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winners will be announced april 3rd.

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  Welcome to the first unofficial fan contest!   (*but its over now *)

Its over,   no more...     ended on the 27th

The winners are on the 2nd page

This contest is I think the first contest for Elemental fans of any kind, official or otherwise.  This is by fans (or one anyway) for fans.  Disclaimer: It is unofficial because as of right now (when I posted this) there is no official support for it, besides the regular managing of the forum upon which it is being posted.

I hope everybody enjoys it!  Yes, there will be prizes, and they will be shirts and video games (VGs curtiousy of Spartan).  I will get to that part later.  I also plan to give everybody who participates karma and I'd imagine good entries will draw other account holders to their karma thumb as well, so if you are worried about not having enough karma for something frogboy inplied might happen based on karma, here is a chance to get some.

I believe it was Flyguy who said something about a few of us on this forum being "loud", well now its time for you to be loud too (and those people to be louder).  Shout, yell, scream from the rooftops.   Let the whole world know how excited you are for Elemental: War of Magic, then post a picture or video of it to get a prize.

Alright, to what is needed to be known.   This is a contest is to show who is the biggest Elemental: War of Magic fan.  The goal is to spread the word of Elemental and generate some positive hype in time for the beta release this summer.  Do something that expresses that you are an E:war fan and post a picture or video of you doing it (or having done it) on photoshop or youtube or where ever is appropriate, and post a link here in this thread.   Ideally you want to also include anything that might reference it, because that is worth tilt and impressiveness (see scoring).  

The idea is to spread the word, so a poem or elemental banner placed on a wall in a basement where nobody could ever see it (except the 1 dim photobucket image used for the entry) is not favorable to the same poem or banner placed in Times Square New York.  Especially if it’s something like a banner for online signatures, if you can somehow show how many actual views of the banner have been made, that is best.   Screen snapshots are acceptable to prove things made website front pages and such.

A small council of judges, including myself and a few others that have not yet been chosen, will grade the submissions and pick 5 winners to be given the prize of a Elemental: War of Magic Polo.  1st and 2nd place will also get a title by Stardock or L4D (1st place gets 1st pick), as they were donated by Spartan.   The last day for submission will be March 27th at midnight (I'll post a *no more entries* post to mark it after that time, but please don't push the line because I'll feel bad if I have to slap my hand down just before a good entry is entered).   That is about 2 months, which should be plenty of time to do whatever you need to do AND generate some feedback on it.  You can enter more than once, in fact, its encouraged since it actually helps your overall score (see scoring below).  There will be at least one judge representing the following categories; non-gamer, girl, artist, and someone who likes games but isn’t into elemental yet.  (most of them are probably 1 person that I almost have confirmed to be a judge)  So using internet references and inside elemental jokes won’t get you favor across the board, and it will ensure that there will be at least some say of non-biased opinion on board.   

Because I only made a few shirts, the size options are very limited.  Small and medium shirts seemed like would be the minority on a gaming forum.  I didn't want too many small shirts, because you can always put on a shirt that is too big, you can't always put on a shirt that is too small. XXL shirts cost extra, so XXL and up people who win will have to find a small friend to wear the shirt for them.   Note:  Spartan has added L4D or stardock title to the prize list.   So 1st and 2nd place will have a chance to be given a video game as well as a shirt.   Prizes can be passed up, at which point the next winner in line will have a shot at it.   I do ask that responces are within a week to ensure there isn't a long wait from contest ending to person having their prize confirmed.

Also, remember there is another semi-secret prize.   That is karma.  I plan to give karma to every person who participates in this contest, and I suspect that others will also give karma to those who make really awesome entries.  So if you need karma, participate.

If you could, also give yourself an entry number.   You can submit  as many times as you want, but use a different entry number each time anyway.   If you have something that effects one of your previous entries (for example, lets say Entry 33 was community food drive, and somehow “Elemental” was worked in as banners or something.  Then later it was posted on a news website, a link to the article or something that showed how many ‘hits’ the news article has had could be added later by referencing the entry number (or just edit the original post which would be easier, but I want to leave options))

Rules for entry and winning:

To enter, you need your entry number, a link to whatever it is, and a description to tell us what exactly you did and how that makes you a big elemental fan/tells lots of other people about the game.

Things to note that feel like are better if numbered.

1.     I hold no legal obligation to anything. Uh… yeah, include most of all that liability and can’t do whatever where ever stuff that is appropriate to your local area.  Its just for fun, I really shouldn’t need a huge disclaimer.  Stardock or some other company probably would, but I have no money to hire a lawyer that would actually be able to make a real disclaimer that is internet worthy.  Just assume I have one, and its right here.   Since I have no money, it’s not worth it for you to bother with anything normal disclaimers protect against anyway.    That also being said, Stardock is in no way involved, so they have no obligation to anything posted by this either, so don’t badger them about it.   By fans, for Fans.  This is just for fun, so let’s not complicate it.  
2.    Please try to ensure whatever you post your link on is something that will remain there.   I’ll try where I can to message people or something if not all the judges are able to see an entry, but honestly I’m not sure what I will do if an entry is lost to the ban-hammer on an image host somewhere, and we can’t review it.
3.    Winners are going to be announced by April 3rd, look for them around then.  Just look for it on the 5th or something.
4.    Winners will be contacted by personal message through the Elemental Forum (stardock’s forum) and you will have a week to respond claiming or not claiming a shirt.  I fear I can’t honestly expect to wait around much more than that when I’m sure other people would want a shirt in your place.  I’m not doing to be a dick about it, just saying because if I don’t hear anything I will have no choice but to move on.   Because there are 5 winners and I'll have to wait for each to contact me, if I don't have this policy there could be one really nasty back-log if not-everybody is responcive in a reasonable time frame.
5.    Because I’m paying for everything out of my own pocket, that includes shipping.  Which means you get the cheapest shipping available to me.  That most likely means it will be the slowest available as well, and possibly not include any of that fancy tracking stuff.
6.    Please number your entry.  Look back a few posts to see what the last entry number was (and the one before it in case the person before you messed up).  It will help me and the other judges keep things straight.
7.    I can’t think of anything else I need to say.  I have an “FAQ” as my 1st post in the thread, so check back with that or just message me if you have any other questions.
8.    Only one winner per account(if you have more than 1 account I probebly won't notice until it comes to shipping, and not even then if you do different addresses).  Also if you don't win, somebody might pass up their prize.  Prizes are awarded on a priority basis, so person who wins no. 1 will have 1st pick, person who places no. 2 gets 2nd pick and so on.
9.   I actually only have 1 medium shirt, and the rest are large and extra large. Unless everybody picks only large or only extra large I should be fine (I have some friends that are going to be claiming the left overs, and they are likely to be judges).   that being said, if you are a medium shirt person, and you are the 2nd person who wants a medium shirt...   you'll have to just tuck it in or something.


There are 5 shirts being given out.  There is I fear only 1 medium and no XXL or larger due to prize production budget (see no. 9 above).  At least getting 1 size up will still be a shirt you can wear.  Since sizes are kinda limited, I am going to ask what your size preference is and the 1st person to claim the medium gets it.

1st and 2nd place will also have a shot at recieving a copy of the PC games L4D or another stardock title, being given by Spartan (credit where credit due).    L4D will be awarded via Steam I assume, and whatever stardock title will be by Impluse  (you will get to pick upon winning).   If you are not interested in either title, or you already have all of stardock's titles and L4D, or are under 18 and can't have L4D because your parents won't permit it Then the prize is then passed down the line 2nd > 3rd > 4th and so on.

It will be graded on 4 categories

Creativity:     This is based on how creative or original the entry is.   Anything that expresses creativity or originalinality gets points here.    So your big points come from doing things like creating like art or music, or doing things that nobody has thought of doing before.  Some things that are so-so on straight creativity but show a lot of talent like posting good music remixes of old master of magic music for the community will also get some decent points.

Impressiveness:  This is based on how impressive the entry is.  This is perhaps the most straight forward.  “Is it impressive?”.   Putting up an Elemental banner is not very impressive, but putting it up in a hard to reach place is.  Making a quick little Elemental picture is not very impressive, but getting it featured on the front page of deviant art is.

Flavor:  This is for how “Elemental: War of Magic” the post is.  This is a bit of a gimmie category.   It will usually get high points, and only when something is very un-elemental themed will  low points be scored.  For example, if you post a banner that says “ELEMENTAL: WAR OF MAGIC!   Be ready, the war is coming” or dress in a bear suit and walk through a mall saying to random strangers “do you like bears?  The people on the Elemental forums do, so you should visit” then you shall get full points.   If you write a space opera romance novel that has nothing to do with the Elemental Back story or Galactic Civilizations, then simply put “dedicated to the Elemental: War of Magic video game” at the end, you really aren’t doing anything E:WaM-ish… no points.

Tilt:   This is the category that represents just how much the entry is doing what it should.   Remember, this contest is intended to generate community and attract new players to take interest in E:WoM in time for the beta.  If you do something not very creative or impressive, but still lets many people hear the name “Elemental: War of Magic” then this is where it counts.    That being said, bad news is something that can hurt you.  So no streaking through public with “E:WAM” tattoo’d on your penis, because that will hurt the cause.  (unless you do it at a huge conference where you manage to smack the CEO of a major DRM company, shouting “ELEMENTAL FOR THE WIN!   DRM FOR THE LOSE!  STARDOCK ‘GONNA RULE.  *insert company here* ‘GONNA FAIL!”  at which point you probably went from last place to 1st on principle).   Also, if you just have a lot of 'ok' entries, but in total it seems to add up to a lot of effort, those bonus points would go here.  (and basically be added to all your submittions, so you get the best of whatever the result will be)

Entry: 00
Link:    Me wearing a shirt
Description:  I made a shirt.   First off, it lets people know about the game because it says “Elemental: war of magic” in big friendly letters.  2ndly, It is on my back.  If my ego is correct, then people will see it when they glance back over their shoulder to see if they really saw the sexy beast they thought they saw now that it is without risk of embarrassing eye contact will see it, and since my sexy beast face isn't in view it will be the only thing left to see.  Also it will be the thing they tap on to get my phone number.   However, if my mommy lied, and I am in fact ugly, nobody will be deterred by directly relating it to my face.  I will wear it in all sorts of public places, and it has the main website right there for people to read.   Did I mention it’s a polo?  Cool people wear polos

---- 2nd example ----

Entry:  0 {Logically, the 1st post will come after this one with “entry: 1”)

Link:  (posted the way people who don't understand HTML hyperlinks would post it)

Destription:   This is a poster I put up about the contest here.  It is posted on an opertunities board at my local university.   It should let people know about the contest and even asks those who are interested to sign it so that I may have a list of people who are doing stuff for it.

-----another few post down the road of hypothetical thinking-----

Update on Entry 0:    People have actually signed it.  There are 5 signatures now, two of which are people who saw me putting up the poster and have basically now promised they will look into the game.  So thats 5 more that could be joining our community   >>>  link<-->


------------------------------------  Current latest entry (as of last update by me)  -------

An e-mail sent to friend informing of game:    By Timbur   Reply # 18    >>>>  Entry: 1

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January 22, 2009 3:02:53 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


Q:  When does it end again?   your wall of text main-topic post is hard to read.
A:  Well, I like feedback, so let me know if you know how I can improve it.   Anyway to answer your question, it ends March 27th (that should be a friday) and the winners will be announced April 3rd (that should be the following friday)

Q:   From what are the shirts made?  Should I worry about shrinkage in the wash or something like that?
A:   VERY good question! Though I think I already said what I am about to say again.  You can find out more in the thread I created about posters and other merchandise. 

Q :     But I have this problem with the shirts you are giving as an award (don’t like short sleeves, don’t want  the logo on the back).  Can you get a shirt that doesn’t have this problem?
A:  No, I bought the shirts with my own money; as a result my own desires for their design got higher priority.  I did try to get peer feedback on the shirt designs, and nobody really addressed whatever issue you have.

Q:   I want a shirt and am willing to pay money for one.  Can you just sell me one?
A:  No, sorry.  I feel you there, as I would be asking the same thing.   However, I feel that it would be unlawful for me to sell Elemental shirts for profit without any kind of permission from Stardock.  And I am much too lazy to do it for non profit (besides, it is really expensive).   If you really want a shirt then I have a few easy steps:  take that money you’d use to buy a shirt, spend it on supplies, create something really awesome to be placed somewhere in public view, and participate/win contest.

Q:  The people before me have done something really creative, impressive, flavorful, and got it reviewed on a public news medium.   Nothing short of having US president Obama declare Elemental: War of Magic’s release to be a national holiday AND get the catholic pope to publicly state that Elemental: War of Magic will be similar to the second coming of Christ will win.  Why should I participate now?
A:  Wow, I am very happy that somehow five or more people have reached or surpassed all plausible entry ideas.  However, you should participate anyway.  Remember, quantity also has an effect and you will still get karma from me for the effort.   Hopefully you have fun doing it too, even if you don’t get a shirt.    And if nothing else you will be adding to the community, which is really what matters the most (at least that is what you should be saying while you are here)

Q:  What if the numbering for the entries is all messed up and/or missing a number.
A:  Just keep going.   Hopefully we will be able to avoid this problem, but being as I have worked with tech support I know that even smart people can fail on something as easy as counting.  The main idea is that everybody has a different number and a number at all.   Having an entry number will help ensure that you will be counted when me and the other judges compare scores.

Q:  I did awesome!  Will I get karma for this?
A:  Yes!  I plan to give karma to everybody who participates.  I am sure that others will give karma to entries they like as well.   So even if you don't have a super-special-awesome entry, do it anyway.  Maybe somebody will still like it enough to give karma.

Q:  Did you ask permission to stardock....
A:  no...   don't even finish the question.  I just did.  Stardock is a pretty pro-community company though, so I hope they won't mind.   I mean, we are promoting their product right?   my only fear it is this contest might attract people that do not make part of a good community, but those people will appear eventually anyway.  I have not recieved any official support from them, so don't bother them with questions directly related to the contest.   Unless it is to get the thread pinned or something, I think that would be awesome, but I'm embarrassed to ask since I'm already doing something a bit radical as it is. 

Q:  Can L4D be for a console?
A:  I assume not, that prize was donated by Spartan and I'm pretty sure he just has a spare PC version on his steam account to be given to somebody else (thats how it works after all), and unless steam somehow creates a way to transfer that to a console game, you will get the PC version.   (Stardock games are not for consoles, but they follow all normal impulse rules of purchase)

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January 22, 2009 8:07:00 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Outstanding job on the write up. You did a very professional job - it is better than I expected.

Lets hope people get motivated and get active!


karma given! 

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January 22, 2009 10:41:32 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

absolutely bloody brilliant. well done

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January 22, 2009 11:27:28 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Spartan has volunteered to raise the bar as well.   1st and 2nd place will be getting a video game!    He has a spare copy of L4D (as seen in the avatar forum) and apparently he's willing to also purchase a Stardock game for somebody.    So that is being added to the prize pile.

Does impulse have a 'gift feature?'  Otherwise I'll just have to ship a retail box with the shirt.



Also, I'm more than happy to brainstorm ideas if anybody needs them.

Like dressing in armor, riding another person dressed in a bear suit, and parading around your mainstreet with a banner that says "ELEMENTAL"!

Nah, just kidding.   That would be awesome, but really just putting up a banner or creating elemental fan art on Deviantart is probebly enough to rank well in the contest (depending on turnout of course.)   Another thing that is pretty easy is promoting this contest to get other participants.  if you can screenshot or something you spreading the word and post it up, that works too.  If you do it a lot, you may even win a prize.

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January 22, 2009 2:54:55 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Very nice. The T-shirt's Elemental logo print looks of very good quality. I fear these bear exemples would cause a contrary effect of the wished tough (/jk). Good writing like said, well explained/structured and lots of prizes.

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January 22, 2009 4:29:56 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

We are trying to make this into a big deal within the community. Hopefully some people will get active and do some fun things. We understand not everyone is an artist and can make avatars. So we are going in a different direction.

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January 23, 2009 1:03:05 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

YAY!  I fixed it (this thread wasn't displaying properly from my work).   It has some gunk in the HTML that was causing it, and I sorted out the HTML I recognized from the HTML I did not.   This computer can't see some posts by Johnny as well, I wonder if its the same thing.

We?   Woah, spartan's been hired to speak for me or can read my mind or something.   but he's correct.   Though, I wouldn't say its a different direction.

I want the same direction, but a little more growth.  Its not about being an artist and making avatars, since if everybody made avatars there would be no point for me to do it     I want to encourage more people to do things in general, as well as just excite more people.   I mean making avatars is no good when nobody needs them.   The beta is coming closer, and I want to have a very strong community for it.  Right now many people even know what elemental is, so if we work together to let more people know, more will come.  Anything that will bring more people here should help our forum.    Hopefully the way of bringing more people will be fun for everybody involved.

Also, Frogboy said something about a karma-related closed beta or something in the spring, and I wanted to give people a chance to do something karma deserving.   Some people just can't troll a forum long enough to really gather a lot of karma, but they are good people who love Elemental and would be able to do some quality bug reporting.  So here is a chance for those people to do something that might create some karma.

Brain from "pinky and the brain" managed to take over the earth by advertising that they were giving away Free shirts on a fake earth they had created, thus all the world leaders left the earth and they could take control.  Sadly everybody else left too and they had nobody to control so they had to move on to taking over the fake earth as well.   well, I hope to follow in his footsteps, except we are already in control of this world.

After I posted, spartan showed that he really wanted to contribute as well, and so he volunteered to have even better prizes.   I mean L4D or any stardock title like Sins of a Solar Empire or Gal Civ 2 is pretty awesome, round of applause for him.   In my dream vision, the 1st and 2nd place will be a hardcore stardock supporter and another creative person respectively.  The big SD fan will get L4D, while somebody new to Stardock's games can get something they have yet to try.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.    EVERYBODY DO SOMETHING TO PROMOTE ELEMENTAL!  Be safe, but have fun!  (and take a picture.... for the contest)

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January 23, 2009 6:24:47 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

@Land - Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. We are the Elementals!

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January 23, 2009 5:09:01 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


Great idea... for a higher percentage of participants I recommend linking this thread within other  TBS  forums. 


I would love to see someone walk past a live news crew carrying a poster which advertises the Elemental:WoM game.   LOL

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January 24, 2009 8:31:24 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Certainly.  I'm going to be posting where I can.    But others could in theory use 'created a thread about this contest on forum xxxx' as an entry to the contest.  Its not very creative or impressive, but it will let others know which is great for tilt.   And especially right now where there arn't other entries, it will put you in 1st place

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January 24, 2009 9:22:13 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Hmmm... Maybe IDog will make a new post about it in the near future. 

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January 31, 2009 3:10:27 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

This is getting uncomfortably low on the forum.  I hope that means you are cooking something up.   Remember, something as simple as a screenshot of you telling others about elemental on a different place on the web will do.   Right now, 1st post is 1st place. 

(also, we need people for it to be a compitition)


this is kinda like a once a week bump.  I hope that offends nobody (and by that I don't mean the guy who stabs cyclops in the eye, but rather only people who do not exist)

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January 31, 2009 2:54:39 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

It's too hard to read it all and I don't know what to do.  I'm sorry, I know you put a lot of effort into that.  I write tons of stuff too sometimes.  But... it's too hard to read all that *stabs out eyes**pulls out hair**wails profusely*


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January 31, 2009 9:20:45 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

no no no.   OK, I'll... figure out a way to fix it.



I updated so that hopefully it will be easier for others to understand.  Let me know if it is better

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February 2, 2009 6:24:37 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Looking over my shoulder and seeing my trolling of this forum has actually gotten like a good 6+ people informed and interested about this game (because they ask what it is.  For some reason like 2-3 of them have asked 'is that a card game' ).  I'm thinking about taking a picture of one of them looking at my screen and posting that.   Except I'm the one hosting the contest and already have a copy of all the prizes

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February 8, 2009 6:17:53 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

*once a week bump*

Remember, a screenshot of you telling another person on a different forum could count as a submittion.  Its that easy.

I hope the lack of submittions is because everybody is doing something great that takes a bit of time to prepare. 

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February 15, 2009 12:00:32 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

weekly bump.   happy singles-awareness day.  (somebody should have totally made a valentine for elemental and submitted it here)

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February 17, 2009 12:40:33 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

When I first heard (re-heard actually) of E:WOM, I ended up sending an email to all my buddies about it and also DemiGod (although I haven't had much chance to beta that yet).  Here's the text, and I apologize in advance for any misrepresentations and IP issues.  It was a private email.  But this contest is making me prove my efforts. 

From my email:

In case any of you are fans of the old game Master Of Magic, you should check into Elemental: War Of Magic.  It's essentially Stardock's MOM2, which they've been working on for many years as a work of passion.  They had tried to get the MOM IP rights from Atari, but the Atari lawyers were dicks so they are publishing this game without any MOM tie-in.

Beta starts in June, and the game is due out in February.  If you preorder now, you should be able to get into the Beta and play against each other!

Also, if you liked Magic: The Gathering, you should check out Astral Masters.  $3.99 on Impulse right now.

Also, I just purchased Stardock's and Gas Powered Games (Chris Taylor) new/upcoming lightning-quick RTS, DemiGod.  It's in beta as well, but if you purchase it now (via Impulse), you can download it.


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February 17, 2009 1:36:30 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Elemental uh? it's about time for a new game maybe I should check it out.

where's the trail down?

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February 17, 2009 2:06:05 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Works for me!   Submition no. 1 goes to timbur

Congrats.  Lets give Timbur a round of applause for being the 1st to step up to the plate!


Submition #1 :   An e-mail from Timbur to his friends:  Reply no. 18


I had to read it a few times to decided if it was supposed to be a submittion or not.  For anybody else looking, please label yours as an entry in some way so I don't have to guess.  I wouldn't want to accidently skip somebody.

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February 18, 2009 6:52:27 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Thanks!  And sorry about not being obvious.  I obviously need to work on that. 

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February 22, 2009 7:22:16 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

1 month aniversery of the contest being created.  

So far, we've had one contest entry, and lets keep the ball rolling!   We have about a month to go and we have 5 prizes, don't forget.  If you are already a fan, do something to let us know or tell somebody else about it to hopefully let them be a fan as well, and maybe you can get a free shirt as well!

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March 4, 2009 10:18:32 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Less than a month left.  

Does nobody want a shirt enough that they are willing to do something for the game?  (ignore this the 1 guy who has entered and spartan)   I mean, they are nice shirts, and if you work in a 'business casual' workplace (provided they have the same definitions as mine) then its a work safe shirt too.

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March 15, 2009 11:19:51 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Comming dangerously close to exparation.   Remember you can post in other forums (basically extending this reminder) as an entry.   You don't have to do anything fantastic (though its encouraged)

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March 17, 2009 1:10:57 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I got the shirt!!! Sweet! Thanks man!


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