and coast line on the cloth map by Trojasmic

Distinct Races, Factions, Sides! by TheProgress

[Suggestion] New Victory Condition. by Istari

Elemental AI wars by econundrum1

What are the top five things you'd like to see fixed/added to Elemental? by tjshen

BRAD SAID: "If you control all 4 the elemental shards you can cast the spell of mastery and win" by Black-Knight

Capture vs. Killing: Technology and Bonuses by Winnihym

Devs: Make Sure City Production Changements are Updated In Real Time Instead Than the Turn After by Black-Knight

Update Weapons to Unit Portraits by Black-Knight

Advanced Weapon System: Slash\Pierce\Blunt (paper\scissor\rock) by Black-Knight

Kingdom, Empire, and Elemental Lands by Winnihym

[Suggestion] New Spell by Wentago

Just a few things by JamesLithian

a way to limit city spam? by jankerjoner

[Minor Suggestion] Sovereign starting ages. by Gwenio1

The Civ Tech Tree Should Allow to Research a City Militia by Black-Knight

In game variable editor by larienna

Bugs / Need Fixes by Spider_hip

Fixing the Glossary: "Specialists" should be"Artisans" - "Green thumb" should be "Hunter" Any other Changes Wanted? by Black-Knight

[Discussion/Suggestions] Let's Discuss: Heroes and Dynasties. by RikazeMA

Influence victory? City buying? by Supergulo

Major improvements for Elemental by ArcaneBrother

A Navigation Tech Tree by Black-Knight

Your Elemental Scorecard by Das123

Allow The AI To Use Teleport To Defend Its Cities And You'll Finally Realize How Annoying That Is! by Black-Knight

Elements & Armaments by Reckless Jedi

[Suggestion, Minor] Couple of spell names need fixing by GW Swicord

A Functional Manual In .pdf That Includes Updates Post Launch by Grump2913


Tactical combat by Reckless Jedi

If It Becomes Finally Possible To Have Enough Units To Defend Cities. Forests Should Be Populated Again Instead Than Having An Empty Map by Black-Knight

Idea for a future expansion r.e. cities and combat by tjashen

OMG, Green Thumb? Could We Have It Changed Into HUNTER Please!! by Black-Knight

AOW RE-RELEASED! The Secret of Age of Wonders Revealed By Its Creator by Black-Knight

Improve NPCs by Hrothgar

Please Give Us Fallen Evil-Looking Champions to Hire too!! by Black-Knight

You want REAL tactical Battles? ... Learn from the experts by larienna

General Comments on eWoM by Grallonsphere

What Would You Guys Expect in the Expansions? (no gameplay please) by Black-Knight

To solve annoying clicking issue by Muttala

[Champions] Assassins! by Edwin99

Why Elemental is a Space genre game - and how to change that by onomastikon

This game needs random elements for variety by Black-Knight

Additional Cheat codes required for testing by larienna

More ships/navy stuff by leswt

Making charisma useful.. by SwerdyAss

City Morale? by Ishantil

Movement path and Ennemy movement by larienna

A few thoughs and suggestions by Shabbedai

Children & Aging by Tertullian

[Discussion] Adventuring Parties by Nathikal

Tech gaining options by random_target

Terrible Truth by Tserrof

Specialize Champions as City Governors Instead Than Warriors (new buildings can improve traits) by Black-Knight

my ideas by malkavianno

[Suggestion/Discussion] Damage Types and Resistances by Malsqueek

[suggestion] My Sovereign, Monster Hunter - and adjusting monster frequency in games by tjashen

List of creatures by Blaziken100

[Quests] Quests, Dungeons and Heros by Edwin99

Another patch...another victory on ridiculous - tips for improving the AI by Trojasmic

City specialists instead of a static improvement by random_target

Reducing City Spam: Brad's Original Idea by onomastikon

Aesthetic differences in troops by CrazyHarlequin

We need a way to setup our own forces in battle like "tactics" from HOMM V by Trojasmic

We need a hook like Diablo or WoW by Trojasmic

Conquest game-play mode by Topdecker

Improved racial variety by CrazyHarlequin

[new concept] idea for a deep strategic way to control city spam. by Stmorpheus

crossbow vs longbow by purv_is

scroll the map with the keybaord by larienna

Training Monsters by Dsraider

Why This Game Is Too Slow and How to Fix It by Black-Knight

[UI] "go to" option by random_target

I would like option to limit the detail level of tiles by larienna

Improved start-up behavior vs Firewalls, please by Stromko

I don't like that weapons tech is a pre-req of armor tech by Trojasmic

[AI Suggestions] AI Strategy Ideas by Edwin99

[Suggestion] Diplomatic Victory Change by Gwenio1

We need a way to identify coasts capable of harbors from the cloth map by Trojasmic

<spell System>improvement by Muttala

1.09 Feedback by Spitz

[Suggestion] City List Improvement w/image by Flexscan123

[UI] Shards and Combat Interface by Gwenoi1

Percentage buildings taking net numbers instead of gross number? by dabrownsrphat

Elemental V 1.09 feedback by Mercestes

[1.0.9 Beta] I'm getting away with moving weak stacks right past a monster that could eat me by Trojasmic

[1.0.9 Beta] I see goodie huts that I can't visit by Trojasmic

Idea for Expansion: a Race of Winged Humanoids and underwater people (inspired by a very old wargame) by Black-Knight

compass rose by Yliax

[Suggestion] Zoom using +/- keys in editor. by gnrlchaos

An Interesting Detail About the AI in Warlords II by Black-Knight

Separating Mods from Rulesets by Larienna

Continue game after you win? by VoxVocisCruora

"Fallen" race heroes by KingHobbit

[Diplomacy] GalCiv II style interactions on the diplomacy screen by tjashen

New "Resource" - Loyalty by Nathikal

VERY IMPORTANT: Make Teleport Optional or REMOVE IT in 1.1 by Black-Knight

Meaningful units leveling by DKL

Too many heroes ? Too many lame heroes ? by Lord Cobol

A database of modding elements by larienna

A flat card board miniature model editor by larienna

Suggestions by Das Goon by Goonius

A few minor requests for v1.1 by Kaijen

Add a "current selection" highlight to the Empire Tree by Jarmox

(Suggestion) In order to cast spells the main weapon should have that attribute (a wand or rod at first) by Black-Knight

Proposed improvements for 'auto resolve' by Savoy3

[Suggestion] Ways to limit city spamming (neutral could be more aggressive toward outposts etc...) by Black-Knight

[Suggestion] Contiguous Empires by Gauntlet03

[Suggestion] UI should be Displayed clearly that Character's "buff and debuff" by Flexscan123

[Warrior Heroes?/Heroes in General] by chanter45

Unit Healing/ Unit HP on level-up problems by Yellowstone_1872

Champions and their special attributes by cusekid

[Suggestion] taxes carried by coaches similar to merchants - if the coach is attacked by hostiles before reaching the capital the money from that town is lost by Black-Knight

General Feedback & Improvement Suggestions by dreepa

Passive/Abstract Questing by vashtyphoon

Kingdom vs Empire by Gavadel

An easy fix for city spam. by Delmoroth

[Suggestion][UI] Giving character to a party = naming the groups of heroes by seanw3

[Suggestion] Shop screen and equipment screen should be unified. by Flexscan123

Fantasy races, an idea by Dieguitoarg

[suggestion] Dragons must fly! by Fearzone

Brad's special people concept- and what I would like to see. by arstal

[Suggestion] Don't go crazy balancing weapon cost, just make stuff not available everywhere! by Black-Knight

Army overhaul by aLap

Revisions to the Destiny Ember's Character MODs by shafk

Resource to alter output or cost of buildings/units by timothydelisle

[Suggestion] Mobile Element Crystals by Tydorius

[Suggestion for variety/differentiation] Not making all weapons armors available in every city would prevent all heroes from getting same stuff/looking the same by Black-Knight

The pace is too slow for multiplayer: units need to be a little faster by Black-Knight

Casting spells on a stack by Lord Cobol

Alleviating "First Strike" by Darvin3

[suggestion] Quicksave button! by Filthgrinder

Add army wages to their "Vitals" tab by Trojasmic

Can we get a horse/warg stables multiplier like we have the construction yard? by Trojasmic

[UI suggestion] Highlight the person/town I've selected when I click on the left-hand side by Trojasmic

Idea for building control in cities by Delmoroth

1024x600 netbook problem by StarWeb

[Suggestion] To avoid city spamming make "new city planning" (or "migration") a tech to research before each new pioneer is created by Black-Knight

[Suggestion] Designated Captains for armies; Passive training for garrison units by Jingseng

[suggestion] Excess resources? Global Merchant! by Ausland

Late-game ranged weapons by DKL

[suggestion] endurance potions wortless now by Twohawks

Very Hard to play outside the cloth map by Black-Knight

makes no sense that units regenerate mana & hit points only in battles by Black-Knight

Balancing Essence by Black-Knight

AI war requests by Asaghon

Collecting ideas on magic spells, schools, and effects by Robert Hentschke

Love Stardock, Like Elemental (Almost) by Mercestes

[Suggestion] new map tile by Redwind85

[Suggestion] UI City overview + unit overview + Heroes management by Redwind85

[Idea Brainstorm] City and Economy Revamp by Gwenio1

Suggestion: Tiered Leveling by camomilk

exiting cities by SwerdyAss

Still city spamming after 1.0.8...maybe there's a better way! by Trojasmic

Civ-owned goody huts by cygnetsong

[Suggestion][Modding] Decals in Mods Folder by Jharii

A dice combat system with adjustable randomness by larienna

Performance increase with a cloth map and no battle mode by larienna

why cant I delete stuff!!!?  by hatredcopter

City Spam - A different idea by Aniaas

[Suggestion] Unit Design as Intended? by ArcElement2002

[1.08b BETA] [UI] make editing character possible by Wittgenstein83

[Suggestion] Troop Limits, Leadership, and Charisma! by Valentine82

[Suggestion] Ideas for shards in 1.1 Global Magic System by Malsqueek

[Suggestion] Upgradable Resource Collectors by sholland

[Sovereign/kids/marriage] Female sovs having matrilineal society by Chibiabos

[Talents] New Talents for Sovereigns by Edwin99

[suggestion] tactical combat "pass turn" button location by dolphan13

[suggestion] Treaties - How long is left and cancelling by dolphan13

Elemental, reclaiming the wilds... by Dieguitoarg

Rethinking customization. by arstal

City spam (again) by Asaghon

But I'm an organized man! by TheProgress

Review of areas for improvement and possible solutions (longer text) by Wylaryzel

Combined Individual Mana and Mana Pool by Eudamon

Strategic suggestions from a wargamer's perspective by Black-Knight

[Suggestions] Some UI & Feedback possible improvements by NoPJag

[Suggestions] My Wish List by fsovercash

Are you looking for a more polished version of this game ? by Stuieg

Credit where credit is due by Aniaas

Elemental: going forward gameplay suggestions by lwarmonger

[1.08 Friday update] Building maintenance costs by Chibiabos

[1.08] Weapon/Armor Balance Problems by Trifler500

[Lore] Gods of Elemental? by Ace_2001

I would like NPCs to be able to sell the weapons/armor they come with by Trojasmic

[Suggestion] Future/Feature Support for Logitech G15/G19 Keyboards by Supreme Shogun

Suggestion: Make all infantry units squads by Sethai

[Req] A Unified Mod Manager by AbysnthMinded

Merchant change- not a fan. by arstal

[Champions] Personalities for Champions by Edwin99

[UI] Different report icons by flymar

1.08 Two Steps Forward, Three (Four or Five?) Steps Backwards by ClaytonHollowell

[SUGGESTION] Spellbook Specialist Vs. Multiclass by Vhorthex

[Tactical Combat Results] Changing "Chance to Hit" and "Damage" Results by Shifter

Invert Camera Horizontal/Vertical option by Yurk34

Idea for recruited Dragons and Demons. by jereoma

1.08 Beta Sovereign Balance Request/Offer by DalamarNZ

Wisdom + Stats rearrange by DalamarNZ

The Great magic tower by ZettaOmega

Hero Units hp count. by ZettaOmega

[UI] Global resource details by Chibiabos

[Suggestion] Sov and Children Age Issue by genchaos33

[Modding]Disabling Resources, et al. by Jharii

[Suggestion] New Magic system and unit customisation by econundrum1

Tactical combat, better group death. by Baleurion

Declaring war needs an "are you sure y/n?" check by Trojasmic

exclusive tech choices by Nedryel

[suggestions] Army screen by nikmesh

[Suggestion UI improvement] City overview Trade Caravans by Redwind85

idea for general multiplayer implementation by Stmorpheus

Sugestions by Lyander by Lyander

[suggestion] farming ideas to make Elemental AWESOME! by marty_arty

[suggestion] Please make evil non human champions available for fallen players by Black-Knight

[Suggestion] Level up Abilities by econundrum1

On Attributes by Krynus

Global Mana Pool? - Sir, I have a better idea! by Aniaas

[Suggestions] Crystals, Elementum, Global Mana Pool by Mortu

[Gameplay] specialize magic by book (fire magic aggressive, water magic defensive etc...) by Black_Knight

[Request] Sub-forum organization by Yellowstone_1872

[solutions] brought to you by Shifter

Im unable to play this game if patch1.08 does not remove auto troop design by hateredcopter

[suggestion] - combat sounds / animations by sperber73

[Suggestion]Allies should not always be faction specific. by Rune_74

Will you please leave the defeated factions in the foreign relations screen? by Trojasmic

Heroes something other then mercinaries. by Robbie.Price

How I deal with city specialisation. by Gavadel

Upgrading units with current models by larienna

Inns as Inter-faction trade facilitation by Robbie.Price

re-intergrating adventuring tech by Robbie.Price

wrap around worlds by larienna

[UI] Quest locations by ZardOz

[suggestion] Diplomatic capital as a useful resource. by Reianor3

Reconceiving Charisma as a Global Skill by Black-Knight

[Suggestion] Empire/Kingdom borders by Valentine82

[Suggestion] Remove TerrainType Defaults, Add TerrainType Spells instead by Valentine82

[Suggestion] Drop the Auto Design Units in favor of Premade by Pyromancer2k

[suggestion][UI] Empire Tree City Upgrade Alert Brainstorming by Yellowstone_1872

[UI] City screen improvement by ZardOz

[Discussion] rebalancing the weapons values for long term playability of units. by sjwt

Health, Mana, and Energy by Malloreon

Anoying auto unit design by Aryaxon

[Tech Tree Ability - Suggestion] If certain criteria are met, a specific technology can have 0% chance of appearing. by StevenAus

[Suggestion] Diversify Faction Terrains by Valentine82

The implications of global mana pool (discussion and suggestions) by Spitz

[Suggestion] Caravans & Economic by Aygis

[Suggestion][UI] Mark Impassable Tiles by IBNobody

Lord Xia's thoughts and ideas for improving Elemental by Lord Xia

[Suggestion - game speed up] Quick Action buttons in Tactical by Redwind85

since i bought it i want it better by Hydrocrush

Add more sound effects to the game by Satrhan

[Tactical Battles] Champion's Battle Tactics by Edwin99

[UI] Most needed UI improvement by Vladesch

[Idea] To revamp the units and party in Kingdom Faction by Brainsucker

[Suggestion -> better dynasty GUI] by Rishkith

[suggestion] Units: Skip turn Button for units should always be first by tjashen

[Suggestion] Shops on the road by tjashen

[sugestion] Allow us to assign stack commander by Twohawks

Bad camera rotation by Antioch18

Tile editor improvements by Djohaal

Buying items for champions... by Agent_Paper

[suggestion/fix] Concrete Change idea for 1DN's that I think will work. by arstal

[UI]Speed up tactical combat by agio

[Sugestion] Minor fractions - Get rid of them or free them to grow. Add a touch of KISS by sjwt

Let's talk about kumquat, and a few other things by Fiachna

Show the clock by larienna

[suggestion] Please give Sov/Champions HP on level-up by yellowstone_1872

[suggestion for future] Civil Wars and Crumbling Empires by riadsala

Cloth map for tactical battles by larienna

[BUG Please respond - risk of dammaging speekers] Intro screen dosen not read preferances. by sjwt

[suggestion] ideas on making the endgame better by Ty Larson

[suggestion] Creating a Metropolis by TyLarson

[Cities] Easy Way to Totally Destroy Capture Cities by Edwin99

rules of strategy games, post yours. by Stmorpheus

[suggestion] interrelating tech trees by TyLarson

[suggestion] Giving gear an adjective label for different grades/qualtiy plus misc by TyLarson

[Suggestions] Negative Gildars (Debt) and Upkeep/Maintenance Issues by StevenAus

[suggestion] ideas on arcane creatures by TyLarson

[Suggestion] Improving Tactical Combat by Nack210

[suggestion] changing the destination X and providing a trail for your units by TyLarson

Battle Cloth Map by ieatbrains

[suggestion] A new way to handle maps/mapping by TyLarson

[Suggestion] Man of the hour, allow units to become champions by Skatteverket

[Suggestion] Nature has no boundaries, allow slaughterhouses to convert horses and vargs to food! by Skatteverket

[GUI] Hiergamenon access by delamb

[Champions] Champion Loyalty by Edwin99

[Suggestion]Surrender, capture units by Skatteverket

[Suggestion] Haggling in the shop, each city has it's own unique market for champions to shop from by Skatteverket

[Suggestion] Kamikaze, Allow Champions being able to do triple damage with 100% if at least 50% health is left but to give their lives after that deed. by Skatteverket

[Suggestion] Allow Champions to marry each other and to age and die. by Skatteverket

[Suggestion] Very easy to implement experience nomenclature for units by Skatteverket

[Balance] Unit parties/squads are overpowered by Zard0z

[UI] Larger icons and fonts, less animations by Zard0z

On the fly tile editor and other stuff. by Djohaal

Ideas For Content and Mechanics Part 1. Quests and Ruins by StarReaper

[concept] The Relationships between Armies, Heroes, and Epic Units such as Dragons. by arstal

[Diplomacy] It's hard to end a war ... by Trojasmic

Sovereigns start single and marrying other Sovereigns. by Polistes

Awesome tutorial idea by Polistes

(suggestion) Trainable unit abilities and "classes" by TorontoRock

[Buildings] Apothecary or hospital of some sort for quicker healing by Trojasmic

[Spells] I would like to be able to cast healing outside of tactical battles by Trojasmic

[AI] Gilden sending wave after wave of catapult stacks of doom by Trojasmic

spell ideas from the muds. Non-Damage spells mostly. 5 of each by arstal

[Suggestion] Unit design and Tactical Combat by Malsqueek

[Suggestion] Familiars by ColonelFlagg

Sovereign, Shard and Champion Tweaks by Zygwen

Mod/Xml change request: GameModifier.(Target, ApplyEffectWhen), SpellDefEffect.(Target, PlayEffectWhen) by Gnilbert

Saving random generated maps for use in another game by DrGroth

There's quite a few suggestions inside this thread by NTJedi

[Future Plans] Making the flavor of random events user created content. by seanw3

[Suggestion][New Magic System] Using a spell more makes it more effective. by seanw3

[XML Request] Meaningful Prereq Types by Das123

[Suggestion] End game magic items? by AdamRorabaugh

[Suggestion] Turn off Janusk by Sethai

[Cities] Tactical Map Defenses and Seige Engines by Edwin99

[request] Delete Sov Button by Hairy_Popper

[REQ]Elemental resistance/weakness by Rune_74

[Suggestion] No Food from caravans by buchecker

[XML Request] Min / Max Party Sizes by Das123

[REQUEST] Show correct squad stats by Vallu751

[Suggestion / New Spells] Book of Shadow by lambdaman

[Request][Suggestion] Check out the Competition by Supreme Shogun

[Suggestion] New Spellbook Ideas. by Supreme Shogun

[Suggestion] Opening Cinematic by Sethai

Creating spells, like creating soldiers. by Robbie.Price

Ability to choose color of clothing when designing units by Trojasmic

[support/impulse idea] Allow bugreporting through impulse by arstal

Ability to choose color of faction buildings and influence line by Trojasmic

How about the ability to entice enemy monsters or stacks to your side if your army strength, leadership, charisma etc was high enough? by StevenAus

Polls? how does one set them up? by Robbie.Price

[Suggestion] Items and their role in the system by ddem1

[Feedback][1.07] Here be bugs ... and other things by Rabenhoff

[suggestion] Champions as city officials by TyLarson

What city just leveled up? by pdcohen

Map Suggestions by jaicleve

Winning the game without buiding a city. by Ansonator

Moving through allied cities by VerdantMage

[Suggestion] Map Pan Move by WASD or Cursor Key by Flexscan123

[Suggestions/Mod Idea] A Dream for a Ruined Land by JSJ101

[Tactical Combat][Suggestion] Auto-positioning tactical combat? by ArcElement2002

[Ruins] Surface and Dungeon Tactical Maps by Edwin99

organized caravans by thisisretarded

How to balance Ranged and Melee by Tenebrion

[Suggestion] Add item abilities that only work in settlements by GW Swicord

less clicking in diplomacy screen by Trojasmic

Is there a place that describes all the spells for each book? by Trojasmic

[Suggestion] Need a Caravan Trade screen by Trojasmic

Elemental NEEDS a PBEM Option! Which is what made Age of Wonders so successful! by Black-Knight

Some suggestion for more balanced sovereigns and heros by nspencer

[Suggestion] Dynasty Based Events by AlexanderCazier

[Idea] Balancing Squad Sizes, Individuals, and Armies by Goontrooper

It will take more than polish and content to fix elemental.... by Troggie87

[Suggestion] Champions by Ilindil

Please Consider an option to disable automatic unit designs. and other things the rulebook lied about. Beware! WALL OF TEXT! by hatredcopter

Let's make the independent factions worth having by gunnergoz

[suggestion] Pillage city by Noveburst

[Suggestion] No sprawling cities by Levity55

[suggestion] changing the way a city's base buildings work by TyLarson

[Suggestion] special loot by daniel-ne

[Suggestion] Building and training alerts by sleem

[Suggestion] Add music player by Novaburst

strategic combat spells by Hrothgar

[Suggestion] List of Favorite spells by buchecker

[Suggestion] Select all units of the same type by sleem

[Suggestion] Magic spell: Magical forest encampment by sleem

[Mana Regeneration] Improving Speed of by Edwin99

[Suggestion] Name of Save Game by sleem

[Suggestion] Cavalry by buchecker

[Suggestion] Open Borders Treaty by buchecker

[Suggestion] The Interface by Novaburst

[Suggestion] Treaties by buchecker

[Suggestion] Spoils of war by buchecker

[Improvement] Settlement list-Heros List-Tax Rate Adjustment. by AM_Shark

[Suggestion] Using items (such as healing items, potions or rune tablets) takes Combat Speed points. by StevenAus

Ambitious ideas by FuzzyNeuron

New ideas for Elemental by Kryst07689

[Diplomacy] Intelligence Tree reports on relative game position by Edwin99

Idea for Stardock: laid-off developers make a MoM lookalike with updated graphics & twists??? by Tim4fun

[SUG]: Some ideas for better Game Depth by Dagwood

[Modding][Suggestion] New XML features. by Werewindlefr

Unit Upgrading, Weapons and Number by VerdantMage

[SUGGESTION] Limiting # of buildings a city can build by Squiggled

Suggetions on tactical battles by Rebal85

Quests more unpredictable *please* by NTJedi

[Suggestion] AI armies have single-minded attacks (Combat priority may need relaxing) by AlexanderCazier

[Suggestion] Neutral factions by i3elial

suggestions (user interface & cosmetic changes) by EvilMushroom

[Suggestion] A few ideas to spice things up a bit by tanafres

[Suggestions] Things that have been nagging at me for quite some time. by Kadrium

[Suggestion] Dynasty tweaks and related perks/flaws by AdamRorabaugh

i though Elemental was going to be MOM 2.0? by YIAX

[Suggestion] Heroes buying their stuff by Buladelu

[AI, Diplomacy, and Strategic Spells] AI doesn't recognize world changing spells by AdamRorabaugh

How to fix the champions' late-game uselessnes by kingtiger_522

[Suggestion] Add confirmation dialogs please by Civfreak

Caravans by Redindus

Two Suggestion's - Adventure mode & Select faction's sovereign by Andinout

Suggestion-Magic as defined by the Elements by Klydon

Fixing Warfare by arstal

A Fence of Text about 1.05 - Feedback/Suggestions/Wishes... mostly Tactical by Aygis

GUI improvements by Oranisagu

Minor Suggestion- escort nobleman quest by arstal

[suggestion] More pixels to portraits by Buladelu

A small list of (hopefully reasonable) suggestions. by Jean=A=Luc

[Suggestion] Addition of Captions/Subtitles by Elriewien

[Fire Spells] New Tactical Spells by Edwin99

[suggestion] New attributes design by TyLarson

I'd like to be able to choose my faction's starting color by Trojasmic

[suggestion] Let's steal good ideas from well made RPG's on weapons and armor by TyLarson

[Suggestion] Combat changes that will never see the light of day. At least it was an interesting mental exercise. (long) by Eisenhund

[Modding][Combat][Magic] Suggestion by Aerion Istari

[Suggestion]Better gameplay ideas by AzNincs

Game Ideas, nobility, army organization, alignment, and heroes by theomni

[Suggestion]Champion and Sov HP pools by dragoaskani

Kingdoms/Empire Specific Use of Resources by marlowwe

2 ideas... by charon2112

Tactical combat solution with Examples, Math and Simulation results by Gnilbert

(Suggestion) Instant info in shop whether items are an upgrade; bought items by MrMT

Thread on squad mechanics by avienated

A few things I have been thinking about that I would like to see added to the game.. (Kinda long) by Kilsonx

Non-aggression pacts by Viperswhip

[Suggestion]Citizen Happiness/City degradation? by Syt1976

[Suggestion] Combat Turns by razor436

[Suggestion] City building speed by Ilindil

[Cities] Captured Cities and Champions by Edwin99

Random Events by Lunartarc

A pile of ideas/suggestions on hero & army gameplay. by Simsum

[Suggestions] Magic and Dynasties and More by razor436

Role of minor factions by Trojasmic

[suggestion] - Tactic Components in Combat by nOObonian

A few suggestions. (This is a wall of text, and I am sorry) by Lord_Asmodeous

General thoughts and suggestions after playing. by Arcayer

This needs to change (go)! by Gungulun

[Suggestion] Army Builder: Some ideas for the equipment part by OsirisDawn

Leading the troops by Viperswhip

[Suggestion] Constitution by Tridus

[suggestion] Death of a Sovereign (Dynastic Failure) by Gravedancer

Kill the enemy sovereign and all his cities disappear? by Trojasmic

[Suggestion][AI] Stop the city spam by StillSingle

Is there a way to disable the AI designing unit types for me? by Trojasmic

Dumb AI moves by Trojasmic

My Experience and Suggestions by Carl

Roads by Eudamon

[Suggestion] New Idea - Bonus Experience by Seabrook

[SUGGESTION] - City Building - Variable Building Construction Costs based on Terrain Type by Vhorthex

What happened to the 'avoid city spam' goal? by Nick-Danger

Details, Details, Details by MagicwillNZ

My ideas/thoughts by cygnetsong

Imbue Champion by Viperswhip

(Sugestion) Random speacial events Narcosus

[Suggestion] Upgrade existing troops with new equipment available by AndBett

(Sugestion) The ability to creat non town defensive builds like fortresses by Narcosus

Sovereign race is NOT cosmetic by uly

Unified inventory screen by uly

[Suggestion] Improvements to Dynasties by Loginwonk

Idea Mixture (mostly around dynasties) by GordonH

customization: deleting player created sovreigns and factions by ebelser

Things I would like from the book by Robbie.Price

[SUGGESTION] Don't let me marry Janusk (please!) by lambdaman

Distinguished Soldiers/ Summoning/Necromancy by Levity55

[Suggestion] Monster/Enemy Lairs by Renevent

[Suggestion] No Named Hiergamenon Creature Entries by Rabenhoff

Making city leveling less annoying and more interesting by lambdaman

Some new Feature Requests by TheSAguy

What do you feel is the most needed Change/Fix right Now? by Lfseeney

End Game resources are not properly balanced by DarkSide73

Making Abilities work, Given suggested Template by Robbie.Price

Some feedback, and other tidbits by Krynus

Most serious design issues by _Scooter_

Rolling for Attack/Defense by Ghost73

My Elemental Suggestions by woca

Diplomacy improvements by Philith

[Suggestion] Faction Death by AzNincs

[Suggestion] Make Roads Easier to see on Cloth Map by PyroMancer2k

[Suggestion] Ability to select the type of upbringing your child will have by Vhorthex

[Suggestion] A possible solution to 1 of the 3 primary magic shortcomings by tanafres

More uses for resources other than gold by syneris

[Suggestion]Hero Classes by Syt1976

[Suggestion] Ability to arrange internal weddings for children by Vhorthex

[Suggestion] Major Strategic Spell <Create XYZ Ressource> / <More Terrain Spells> by Vhorthex

[Suggestion] Diplomatic Option : Share world map by Vhorthex

[Suggestion] Active Caravans should not be flagged as being 'idle' by Vhorthex

[Suggestion] Prevent other factions to select same sovereign by Vhorthex

[Suggestion] 2 Minor City UI Improvements by PyroMancer2k

[Suggestion] More City Leveling Up Options by PyroMancer2k

[Suggestion] Tax Your Citizens by RomanGuy

[Suggestion] Upon city levelup, allow to examine before deciding. by stethnorun

Ability for Reg Troops to become heroes. by Rune_74

[Suggestion] When a city levels up, show us the resources it produces to pick right upgrade by asteroides

[City Dev Suggestion] Tile Limits and Adjacency Bonuses by Corbeaubm

Placement of troops in Tactical by Viperswhip

[Suggestion] Allow Children to Marry Champions by RomanGuy

A Modest Proposal for the Magic System in Elemental: Where is the Magic by somchaay

AI dynasty handling/inherited abilities by oddrheia

A few ideas on a Sunday morning by Winnihym

[Suggestion] Women and child. by Ilindil

Spicing up quests and the quest system by Demiansky

[Suggestion] Heroes and Sovereign Personal Retinue by Raruto

Comments, suggestions and some bugs about Elemental by Moonharper

[Suggestion] LOOT should be more than Gold for some battles by NTJedi

Idle unit and town notification by littlenutter

[suggestion]Distinguishing elemental magic damage types by weather_rog

[Suggestion]When you capture a minor, it's no longer a minor! by Voqar

[Suggestion] Make Stats count (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) by midnighthike

Radical Design Change: Introduce damage and armor attributes by saklaus

Having a army rather than a handful of men by cgautier3

[Suggestion][Core Change] Elemental concept problems and Great ways to Resolve them by DemiBoss

Play Map Compromise by McFungos

[Suggestion][Great Idea]Better ways of Training Units using Training Plans by DemiBoss

Goody Huts - map issues by Viperswhip

[Suggestion] 30 second fix to make champions viable without changing the game world. by kelceydamage

Golem too powerful to start with. by redcap21

Radical design change: making Elemental unique + adding atmosphere + reducing city spam by TheProgress

Two Quick Suggestions by Aerion Istari

[Suggestion] City Specialization: An Elegant(?) Solution by FallingStar0280

[Suggestion] A problem with the "Faction is destroyed when sovereign dies on enemy territory" -feature and ideas to fix it by SuperTimo

monster units (diplomacy tree) and sovereign killing by djtool

Factions that matter, and that can be told appart by Robbie.Price

[Suggestions] A list of various suggestions by Nenjin

pioneers - i have 4 city, others have 1 by sinugamma

[Ruins] How to make them exciting by Edwin99

[Suggestion] Don't wait on animations by Morlark

Items with Charges (Wands and such) by midnighthike

[Suggestions] Some extra screens I need by Micheal_Zett

[Suggestion] The Ultimate Problem with this Game by grimzag1

Unit flags Buio1

[Suggestion] Tutorials by lamaslany

Prevent ingame incest! Akitoscorpio

Combat/spells by amanadark

[Suggestion][REQ] More Options by Sushikawa

[Suggestion] Make AI units have standard names by TS22

[Suggestion] Tactical Siege by Ilindil

[moved] Where's the elements in Elemental? by Runner1978

I can has flavour? by Archonsod

How Lore made the factions fade to grey by the Gorgon

Suggestion Regency Theous

Could one of the Dev's please post a modding guide? by jereome

[Suggestion] Notification when hostile unit enters territory by klaxton499

[Suggestion][New unit/item] Magicians/magic book by MxM111

Better roads! by Akitoscorpio

[SUGGESTION] Combat mechanics overhaul by shadowtongue

How to make tactical battles more tactical by Franky999

[Suggestion] Cities with Value and Fun! by Nathikal

Tactical combat needs polish by seanw3

[Suggestion] Adventuring parties by loloh

[Ideas] Lot's of em all aspect's really by Eternis

[Suggestion] Items and Equipment by Tridus

[Suggestion] Cloth map pin toggle by cfehunter

The Stuff You Liked by Nathikal

[Suggestion] Bland Magic, and How to Remedy That by Madmelodie

Something no one has mentioned yet relating to heroes. +more by kelceydamage

August 24 2006: Constructive Criticism vol. II by onomastikon

The Death squad dilemma - read and agree by Tomasp3n

[Suggestion]A new approach to champions/heroes by Nenjin

[Suggestion] My take on Champions by SoonerToucan

a short wishlist, mainly UI improvements by mikegentry

[UI Suggestion] Compare item in store to currently equipped item in tooltip by xenobrain

Proposal for updated Sovereigns by DalamarNZ

[Suggestion/Bug] Unit runs on the tactical combat as crazy by mrakomo

IDEAS - Beginning Melee vs. Caster (More starting magic spells pls) by natessiow

enemy sovereign died while defending his own city. by Bodyless

[Suggest/Demand] Stop Resetting Settings Every Freaking Patch Voqar

[Suggestion] Cloth Map Tactical Battles by Eberict

[Suggestion] Changing the damage formula by tlvs

[Suggestion] Let me build cities on roads by midnighthike

(Technical+BUG) Smoother longer game + Audio Bug! by JamesMoriarty123

Patrol Order by Philamon

would love to see destructible walls and gates in tactical combat at some point by mrtoadoftoadhall

Ideas/bugs/issues by sickleyness

Missing Feature? I want to see what's going on if i click on "next turn" by Himmelweiss

"Cloth Map" tactical battles for the hardware impaired by phatkarp

UI annoyances that need fixing asap by Baleurion

[suggestion]Change to the constitution stat by weather_rog

[Suggestion] Monster fight eachother by NatakuTDH

[Suggestion] Magic: The Way it Could Work by Ryan Henning

[Suggestion] Champion Imbue Selection by ColonelFlagg

[essential] we need a dev/mod tracker Twohawks

Some more suggestions by jereome

More suggestions on areas for improvement by cwg009

My List of complaint- #2 Summoning spells - pls read by DemiBoss

[suggestion] More detailed reporting by charon2112

Building question by Maskwearer

Is there/will there be a way to add more specialization upgrade bonus choices? by Maskwearer

[suggestion] Lets put NPC`s to work by joasoze

(Suggestion)Shard\Elemental\Spellbook Ideas by Dragaineon

[Race and Map] More Races and Country changes by Selphares

[Suggestion]: Activate Mana Regeneration Stat for Modding by jscott991

On attributes and hero equipment by Andarvi

[Suggestion] Feature ideas and tweaks, including an enchanting system. by Aseir

[Suggestion 1.05] Needs a dedicated difficulty screen by sjwt

[Suggestion] Notepad in Overlay by FutileEmotion

[Idea] On stacking, Champion Experience Gain, and a Talent Tree by HJFudge

[Suggestion] Better campaign/tutorial by Ellestar

[Suggestion] Better keyboard shortcuts for cities by Lord Grotius

My List of complaint- #3 researching spells and spell UI - pls read by DemiBoss

UI still needs major work - several key sugestions by maxlongstreet

My List of complaint- #1 Weapons and equipments - pls read by DemiBoss

[Suggestion] Change attack icon to represent damage type by Kerdiophylax

Polearm weapons should get "first strike" ability by Stmorpheus

[Spell Improvement] Earthly Guardian Spell is Lousy by SapSnark

New forum needed by HozzMidnight

[UI] City HUD should tell me build progress by Spitz

[Suggestion] Quest Markers by KaelanKarr

[Suggestion]City Fallback Production and alternative to the store by cwatkins

[Suggestion] Dev direction for expansions by asteroides

[Suggestion] "Remove camera bobbing" option during tactical battles by asteroides

Detailed list of things by kirkbays

[Suggestion][UI] Looking at the Shop by Sareln

[Suggestion][Strategic Map Movement]Intercept Command by rwemack

[Suggestion][Tactical Combat]Simultaneous Turns by rwemack

[Suggestion] Mana regen and tactical cooldowns by Voqar

Conquered cities of other faction group too strong by Rabenhoff

[Suggestion] Magic Node Impact Rebalance by Voqar

[Suggestion] Gameplay balance by impinc

suggestion re: pregnancy by Hrothgar

[Suggestion][Help] Link summoning spell descriptions to creature help entries by jinnes

[suggestion] some ideas for different gameplay mechanics by CraignCleg

[general suggestion] Don't call the campaign "Campaign" by Sylvan_Sorrow

[suggestion] - Tell me why the NPC doesnt want to talk by joasoze

[Suggestion][MOD Idea] Indirect taxing of population in an AI friendly way. by maniakos

[Suggestion]New resources and area of influence by TheBirthdayParty

[Suggestion/Comments] Action points - Usage and spellcasting by Morlark

[GUI Improvement]Display information about armor and damage type by db0

[suggestion][mouvement] change cursor appearance if movement is impossible by Unknown_Enemy

[suggestion][Unit Designer] Remove Wolves from Kingdom and Horses from Empire by Trifler500

[Suggestion][UI] Wait Cursor by cfehunter

What about detailed transparency on game mechanics? by onomastikon


[suggestion] informational window when queues are empty (no construction) by Gravedancer

[suggestion] auto turn that doesn't proceed to next turn if there are units that haven't moved. by Gravedancer

[Bug] Squad HP recovery problem by Pwn Ranger



New Ideas:



[Idea] Change Diplomatic victory and add 'Domination' victory. by Gwenio1

[Idea] Research & Development by Brainsucker

[Idea / Discussion] Monster Lairs by Gwenio1

[New Idea] How to make champions more important? by Ilindil

[Idea] Persistent XP, items, or units for a sovereign - RPG style character development. by Gazz_

[IDEA] Auto Troop Design Option by Othello

[Idea] out-of-turn intercept by Squiggled

[Suggestion : Idea] Squad commanders + heroes by Redwind85

[Idea] To decrease the need to spam Cities by Brainsucker

[Idea] More cataclysmic maps + streams by DariasDrus

[Suggestion: Idea] Nationalist Trait by RogueCaptain

[Idea]expanding the Art of War by personalize Equipments and add other things by Brainsucker

[Idea] A solution to city spamming and a few other ideas by UTPriest

[Idea] Adminstration Cost by Gwenio1

[Idea] Spend essence to create city (avoids city-spam, fits game-lore) by ArisianOne

[New Idea] Fully Roleplayable Specialized Sov by Terryll

[Ideas] Magic, spells and casters by Ilindil

[Idea] Just make the Champion's equipment different by Brainsucker

[Idea] Change the tech concept, new by Brainsucker

[New Ideas] Logistics as an answer to city spam and city capture problems by Dr Franknfurter

[Idea New] Dynasty war!!!! by Redwind85

[New idea] Children advanced. by Redwind85

[New Idea] [Tactical] Shard Guardians by Vonotar82

[Idea]Making shops more interesting by VesnaBrucoms

[Idea] - Adventurers; Creature Spawns; loot drops by Quinn Nye

[Idea][Items]Making items more interesting by Windchill33

[IDEA/DISCUSSION] Spellweaving/Customization in Elemental by nem8

[Idea]: Spell books by redcap21

[New Idea] Creature Wishlist Thread (add your ideas here!) by CapitalShip

[Suggestion][New Idea][Unit Creation/Tactical Battles] Add a choice of Training Regimen at unit creation which give stats / abilities by wercho

Feedback from an interface designer by eobet

ESC Key and Text Entry Behavior by Voqar

[Suggestion] Escorts for caravans by Lord Grotius

[Bug] "Heal" spell...doesn't by Lord_Agamemnon

[Suggestion] Add a notification when discovering new resources by Civfreak

[suggestion] Tactical Battles - unit starting placements / positions by Gravedancer

Suggestion/City Capture by Mystiqblackcat

[Bug] Teleport/Blink problem by Lord_Agamemnon

Csebal's Bugs and Suggestions by csebal

Feedback after a few hours of playing. by Werewindlefr

[Suggestion] Add Load Game to ESC Menu by IBNobody

Load game suggestion (repost from General. My bad!) by Dave_Genesi

My ideas for Elemental by Sheenjee

[Suggestion; Forum]Additional board for fandom, creative writing and roleplay. by Xaltwind

Logitech G 19 Support? by TENGILL

Constructive Criticism and Concrete Suggestions before Day 0 by onomastikon

[Suggestion] [Items] Item Sharing by Ishantil

Exporting a Custom Map for Re-Use by NeoWolf73

Future Techs by spatula5

[suggestion-map editor in singleplayer] by szaki2

Diplomatic victory idea for multiplayer(maybe even single). by Stmorpheus

Making EWoM Multiplayer Better by Tiberonmagnus

[Suggestion] AI fights. by MxM111

Non-Mouse Interface by larienna

[suggestion][levelup] Should level up be instant or delayed by Chehalden

[Suggestion] Spy's by Wylaryzel

Simple use of diplomatic currency by Stmorpheus

[suggestion] non wandering champions by ddd888

Shields and 2H Weapons don't mix by Trifler500

Initialize random map generator with world name by Symondus

[Feedback] The Caravan Madness by Symondus

Random Name Generator by Symondus

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Lumber Jacks. by Sushikawa

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learning python, game AI suggestions/resources by sciborg

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September 23, 2010 4:59:06 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Category: customization

What made MOM such a great game what the amazing difference your wizard picks made to the game. I always wanted to try something new. (either different books, a different race or different other picks) I feel that in Elemental, my starting picks made next to no difference in the game, and so I didn't feel like playing again.

The especially cool customization was trying to get the mega-spells: zombie mastery, armageddon, crusade, etc.

Can we put "improved customization" as a vote for what to improve next?

I'm sorry if this suggestion is on the boards already, but the reality is, there are at least 10 times too many suggestions posted for me to want to read them all.

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September 29, 2010 10:01:49 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Updated 9/29/10 10 PM

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November 21, 2010 11:01:08 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Please add:

[Customization/UI] Folders for Designed Units -

[Customization/UI] Change Order in which Units are Displayed -

[Customization/UI] Plural Unit Names -


You may also remove "Full Leather, Plate, etc. by Trifler500" and "Shields and 2H Weapons don't mix by Trifler500"

as both are no longer relevant in the current version of the game.


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November 29, 2010 10:35:24 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Please add this request to buff Soverign Capital defense to the master list. Thank you.

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December 6, 2010 10:25:51 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Please add this idea to the list regarding building Waygates as part of Teleportation progression. Thank you.

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January 4, 2011 1:58:08 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Please add this suggestion about attributes

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January 7, 2011 3:44:59 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I think this will be in the "customizaion" section. Modifying the size/bonus of school and university

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January 7, 2011 7:27:41 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Bugs (1.11) and Gameplay:

- Revamped Spell System

- Tactical AI Suggestions

- Mixed bits and pieces

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January 9, 2011 8:05:16 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Updated 1/9/11

I updated the last 4 out of 8 of new ideas pages that I had on my list on my local system. I'm sorry it wasn't a "complete" update as per usual and hasn't been for some time. My health has gotten to the point where I'm unable to stay on the computer unless I have a laptop that I can use in bed (which I have on rare occasion when one of my truck driver uncles is home from on the road). I'm also sorry to report that at least for the time being, probably the next 3 or 4 months, I won't be able to do any further updates on a regular basis. After I have the rest of the surgeries I need, which "should" be soon, hopefully I'll be able to continue my efforts helping the players and Devs keep ideas in order.

I'd like to thank Brad, Scott, and the rest of the Devs at Stardock for letting me help as much as I could over the coarse of development of Elemental: War of Magic . It's been a grand adventure my friends and I am honored that I have been a part of it and even more so that I was among the chosen to have their names immortalized in it's credits. My efforts here literally helped keep me sane over the last few years and I'm grateful to you all for giving me the chance.

Thank You for everything, your friend, RavenX....aka Todd

Keep those ideas coming everyone!!! The Devs DO listen!!!

P.S. Hey Brad, get the team crackin on GalCiv 3 That's the next project I'd like to help out on provided I'm well enough by then.

P.P.S. Rock on Scottydon't!!!

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January 9, 2011 11:58:19 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Hey Raven, it sucks that your health is down, thought as much when you stopped posting regularly. Glad to see you're still hanging in there though! Good luck in surgery, I'm sure you'll be back spamming posting in no time!

Also , because it can't hurt right?

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January 10, 2011 4:28:26 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Wow, that's what I call devotion. I didn't know that you were that sick (well in fact I didn't know that you were sick) Like we say in french: Prompt rétablissement (Don't know how to say it in english, sorry)

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January 30, 2011 3:28:32 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Category : Suggestion - Improvement (I think)

Title : Channeling - An upgrade to magic

Please add this if you think it's a good idea, and if someone has another idea of how to implement it, I'm all ears

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February 18, 2011 3:21:24 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

[CUSTOMIZING/MAP] Optional resources at start

I'm not a hardcore player, so I like when the starting position fits to my expectation (what based on my strategy) regarding resources (including Lost Library and Arcane Temple).

Therefore would be good if we could spend starting points to various resources (as I guess we can/could it to mine).

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