Big Download Has Impressions of Elemental from PAX

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Without a doubt one of the biggest hits for Stardock at this years Penny Arcade Expo was the upcoming Elemental: War of Magic.  Previews and impressions are starting to come out, and today we have one from Big Download.

“Your character is basically a very powerful magic user who wants to rule the land. There are several ways he can do this. One is by keeping his power inside him and having that power grow so he can use more and more powerful spells. We got an example of that in our demo where the character walked over to a town filled with people and military units. However since he horded his magical power all he had to do was create a powerful spell to wipe them all out. In this case he created a volcano that swallowed the entire town, people and all. Ouch.”

Read the full impression of Elemental at Big Download.

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